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Free Blogi - WordPress Blog Topic Build your Wordpress site with our nice WordPress themes and high performance plug-ins to increase your website visitors and gather more leads. is a free WordPress blogs topic created with Bootstrap 3. It has been developed specifically for face-to-face blogs. WordPress is supporting Child-Theme and almost all WordPress plug-in-directories.

Support user-defined logos as authors picture on top and page titles as authors name and page descriptions as authors job/work titles. A 100% shallow, neat and stylish subject.

Clear page

When you are sure you want to erase your website forever, learn how to do so here. One of the following updates must be removed first if your website has one: See the section Removing a website with updates for more information. Stage 3 - The following display will first show you the options to expand your contents.

As soon as you have removed your website, this contents is no longer restorable, so we recommend that you export the contents to a.zip before taking any further action. This can be done by pressing the Export Contents tool. It is the last stage - once you click on Clear this page, your page will be permanent cleared.

Here everyone who tries to access your website will see a notification that your website is no longer available and has been removed by the author. That means that your website has already payed for the associated upgrade. You must uninstall your website before you can uninstall it.

In this way, you will not lose your ability to upgrade your software. To go to the Purchases page, click the Manage Upgrade buttons. You can use the hyperlinks on this page to unsubscribe your upgrade or call our technical staff to move it to another site in your profile.

Also, if you cannot reverse any of the upgrade requests, you can call Customer Service for assistance. When your upgrade (s) have been deleted from the site, you can click My site(s), click Settings, and then restart. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you discover that you have accidentally shut down your website.

After the 30 day period, all your location information will be erased and cannot be recovered, and the location information will be erased and cannot be re-used.

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