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Book Manager Mooberry Mooberry Book Manager requires no programming to use. Add as much or as little information as you want, complete with the book jacket, book buying link, book review, extract, and more. Every book can be connected to as many bookshops as you like.

They can even use your affilate link! The Mooberry Book Manager creates one page for each book, giving you a uniform look on all your pages. Organise your book into grid with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can Grilles can contain all your textbooks or a choice of textbooks, and you can select how they are arranged.

It is possible to build more than one grid, e.g. a page "Now available" and a page "Coming soon". The grid is updated each time you manipulate or insert a book. The Mooberry Book Manager works with your design to ensure a uniform look and feel on your website. The Mooberry Book Manager can be easily converted to other programming languages! 4.

Now that Mooberry Book Manager has been installed and activated, you have a Book Manager submenu. For your book to appear on your website, you need to include a book raster and/or widget. For adding a book grid: Store the grating. Each page, blogs posting, etc. in the text editors has a pushbutton labeled BookBookGrid.

Please click on it and choose a bookmark. You can click on any book to see its detail. Please click on the book title to see the book in detail. Extra Pictures - View extra pictures for a book beyond a book sleeve and include a movie trailers. Enhanced Widget - Creates two extra side bar wide screens as well as extra features to Mooberry Book Manager's current Book Widget.

Allows Mooberry Book Manager to work for publisher, multi artist name, multi group or any other website that list book by more than one writer. Retail Links Redirect - Magically redirect your reader to a retailer so you don't have to refresh your e-books after publication. When every Mooberry Book Manager is activated by itself, it should work.

When your book pages or book rasters are not refreshed when you add/update a book, you may need to clear your book page or book raster memory by hand. The W3C Total and W3C Total Cache options must be enabled for object caching to enable Mooberry Book Manager caching. The book information memory is emptied when a book is refreshed, added or removed, so your book pages and grilles should remain up to date.

When a book is refreshed, added, or removed, the WP Super Web site clears the whole site by caching. Please if you have trouble using Mooberry Book Manager, please get in touch with us and let us know which plug-in you are using and what the problem is. You can use the Book Grid Setup menus to create book grids.

Is Mooberry Book Manager going to work with my topic? The Mooberry Book Manager has been developed to be topic independant and suitable for most topics. So if Mooberry Book Manager doesn't work for your topic, please get in touch with us and we'll see if we can help. Corrected problems using Mooberry Book Manager with the Customizr design.

What is the discrepancy between download and retail link? If you allow your reader to download the book for free, download link should be used. Merchant hyperlinks are used when you link to a website where your book can be purchased by your reader. An individual book will most likely not have both download and retail link unless your book is free of charge quoted by merchants and you also allow your reader to download the e-books directly from your website.

Is there a download button? Which one do I use? Where will my reader download the data? You should place a direct reference to the downloadable book page directly on the page. May I use affilateinks? The Mooberry Book Manager does not modify your linking so that you can configure your merchant linking to use your Amazon, Barnes and Noble or other partner codes.

You can enter an affilate for each merchant on the Moobery Book Manager Settings -> Retailers page. Various merchants and partner programmes use different methods to format the partner tracing hyperlinks. Select the name of the methods your application uses. When your affilate referrals look like this, select After Book Link:

When your affilate linking looks like this, select Before Book Link: As soon as you have typed in your affilate accesses in the retailer's settings, all your book linking will use all applicable affilate accesses. So if you've typed in an Amazon Affiliate ID, any book that has an Amazon buy URL will use that ID in the URL.

The Mooberry Book Manager is conceived so that it can be used by the writer on the author's website. They can be an artist who has published under several artist titles and a unique website. Alternatively, you are not an auteur at all and use Mooberry Book Manager for another reason, such as a book clubs.

Use the [ Mooberry Book Manager Multi-Author Plugin] (http://www.bookmanager.mooberrydreams.com/downloads/multi-author/) for extended treatment of authors' name. Allows you to have a biography and photograph of each writer, as well as enhanced filter ing and sort in book grids by writer. When every Mooberry Book Manager is activated by itself, it should work.

Will Mooberry Book Manager work with plug-ins for a cache? For information on how to use Mooberry Book Manager's plug-ins foraching, see the Additional Notes section.

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