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The Jevelin is a simple, easy to use, modern, creative, user-friendly and technically savvy WordPress premium theme. View the largest collection of free WordPress themes for blogging. Watch out Blogger: Are you looking for a great design for your blog? We have compiled a collection of our most popular blogging topics for WordPress.

Best 59 Free WordPress Blog Topics for 2018 (Expert Pick)

Looking for a free WordPress blog topic for your website? WordPress has tons of free blog themes that make it more difficult for novices to make their choice. We have selected some of the best free WordPress blog themes in this post that you can use in your new blog.

Self-hosting WordPress.org site is the ideal place to launch your blog because it gives you more liberty and controll. It' open sourced and supports hundreds of free template and extension files to help you expand your blog more quickly. For more information, see our guidelines on why you should use WordPress.

Use our step-by-step tutorial for beginners on how to launch a WordPress blog to get full details. As soon as you're up and running, it' your turn to pick a topic for your website. Select a topic from our experts below and then obey the installation guides in our WordPress Topic Guides to get it right.

After that is said, let's take a look at some of the best free WordPress blog topics that you can post on your website. OceansWP is one of the most beloved free WordPress themes with a variety of free WordPress content and a variety of free WordPress content. There are several layouts options, full-width pages, two top navigational menu, customized logos supported, ribbon areas, nice picture galeries, and more.

It' s extremely versatile, yet very straightforward to set up with full customization capabilities. Do you need a blog topic with a minimalistic look? It' a WordPress blog topic with foldable menu and there are one and two columns. The Nisarg is a nice free WordPress blog topic.

There is a clear and concise lay-out with two navigational menu bars and a large full-width head screen. Support user-defined background and color. You can customize all topic settings with the Topic Customizing tool. Also comes with several mail format for video, galleries, audio, chats, aside, quotes, etc. One of the most favorite free WordPress themes is Hueman.

Comes with a multi-column lay-out and can simply be used on any type of content-rich blog or journal website. You' ll also get customized heading assistance, two columns layouts, full-width layouts, and tons of simple adjustment choices. Junio is an elegant free WordPress blog topic. The Juno contains functions such as a slide area, a brick-style blog, a fully reactive look, and several widgets.

WooCommerce is supported and comes with page, as well as blog and blog posting templates. Peacefully is a minimalistic WordPress blog topic. There is a single-column lay-out with a large head picture, a concise navigational system and nice pictures. The Ajaira is a free blog topic for WordPress. Its minimalistic styling focuses on sharp type and gorgeous pictures.

There comes with headers combo box, headers browse toolbar, user-defined wallpaper, user-defined headers area and colours. You can easily set up all topic settings with the customize program. The Wisteria is a WordPress blog topic with a strong emphasis on nice type and contents. There comes with user-defined backgrounds, user-defined colours, user-defined headers and a side pane on the top right.

It also has a unique top level navigational menus and a nice home page that displays your postings with user-defined abstracts and images. WebSome is a free WordPress blog topic in magazinestyle. There comes with user-defined headers, user-defined backgrounds and infinite colours. The ribosome comes with a two-column lay-out with a side bar on the right.

The Poseidon is a free multi-purpose WordPress blogmeeting. With a roomy lay-out, full-width slide control, homepage lay-out and several page masters. It is easy to set up the homepage via a widget. The SiteOrigin Unwind is a multifunctional, free WordPress topic with full WooCommerce functionality. Delivered with a number of different designs, user-defined headers, backgrounds, and colour supports.

HemiWay is a neat WordPress blog topic with a two-column lay-out, full-width headers and paraLax effect. Support user-defined highlight colors, uploading user-defined logos, user-defined Widgets (Video, Flickr, and Dribbble), page styles, etc. You can set up all topic settings quickly and easily. The Maxwell is a minimalist and stylish WordPress themed.

There is a clear lay-out in magazinestyle with nice type. She comes with various different poses and a wonderful slide show with postings. The hit is a minimalistic WordPress blog topic. There is a full-width screen at the top and a two-column lay-out. is a free WordPress topic that can be used for your own website, blog, travel blog, and more.

There is a large slide bar at the top of the page that uses pictures from blog postings. Comes with several masks and customized Widgets among many other functions. The libretto is a nice WordPress blog topic, specially developed to present long forms, tales, poetics, etc. Using nice Playfair display and Libre Baskerville typefaces, an attractive colour palette and a distraction-free single-column design, it uses nice typesetting.

Verosa is an elegant WordPress blog topic. This uses a three-column homepage design with two colums that display your contents in a nice raster. This is a contemporary WordPress blog topic with a two-column design. Big pictures, user-defined logos, user-defined backgrounds and headers are supported. Provides flexibility in adjustment settings that can be set using the Life Topic Adjustment Tool.

