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Best 30+ Personal Blog WordPress Topics 2018

To get a beautiful WordPress topic is the most thrilling and funny part of the work when you start a new blog .... whether you are willing to acknowledge it or not. To help you select the best blog for you, we have put together a listing of some of the best WordPress themes for business, private, Fashion and Tourism blog.

The Zillah is a great, styleful topic for Blogger who want a easy yet elegant on-line experience. It' s fun, fashionable, catchy and will help your contents get more out. Functions: responsive styling, limitless color, customize lives, full width sliders, widget tized feet, customized Widgets and logos, easy to use slide show, authors box in each posting.

The Amadeus is a neat and stylish topic for blog and message sites, with sleek typeface, a full width headers and a straightforward user surface. Characteristics: responsive look, wide area, end credits, alternate home page layouts, several colour scheme, sub-header wide area, instagram feedback. WordPress topic in which you can publish large quantities of contents.

This design allows several kinds of contents and allows you to manage the display of the homepage and the block. Functions: homepage creation, user-defined widgets, limitless colours, advertising space, full localisation, constant updating. This is a minimalistic and neat subject for your own blog, which fits any subject or area.

Comes with a straightforward and contemporary raster design...basically it puts the emphasis on your contributions only, with everything else second. Characteristics: SiteOrigin Page Builders compatible, light weight, large foot area, 100% responsive style, 100% responsive page layout, large page size, large foot area, easy to use, easy to use, SEO optimised coding. There are a few pictures in this topic that connect with the text and the artwork itself.

It' s optimised for face-to-face weblogging, travelling, company messaging, mode advice and probably much more. Functions: Supports videos and sounds, customized blog authoring widgets, full Jetpack plug-in plug-in integrations, page with customized topic choices, shortcuts, location functions, predefined colour scheme. A stylish design for trendy and life style magazines, with a box headers and a classic monochrome user interfaces.

Functions: responsive styling, cover page option, raster brickwork, customized colours, Soliloquy slide control plug-in, user-defined Widgets, clear and minimalistic styling. A stunningly stylish topic for any type of blog with a visually inspired look - pictures and memorable type. It has a clear, contemporary look and can also be a good option for photographs and portfolio.

Functions: responsive creativ designs, optimised for fast performance and advancedEO, Instagram feedback, simple customisation, four different skin types, limitless colours, soft link, seven mailings. This is a massively multi-purpose topic with a contemporary blogsign designed for those who want to tell their travelling story from all over the globe. With a fantastic over-fold parallel scroll process, very large pictures and bands and an overall look that is neat and breathtaking.

Functions: responsive and retina layouts, enhanced page creator, WooCommerce enabled, Revolution Slider and Layers Slider inclusive, several shortcuts, unlimited colour scheme, 20 demonstrations for different uses, backup engine, a Pinterest-like weblog style. Functions: responsive styling, automatic stack out, endless scrolling, several raster lay out option, multi-media capability, authoring image.

An easy, neat and smart topic for blogs. Here you can post about anything, because the designs are suitable for all business, stylish, traveling, and private use. Functions: responsive, infinite colour patterns, optimised content, optimised content with a slide control for articles, user-defined widgets, shortcuts, options. A sleek and classy topic for bloggers with a clear and contemporary look, a full width slide control and a classical white-black colour pattern.

You can use the subject in many ways, so that every subject fits well here. Key features: responsive look, Instagram feedback, different mail sizes, three advertising spaces, Font Awesome, optimised for performance, several colours, six blog-layout. This is a neat and fashionable subject for those who want to blog about fashions. There is a full frame pattern with a large amount of whitespace.

Design includes Instagram inclusion, a full-width picture slide, a number of widgets and softwares. Imfashion can be used both for private purposes and for fashion-related companies, as it also has an on-line store. Functions: high-performance topic choices, extended typeface choices, WooCommerce integrated, drop-down menus, instagram feeds at the bottom, infinite colours, post-sliders.

This is a very stylish topic for blogging. Stylish and clear styling makes it suitable for trendy, travelling and arts sites. Comes with Instagram integrations and many other neat Widgetes. This blog comes with all the necessary postal format. Functions: five different blog layout, sliders, many colour choices, appealing designs, many mail sizes, many widgets, contact form 7.

This is a great WordPress topic for the blogger. Can be used mainly for face -to-face and traveller letters. It looks great and shows big mailboxes with big pictures on the homepage. Functions: photoblog lay-out, responsive styling, customisation capabilities, array toolkit plug-in injection, multi-media and more. Stylish and attractive WordPress topic for trendy and life style newsletters, with clear designs, stylish typefaces and welcoming wide pages.

