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Worldpress Blog Website

The Bluehost Marketplace quick install screen for WordPress will appear. Blogging is one of the great things you can do with WordPress. But before you create a WordPress page, you need to know a few things. In response to many requests, we will show you how to create your own website with WordPress.

Adding a blog to your WordPress website

And one of the great things you can do with WordPress is to blog. When you want a blog on your website but don't want the blog to appear on the front page, you can include one on your WordPress Dashboard. In order to blog your website, you must first make a page blank:

Here is the page where you can add a new entry to your WordPress blog. Since this will be the home page of your blog, for example, type Blog for the name. As a result, the page break is set to /blog automatic. Exit the text field. 3- Exit the text field. Leaving the text field empty here is because you don't want to show page contents in your blog, but WordPress shows your blog entries about this page after you have assigned them as your blog.

An empty blog page is stored in your data base and posted to your WordPress page. If you have a page that is redirected to http://yourdomain.com/blog., it will be empty. Next, you need to associate the page you just made as your blog page. 6 From the Posts Page drop-down box, select the page you just made.

Choose, for example, the blog page as the post page. 7 In the Blog Pages Show at Most section, specify the number of items you want to view in the Posts text field. These settings determine the number of contributions you want to publish on this page at any given moment. Entering 5 will show the last five blog entries you have made in your blog.

Specify the number of items you want to display according to your preferences. Your current settings will be stored, and your blog will now be at http://yourdomain.com/blog (where yourdomain.com is your current name). If you want to include a blog in your personal list, you can do so by clicking the blog icon in the Browse button.

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