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This post compares Blogger, WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WorldPress vs. Blogger - Which is better? Disadvantages (advantages and disadvantages)

We' re often asked by newcomers why they should use WordPress instead of free blogservices like WordPress.com or Blogger? We' ll do a WordPress vs Blogger review in this paper to help you determine which one is best for your needs. We' ll be covering all WordPress vs Blogger advantages and disadvantages so you can make the best choice when it comes to Blogger vs WordPress as a website publishing tool.

Important: Please be aware that this compare between self-hosted WordPress.org and Blogger takes place, not WordPress.com vs. Blogger. See our guidelines for the differences between self-hosted WordPress.org and Free WordPress.com blogs. The Blogger is a blogservice of the technology company Google. WordPress lets you use a WordPress web site hoster to hoist your own website.

The Blogger is a finely-tuned service with very finite set of utilities that allow you to accomplish only certain things on your website. Things you can do in your blogs are finite, and there is no way to expand them to cover a need. WorldPress is open program so that you can expand it slightly to include new functions.

WordPress has hundreds of WordPress plug-ins that allow you to change and expand the standard functionality, such as add a shop to your website, create portfolios, etc. If you compare WordPress to Blogger for corporate web sites, WordPress is the best long-term answer for any serious corporate webmaster. In Blogger, only a restricted collection of template files are available for use by default. In Blogger, only a restricted collection of template files can be used.

Some unofficial Blogger layouts exist, but these layouts are usually very bad. WordPress has so many free, high-quality WordPress topics you can make professional-looking Web sites. There' a WordPress topic for almost any type of website. Relocating your website from Blogger to another site is a complex job.

Although the Blogs allow you to easily transfer your contents, your information remains on Google's server for a very long while. With WordPress you can move your website as you like. Move your WordPress site to a new hosting, modify the name of your domains, or even move your site to other CMSs.

Even if you are comparing WordPress with Blogger Software then WordPress provides much more benefits. With Blogger, you have the added benefit of Google's rugged, safe platforms. There is no need to bother about administering your server's assets, backing up your blogs or making backup copies. WorldPress is pretty safe, but since it is a self-hosted application, you are in charge of safety and backup.

Many WordPress plug-ins make it easy for you. Blogger offers restricted blog gingers. As far as assistance is concerned, your possibilities are very small. WorldPress has a very busy social networking system. You can get help from expert WordPress editors and WordPress programmers in our on-line documentaries, forum communities, and IRC chat rooms.

Besides our fellowship there are many businesses that offer WordPress Premierupport. Our guidelines will tell you how to correctly request and receive WordPress assistance. The Blogger hasn't seen a big fix in a long while. We' ve seen Google end their beloved service like Google Reader, Google Adsense for feeding and the possible end of FeedBurner.

Bloggers' futures depend on Google, and they have the right to stop it whenever they want. WorldPress is an open program, i.e. its success does not depend on a single person or business (see the WordPress story). There is a development effort by a fellowship of programmers and enders.

WordPress's outlook is light and soothing. Hopefully this WordPress vs. Blogger compare has help you better grasp the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you make the right choice for your company. For more information about WordPress, we suggest you review our Why is WordPress Free? and the 9 most frequent misunderstandings about WordPress tutorial.

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