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WorldPress is an excellent platform for blogging or hosting a website. The first thing you need to do is to download the latest version of WordPress. Download a complete WordPress blog.


Manually exported or Guided Transfer? Free, self-directed exporting is perfect for those who just want to store a copy of their contents or who can easily migrate to other host without help. Our Guided Transfer services are also a good choice for those who find the migratory processes daunting and are interested in professional support to ensure a smooth transfer.

When you like the tone of the Guided Transfer feature, stop browsing here, go to the Guided Transfer page and buy the product from there. Purchasing will guide you through the next stages. However, if you would rather download your own exported files, read on.

It'?s your stuff; you can do whatever you want with it. To download a copy of the contents of your blog, go to My Website Settings and choose the Export item in the Site Tools section below. Contents are provided as a set of cml files containing your contributions, pages, commentaries, category, tags and links to the pictures on your website.

When you' re ready to start exporting all your contents, simply click the Expand All icon. When you want to expand a set (for example, the contributions of a specific writer, or a specific catagory or date range), click the arrows next to the Expand All buttons to display the expanded choices. After selecting the contents you want to be exported, click the Select Contents tab.

Here you can stay on the exports page and await the availability of the exported data set. You will be presented with a practical message that offers you a download URL. Download a zip archive containing all your exports (larger blog entries contain more than one exports).

Ensuring that your exporting processes are quick and successful. If you are going to reimport into another blog, you will need to unpack the package and each of the individual CD ROMs will be imported. It' sure to be able to navigate away from the onscreen after the exporting if you want to proceed with logging.

We will also send you a download URL to the exported files by e-mail, which will be available for download for about a whole month. Notice: This exports ONLY your postings, pages, commentaries, category and tag; submissions and pictures may need to be uploaded to the new blog by hand. For information on how to import your links (Blogroll), please read Import & Import Links.

However, if you want to back up your blog contents yourself, you can do so using the My Website Settings My Website Settings Export page described above. Surely this is still a good suggestion, especially if you have added extra people to your blog. Authors and admins have the power to erase all postings or pages, and there is no way to restore materials they have removed from your blog.

Notice: This will ONLY output your contributions, pages, commentaries, category and tag. It downloads the mediafiles to your computer. To move your blog to another location, follow these simple instructions.

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