Wordpress Blog page Template

Worldpress Blog Page Template

We will then guide you through setting up and optimizing your blog page. Some WordPress themes, like the home page, have a blog template from the drop-down menu. Hierarchy of templates | Manual for topic developers While some template data is used on all pages of your website (e.g. the headline and footline template), others are only used under certain circumstances.

Tip: You can also use conditional tags to determine which template is uploaded on a particular page. Searches for template filenames with certain name in the folder of the topic and uses the first template filename as specified in the tree.

Except for the base index. You can select whether you want to deploy a specific template or not. Searches for a template filename in the folder of the topic that corresponds to the slot of the group. A page referred to as a blog post index. Optionally, you can have your blog entries displayed on a seperate page, which is statically organized.

Template home. The template home page is used to display the index of blog entries, regardless of whether it is used as a title page or on a seperate page. Hint: If the title page. phlp exist, it overwrites the home. phlp template. Title page. Php template is used to display the title page of your website, regardless of whether the title page shows the index of blog postings (see above) or a fixed page.

Template for title page has priority over template for index of blog entries (home. php). You use the individual mail template filename to perform a rendered individual mail. This is the template filename used to display a page of text (PagePostType). The results of your searching are the same as for other template types: Also 404 template data sets are opened in this order:

Posting an attachments page (attachment post-type) uses the following path: Current MIME-type}. php can be any kind of medium (e.g. picture. phi, movie. phi, pdf.php). You use the template for embedding to make a contribution that is going to be embeded. 7, any dynamically changing part of a template name that contains non-ASCII character in its name actually does support both the unencrypted and the encrypted forms in that order.

Here is the page template tree for a page called " Hello Word " with an ID of 6: The same behavior is true for mail slots, Term name, and Authors name. That means that you can add and modify things at certain points in the tree. Note that the name of the template used by the filters (in the get_query_template() function) is "{$type}_template", where $type is the template name.

This is a listing of all available filter in the template hierarchy: Take, for example, the standard authorship hierarchy: In order to append author-{role}. php in front of author. php, the current tree can be manipulated with the template category 'author_template'.

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