The Lovecraft is a neat and easy free WordPress blogs topic. There is a full-width user-defined headers at the top and it uses fat headers for mailheads. The Baskerville is a contemporary and classy WordPress blogmeeting. There is a large full-width picture heading, followed by your contributions, which are displayed as a raster on the homepage.

Are you looking for an unbelievably quick and easy WordPress blog topic? The free blog topic does not include pictures and the homepage is only a raster of your contributions with extracts. The Magnus is a free WordPress photo topic for Blogger. Uses the feature picture on each contribution as a full screen headers.

Homepage layouts are only a picture with postal headings. Uses a unique columns format for each contribution. There is a foldable side bar, a top navigator and user-defined header support. Magnus should also be used in conjunction with Envira Galerie, a high-performance WordPress Galerie plug-in. Like the name says, Fashionistas is a WordPress topic for clothing and life style blog.

Characteristic is a slightly airy and airy styling with nice typeface and a wonderful representation of the presented pictures. It is a WordPress magazine-style topic that can be used in sport blogging, magazines and newsgroups. There is a three-column lay-out with two side bars on both sides and a contents bar in the center. Comes with a featured postslideshow, a magazines homepage artwork, a widget headers section, two different posting styles and endless scrolling capability.

When you are looking for a WordPress blog topic with a black backdrop, try Coral Deark. They are available in a one- or two-column format with an integrated slide show. The Barletta is a lightweight and stylish WordPress blog themed. There is a two-column lay-out with side bar on the right side. Support user-defined header, backgrounds and a contents control on the homepage.

Reverive is a nice free blog topic for WordPress. Provides a magazinestyle look with a large cover picture and your presented contents shown in a post-raster. It' built in with Font Awesome icons and support several blog laysouts. Here is a free WordPress blog topic with a free magazinestyle blog-page.

Uses strong colours for head and undertone. There is a two-column lay-out and a top level navigational tool. is a free WordPress blog topic for the free blog blogging type. Comes with a Jumbotron parallel axis with colour filtering options, tagged contributions, several widgets and breathtaking parallel axis effect.

Support user-defined header lines, backgrounds and user-defined colours. There comes with several widget-capable areas and page styles. Track is a sophisticated WordPress blog topic for face-to-face, magazine and photographic web sites. This homepage offers a grid of your contributions with the presented pictures. The Extant is a minimalistic WordPress blog topic specifically developed for the photographer and artist.

Comes with a foldable top pull-down menus and two layouts options. WordPress Blog Topic is a colourful and illustrated WordPress Blog Topic. They use a range of designs, sketches and styling to make a nice and funny look. Supporting more than one mail format, it presents them well. Columnists are WordPress blog topics with a storeroom look.

There are different layout for homepage, archive, individual pages, BuddyPress and cbPress. The Satori is a WordPress topic for your blog and your website that is very adaptable. There is a full width headers on the homepage and comes with various page styles that include WooCommerce assistance, various widget-enabled areas and mailforms.

The Nitro is a free, fully customized WordPress blog topic. Comes with a nice homepage look with a slide bar above and a contents below. There are several widget-capable areas, page styles and support user-defined header, background, social menus, user-defined color. WriterBlog is a WordPress blog topic with a classical blog design.

Supplied in a two-column format with a side bar on the right. There is support for full width user-defined headers, user-defined backgrounds, user-defined colours, etc. It is a versatile WordPress topic that can be used on commercial, face-to-face, and journal Web sites. Based on the boatstrap frameworks, it offers large headline pictures, two-column and full layouts, user-defined backgrounds, and colour select.

The Tecblogger is a neat and easy WordPress blog topic. The blog has a classical blog look with a contents bar and a right sideline. There is a top level navigational menus and support for user-defined header lines, user-defined background and color. Based on the bootstrap frameworks, MadHat is a multifunctional WordPress topic with a black-and-white lay-out that can be adapted with ease.

Comes with Font Awesome symbols, several blog suites, and adjustments to the sideline. The Garfunkel is a classy WordPress blog topic with a gridsayout on the homepage. Support user-defined header lines, user-defined background, six mail styles (including a slide show gallery), six user-defined widgets, as well as a soft key and two page styles. Writer is a nice WordPress blog topic for writer and writer.

There is a single two-column design with side bar and navigational menus in the top right hand corner and contents in the bottom right hand corner. Support user-defined color, backgrounds and various mail format. The Tempo is a contemporary WordPress blogs topic that can also be used as a web site for businesses. Its distinguishing feature is a neat, sharp typeface with a light, airy outline.

iFeature is a WordPress application that provides a wide range of customizable options, including user-defined headers, parallel axes, headers, user-defined logos, user-defined colours, user-defined backgrounds, softkeys, sidebars and user-defined widgets. iFeature is a contemporary and classy WordPress application designed for magazine, corporate, private and corporate Web sites. There is a full-width wallpaper, a slide bar above it, and then your contents.

