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Worldpress Blog Design Templates

The LiveBlog is a free WordPress blog theme with a clear and beautiful design. Blogshop Designer Pro: WordPress Blog Plugin Blogsigner Pro is a powerful WordPress blog layouts plug-in with a set of 45 stunning blog page templates. Help make your blog page more beautiful without having to hire WordPress/Webdesigner with this customized blog design plug-in! Not only does it design your major blog page, but you can also give your category, individual posts, tag, author and date - even archives - a new look.

Overall, it will give you the ability to build innumerable blog layout for a singular page and even several blog pages. Full width blog templates are the best choice for blogs who want to present your WordPress blog with your own tutorials, prescriptions, etc. The raster style is a great way to give your blog a mag look and feel! The raster style is the best way to give your blog a mag look and feel! The raster style is the best way to give your blog a mag look and feeling!

It''s a visual destination page that makes it simple to browse contributions and put your pictures in the spotlight. The grid blog layouts are perfect for the photographer and mode blogger. Present your event, process and story with a highly customizable and imaginative time line presentation. We' ve added horizontals, verticals and reactive time axes to this WordPress Blog Page plug-in.

Stylish magazines with a clear and practical design for your magazines, messages, sports, tech websites and content-intensive blog. View vertically marked picture contributions in a number of brickwork blog column views, regardless of whether you have different picture height or not. Present your WordPress blog entries in slide bar format with breathtaking specials.

Blogsigner Pro provides great functionality and versatility to create an appealing blog and archiving pages for your WordPress website. At any time you can change the design of blog pages with our favourite design collection, Show/Hide Mail Meet, and Social Shares. Over 40 stunning demonstration blog templates to help you get started with all facets of WordPress sites and pages.

The aim is to provide different blog templates for your WordPress blog. Organised recruitment panel for the "best of the best" of the blog designer. 45 blog templates are available to design your categories and tags pages. Most of the time you can't modify it without programming skills, but with the Blog Designer plug-in it's really simple.

Taxionomy filtering option to sort contributions by categories and tag. This is best suited for the taxionomy of your user-defined posttype. A further benefit of the Blog Designer plug-in is that it offers over 40 blog layout for your individual page. Don't worry about your one-page blog now. The Blog Designer plug-in also offers a uniquely designed and globally accessible authoring environment.

More than 800 Google typefaces are available with the typeface library available to help you create your blog page with the most appropriate website typefaces. The Blog designer plug-in has been designed and strongly debugged for cross-browser interoperability. Therefore, all blog templates are readily interoperable with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. Pleasant, competent employees are just a click away to respond to pre-sales queries, respond to challenges, resolve your issues with Blog Designer Pro WordPress plug-in.

There are four easy ways to get started using Blog Designer Pro on your WordPress website. We' ve already added blog suites and individual blog design demonstrations below and on our demonstration page for you. Create a new design for your blog page with all your needs and you're ready to go!

The plug-in will take over the standard options like color, fontsize and others via the Restore Factory setting. Bring more blog goers with simpler and amazing styles. There is no programming knowledge needed to modify blog templates. Actually, the plug-in itself is quite straightforward to use. And if you care about the look and feel of your blog, and it should, then Blog designer pro is for you!

There are MANY templates available to select from, and detailed customization of the look and functions you can hide/display...e.g. Autor, Date, Categories, Day, etc. The plugin is not in the box...!!!!!!!!!!! There' s a whole new look for mail and custom mail types without any encoding, just the configuration according to my requirements, that's it. It gives the topic a great added value.

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