Topic includes 4 demos: Standard, Raster, Full Width and Magazin. Functions: neat and responsive, 4 homepage options, infinite colours, revolution slider inclusive, 5 mail sizes, optimised for advanced search, Google font, retina readiness, retina compatible, 5 mail sizes. The Narya is a neat subject for chefs, gourmets and those who like to write about new delicious prescriptions.

It has six home page choices and a basic, classical blog outline. Functions: fully responsive, Retina-capable screen, 6 homepage lieouts, limitless colour choices, Essential Grid plug-in, 6 blog posts and galleries styles, Revolution slider with recipe inclusion. Type is a text-based, minimalistic topic for face-to-face blogs, with a colourful look and feel.

Characteristics: responsive lay-out, minimalistic look that looks good without pictures, both shallow and media styling choices, full-width cover/header, different postal designs, limitless font and colour combination, shortcuts and user-defined Widgets. Essence is a great place to blog for blog and newspaper websites, with sleek designs and useful functions such as opt-in forums, appealing designs, several home page layouts and more.

It also comes with the Meridian Styler, which allows you to customise the page outline. Functions: several homepage laysouts, instagram feeder, customization, responsive styling. Colourful and cheerful WordPress topic for journals, message pages and blogging. Its minimalistic look, supported advertisements, widgets and various mailstyles. It looks great on almost any topic in the globe because it's easy and shows the blog entries in the classical listing format.

Functions: AdSense capable, translatable, BuddyPress & BudbPress supported, bright and black skin, boundless color, short codes, customized wide screen ads. The Amalie is a contemporary subject for private, stylish and tourist blog. There is an inviting look to it, with a great logotype, a wallpaper and well organised contributions. Functions: responsive page layouts, user-defined page styles, premium solloquy sliders, WooCommerce assistance, widget areas, customized topic settings, preparation for translations.

The Worldview has a breathtaking full frame theme and a collapsible menue. Every article on the homepage has a picture in full width. As you go into the postings, the presented pictures are displayed in full view mode and the text has a clear and stylish look. Mostly it works for private and travelling mail, but can also be adapted for any other use.

Characteristics: responsive layouts, adjustable colour scheme, auto text contrasts, three widgets, two- or three-column layouts, large title pictures or minimum fat headings. This is a minimalistic and good-looking topic for your own blog or your own blog. The Riba Lite has a contemporary, sleek and neat look and also comes with Parisian pattern. This topic offers different postal sizes.

Functions: Parametric header, responsive look, 600+ Google scripts, limitless color, two layout - boxes and fluids, YouTube Full Picture Background Videos, customized Widget and Logo, supports advancedEO. This is a nice and easy topic for the blogger, with a stylish and contemporary look. It' s ideal for trendy and life style magazines, but you can also use it for other things.

In Boston, the look is minimalistic and your contents are slightly in the foreground. Functions: responsive styling, easy to traslate, pullable merry-go-round for feature rich contents, jetpack packaging integrations, user-defined widgets, user-defined page styles, page speed optimised, colour primer options. This is a minimalistic blog topic, with a full-width slide bar and a widgettized bottom line. Functions: responsive styling, user-defined shortcuts, infinite colours, full page lay-out controls, WooCommerce capability, user-defined types, translatable.

The MyBlog is a sleek and neatly designed with plenty of whitespace. This has a contemporary look that suits most use. Delivered with writer box, good-looking Widgets, Tag, social symbols and contacts. Supporting any mail size, it allows the use of sticks. Functions: fast-reacting lay-out, topic option panels, different mail sizes, translatable, SEO-enabled, limitless colours.

The Alizee is a minimalistic and fun hosting topic that can be used for both business and pleasure. The colourful styling makes it a good option for travelling or modelogs. It comes with a sleek concave head and dynamical steering. Functions: responsive look, multi-format mail, multi-color mail, different page styles, 100 Google scripts, customized layouts.

This is a lovely and contemporary topic for Blogger that can be used for any use. It looks like the one of a journal - stylish and easy to understand. The Posty comes with neat Widget, b&w layout and banner ads. Functions: responsive, user-defined colours, optimized search engine optimisation, various file formats, megamus, user-defined widgets, authors boxes, feeds for online music.

This is a minimalistic topic for your own blog. They come with big pictures and many postal sizes. Contents are the focus of the theme's focus in terms of styling. Functions: fully responsive, various mail format, limitless color, searchable link, translatable, browser compatible, minimal format. An easy topic for Blogger and authors.

The layout is minimalistic, with the contributions shown below each other. Can be used for both face-to-face and pro blogging, it offers a clean look that attracts readers' interest. Featured: responsive theme creation, user-defined message load, infinite colour scheme, WooCommerce capability, infinite Google scripts, infinite slider and carousel, built-in slide show preferences, bookmark and reviews system, 13 user-defined Widgets, 7 different demonstrations, 4 headers layout, built-in Visual Composer, infinite colours, post-read timer and post-views counters.

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