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That's exactly what I wanted my blog to look like. Cutting-edge offline blog editors for Windows and Mac A Blog Editor off-line is an awesome blogger utility because it allows you to post blog entries without an Internet Connection. So instead of just sitting around expecting an on-line editor to download and then worrying that a loop in your computer's net connects could ruin all your work, you can just work off-line.

Using off-line editorial staff, you can author, modify and reformat your contents before uploading them to your website. Once you have an online link, you can post the post directly to your blog. Below are the nine best off-line blog publishers for Windows and Mac. But before you decide on one, consider the many things you might want to use an off-line blog editor for, and find the functions you should look for when choosing one.

As you can assume from the name, Windows Live Writer is Windows-enabled and belongs to Microsoft. Windows Live Writer is full of functions and very simple to use, and you can even extend its capabilities with free Windows Live Writer plug-ins. Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, Movable Type, LiveJournal and others. The BlogDesk is also free and can be used under Windows as an off-line blog editor.

Since BlogDesk is a WYSIWYG editor, you can clearly see what your posting will look like once you've edited it. For help using BlogDesk with your blogs application, see this wikiHow on BlogDesk. Wordpress, Movable Type, Drupal, ExpressionEngine and Serendipity. Suitable for Windows and Mac machines, Qumana works with most popular blogs.

Qumana differs from most other off-line blogs in that it has a built-in function that makes it very simple to include advertisements in your blog entries. Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, MovableType, LiveJournal and more. MarsEdit is another blog editor for Mac machines and is suitable for off-line use. Overall, MarsEdit is one of the most complete off-line blog publishers for Macs.

WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, Movable Types and others (any blog that has MetaWeblog or AtomPub connectivity support). Ecto is however a good and dependable utility that works with several favorite and even some unusual blogs. Blogger, Blojsom, Drupal, Movable Types, Nucleus, SquareSpace, WordPress, TypePad und mehr. BlogJet is another Windows blog editor with many functions that you can use off-line.

When you have a WordPress, Movable or TypePad blog, BlogJet lets you build and maintain pages for your blog directly from your Desktop. WYSIWYG editor, so you don't have to know HTML. There is also a misspellings check, full Unicode compatibility, Flickr and YouTube compatibility, auto-draft ability, wordmeter and other statistics and many other blog-specific functions that you can find out about on the BlogJet homepage.

WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Blogger, MSN Live Spaces, Blogware, BlogHarbor, SquareSpace, Drupal, Community Server and more (provided they provide MetaWeblog API, Blogger API or Movable Type API support). However, it allows you to post off-line blog entries directly from your Mac. However, it does not allow you to post off-line blog entries directly from your Mac.

On the Bits Help page, you'll find some tutorials if you need help making it work with your blog. WorldPress and Tumblr. You can also do off-line blogging on your Mac with Blogo. It is a great off-line logging tool because the user interfaces make it incredibly simple to use.

Blogo lets you plan and organise your blog entries, pages and designs, and even respond to comments. When you are looking for an editor that allows you to work undisturbed, this can be your favourite one. WordPress, Medium and Blogger. Everybody knows that Microsoft Word can be used off-line, so it goes without saying that it can be used to create blog entries.

But did you know that with Word you can also post your blog entries directly to your blog? Here you can buy Microsoft Office, which contains Word and other MS Office applications such as Excel and PowerPoint. And if you already have MS Word installed on your computer, read Microsoft's help page on how to use it in your blog.

We do not suggest buying MS Word just to use it as an off-line logging editor. And if you already have Word, try it for yourself, but if not, choose one of the above free / lower cost alternatives. SharePoint, WordPress, Blogger, Telligent Community, TypePad und mehr.

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