Wordpress Blog or website

A Wordpress Blog or Website

Even though a Web site may contain a blog, a WordPress blog cannot contain a full Web site. Blog is a chronological representation of content, usually posts or articles written by the blog author. These contributions (or articles) are published and usually categorized by topic and archived by date. WordPress is not only a platform for blogging, contrary to popular opinion. WordPress can also be used for business websites, e-commerce sites, professional portfolios, and more.

Difference between a Website and a WordPress Blog

One website and one blog are really two different things. Even though a Web site may contain a blog, a WordPress blog cannot contain a full Web site. Blog is a chronicle of contents, mostly contributions or contributions, that have been composed by the blog-writer. These contributions (or articles) are posted and usually categorised by topic and filed by date.

Blogs can be enabled with annotations, which means that blog users can provide input and the blog user can reply, thus maintaining a continuous dialogue between the user and the blog user. Website is a set of pages and paragraphs that provide the user with a wealth of experience or information.

A part of the site may be a blog that improves the overall user experiences, but it usually contains other parts and functions that might contain things like the following: In this special section of your website, there are album and gallery pages with your photo uploads, so your viewers can search and annotate the pictures you view.

It is a fully featured basket that allows you to add items for sales, and your customers can buy your items through your webshop. That area of your site allows your site visitor to join, discuss, and react back and forth in certain conversational thread.

In this section of your website, users can become members, profile, make allies, set up groups, and bundle communities. If you are, for example, a webographer or webmaster, you can present your work in a certain area of your website. They can have a page on your website with a feedback page that can be filled out by users to get in touch with you by email.

Those pages don't go changing as often as a blog page. Blogs pages always update every times you add a new entry. Fixed pages contain contents that do not often vary. Rather than exhausting what a full website can contain, the previous listing instead shows some of the most frequently viewed parts of a website.

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