Functions like adhesive posters, Authors Biobox, several widgets and page styles are included. You can set up all topic settings simply by dragging and dropping them in the Onlineustomizer. This is a basic blogs topic with terrestrial sounds. Uses large pictures, supporting user-defined head and wallpaper pictures. Delivered with multi-column layout and basic adjustment capabilities.

The Responsive is a nice WordPress topic geared towards versatility. It' suited for writers, face-to-face sites, photographers and even commercial sites. Comes with 9 page styles, 11 widget areas, 6 style sheet layout, 4 menus and more. There are also strong but basic topic choices for basic uploading of logos and basic online community functions.

The Hestia is a very versatile, free WordPress topic for all types of web sites. The homepage can be set up using the easy way to customize your website using the online customization tool, where you can simply insert paragraphs and reorder them using simple click and drag-and-drop. Are you looking for a classic old-fashioned intro for your blog? Developed to create rejuvenation with its backward coloring and typeography, this gorgeous hypster motif is a great way to createstalgia.

Contains a full-width wallpaper, 4 different page styles, typographic choices, and a simpler design set up with simple draft and fall customization adjustments. The Ignite is a classy WordPress blog topic with a classical blog look. Comes with a two-column lay-out, a small top panel for navigational menu, page titles and descriptions.

Employs medium-size pictures before posting headlines and uses clear typeography for a better read in your blog. AVANT is a free and extremely adaptable WordPress topic that can be used on all types of web sites. There are 7 headers, 5 blog suites, 3 footers, endless colour selections and many more options, all of which are properly integrated into the WordPress Customizing.

This has been tried and found to work with all major page creators and other major WordPress plug-ins. Like the name implies, Responsive is a WordPress topic developed with a first hand handset experience. Topic functions are 9 page styles, 11 widgets, 6 layout styles, 4 menus, call-out area with a call to-action button, user-defined scripts, user-defined wallpapers and more.

Appropriate for doing buisness sites, it is very simple to use and can be quickly setup. The Vogue is a classy WordPress topic designed for apparel, life style and e-commerce sites. The WordPress Web site provides a number of different customizable features, including multi headers, WooCommerce customized designs, multi footers, multi blog postings, and a number of additional customizable and full colour options, all of which are properly integrated into the WordPress Customizing.

MagicBook is a beautiful WordPress topic for high-impact sites such as magazines, newspapers, and more. Featuring a neat, minimalistic look with a variety of layouts options and a fast 1-click trial installation program, it's easy to install and use. Magbook has been tried and proven with all common WordPress plug-ins and can also be used to build an on-line shop or a multi-lingual WordPress page.

Another great free WordPress topic, Panoramic is a great WordPress topic for all types of blog ging, web sites and shops. And it comes with customizable features and a nice homepage slide. See all topic customizations in our Living Customizing section, which lets you make changes to your website with a living preview. The Conica is a highly versatile WordPress multi-purpose application that can be used to create almost any type of website.

There are 2 page laysouts, 2 colour schemas, 4 head laysouts, 5 blog laysouts, 3 bottom line laysouts, multi-page drafts and a range of motif choices to customise your own colours and layout set-up. The CityLogic is a premium-like free WordPress topic that works for all types of Web pages, even small businesses.

The website is characterized by a contemporary look with a large headline on the homepage, a clear navigational bar, a welcome screen and then your most important contents. It' WooCommerce prepared and can be used to build nice on-line shops. Each of the topic choices are very simple to use and allow you to adapt them to your own needs.

The Agama is a neat and roomy free WordPress topic that can be used on all types of web sites. It' incredibly versatile and has easier topic choices that allow you to quickly get it up and running. It' based on bootstrap with pallax kernel functionality, fast response times and minimum layouts. This is a WordPress topic with a minimum amount of styling and layouts.

This works immediately after unpacking and has very simple to use topic settings. Contains a gooey headers, infinite color, a blog page style, a soft scrolling effect and much more. WooCommerce capable, it can be used with any WordPress Page Builder. Asscend is a wonderful WordPress multi-purpose topic. There comes with native Gutenberg functionality that will add draft & dropping blocks to WordPress.

On the inside you'll find a lot of useful choices, all of which are organised nicely under the topic Customizers. There is also a translucent headline, a number of navigational menu bars, side bars, colour choices and much more. It is a high-performance multi-purpose WordPress blog topic with many functions. A free WordPress topic in Joomla offers many ways to customize it.

You can access them all with the Topic Customizing tool. Hopefully this listing has help you find the best free WordPress blog topics for your website. Also you can see these useful hints to increase the amount of visitors to your new WordPress page. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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