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Top 10+ WordPress topics for the sale of 2018 novels A WooCommerce-based e-commerce theme, BEBO is perfect for building a website for an on-line bookshop. Indeed, BEBO is well placed to promote and sell any type of medium, not just e-books, but also songs, videos and other electronic data as well. BEBO gives you a choice of seven home page layout and design options when it comes to furnishing your bookshop with BEBO.

Your website can focus on advertising one or more of your own book listings or providing a large variety of book listings in an on-line bookselling style, according to the style you use. Publishing houses that advertise several volumes by different writers can use this theme to create a single point of contact for all articles in their catalogue.

Further useful functions of BEBO are the possibility to define a book as Hotseller or as Featured Book of the day. More general BEBO theme characteristics are a fully reactive web user interface that supports web browsers and a Visual Composer based business page creation utility.

You can also download the Revolution Slider slide show builders plug-in as part of the theme pack. If you want to market your book or other digitally based product directly through your own website or just want to increase its accessibility on market places like Amazon, BEBO and its contemporary look, it makes it simple for you.

The FlatBook is created in the trendigen FLAT styles and contains a one-sided organization draft. Fully engaging look and feel features limitless colour scheme choices, drag-and-drop styling capabilities, MailChimp e-newsletter integrations and three price chart choices. The FlatBook contains concealed menus, Font Awesome icon, Google Web font and integrates with YouTube and other popular online content services.

Buchish brings together everything you need to get your e-book recognized quickly. Attractive styling offers a one-sided look with four available skin options to make it your own. This theme also contains a slide control, limitless colour selections, Font Awesome symbols and Google Webfonts. With WooCommerce integrated, Bookingish is also willing to help you yours to market your products.

Novella is designed to help you create a sleek page for your book or promotion website. No matter whether you're advertising an e-book you want to market on-line or a print book available in shops, the Novela WordPress theme is designed to make it as simple as possible to create a website that helps increase your revenue and visibility.

Your website home page may contain a large picture of your book jacket, as well as shortcut keys that point to where your book is available, based on how you choose to create this theme. Because the Novela WordPress eBook theme blends smoothly into the free Easy Digital Downloads plug-in, you can simply resell or share your eBooks directly from your website.

In order to motivate your users to become reader of your latest book, the Topic of November features an easy-to-use previews utility. So you can make a certain number of pages from your book available for reading on-line, along with a classy flip page Animation. The Bootstrap frameworks have been used to create your website, so your website will respond completely.

That way, smart-phone and tablet consumers can easily search your contents and, more significantly, buy your e-book on their portable device. Some of the other characteristics of this theme that writers will address are the possibility to post character profile from your book, an organic writer section and an appealing blogsheet to share messages and free contents with your audiences.

Whether you want to advertise your book directly from your website or want to refer to a seller that offers it for sale, Novela makes it simple for you to create a website to advertise your book. The off-the-shelf is charged as an on-line merchandising theme designed to turn your audience into a customer.

Therefore, if you have an eBook or other products to sponsor, this could be the theme for you. Whilst each of the demos has been designed to help you sell your e-book or other articles on-line, there is a ready-made demonstration model specifically designed to help advertise an e-book.

Installing the eBook demonstration will give you an appealing website where you just have to upload your own pictures and text to advertise your book. Additional home page functions after you have viewed your e-book covers and your blog includes the option to post your favorite logo, an icons page of the book highlight, a testimonial or reader review, a live ad, a previews of your book contents, price option, information about the writer, and an e-mail subscription for your newletter.

No matter whether you need to create a website to advertise your own e-book, or whether you offer an e-book promotion website authoring tool, the off-the-shelf WordPress theme in your toolset lets you create several one-of-a-kind sites with effortless ease. Just click on the WordPress theme in your WordPress authoring toolset and you're done. Bookoker has four home page demonstrations that help writers successfully advertise and resell more of their e-books.

Our homepage's major demo gives you the chance to make your current e-book the focus of your website. Space to show the book artwork, titles and a brief explanation will let your users know exactly which e-book you are advertising and why they should buy it.

There is also an integrated range of button options in the standard demo that make it easier for visitors to either buy now or find out more about the book. While your audiences scroll down the homepage layouts, you can share the book's preface, list sections, and view review citations in an automatically scrollable Testimonial Slide Show.

As already stated, however, Booker contains several homepage demonstrations. And the other choices are just as good as the core demonstrations, which include themes for writers who want to advertise more than one book on the home page, and demonstrations for those who want to build a website with an author profiled instead of concentrating on a standalone eBook.

With this function your users can browse through the pages of your book and get a previewer of your work. Releasing an interactively read of your latest book will help make this WordPress theme one of the best for e-book sales. Additional useful functions in this theme includes a high-performance searching engine that ensures your site finds exactly what you' re looking for, the option to attach a fully functional bookstore to your site, and a wide range of ready-made page layout options.

The Booker has a classy and contemporary look that helps you present yourself as an writer and the book you have created. A WordPress theme for the creation of land pages with a pre-built demonstration that is ideally suited for e-book sales. Of the inbound demonstrations, the ready-made e-book promotional country page is a good option for writers who want to build a sleek homepage for their current book.

Featuring room above the folding for the book jacket display next to a short descriptive text and a buy article key, your users can either go to the shop and check out or down the page to learn more about your work. When you choose your visitor to browse more of your WordPress website, they will find the best features of your book, an option to play your book on your own personal computer, and an Authors Area.

But because this design contains a drag-and-drop plug-in for the page creator, you can reorder your home page design as well as adding and removing custom panels and paragraphs as needed. Adjusting the remainder of your website is also easy, thanks to the in-depth selection of theme choices in the controls panel.

When you want to resell your e-books directly from your website, the good thing is that Inbound is designed to fit perfectly into the WooCommerce flagship WooCommerce Store Building Plug-in for WordPress. While you can readily interface to merchants where your book is for sale, inbound is more than just a task if you want to take care of selling your e-books yourself.

When you' re looking for a WordPress theme designed to advertise and market more of your eBook efficiently, Inbound is definitely value for attention. The Cosonix site offers eight one-of-a-kind home page demonstrations that make it simple for you to get your site up and running without having to make too many adjustments and choices.

Whilst this theme can be used for a variety of uses, such as creating an agent's website or on-line portfolios, there are two appealing eBook template designs that are immediately operational. While each of the other pre-built demo pages can be customized to your needs effortlessly, living with two offered eBook landings pages will be much simpler for you.

Dependent on which of the Cosonix eBook submissions you use, your website may appear either above the folder, an animated home page slide that can be used to stylishly advertise your book, or an e-mail opt-in template to expand your e-mail listing before launch. Because the Cosonix theme was developed with customisation in mind, any template can simply be re-configured to make sure it meets your needs.

Cosonix's pre-configured demonstrations can be deployed to your WordPress website with just a few mouse clicks, so you can get your website up and running with minimum hassle and work. Another fast-paced WordPress theme that will help you advertise your e-books on-line is Brown. Three pre-configured trial releases are available to select from when using the Brown theme, among them a one-page lay-out and a multi-page one.

Therefore, according to how many book you want to advertise on-line, there is a ready-made lay-out that is immediately useable. When you decide on the one-page Brown edition, you have the great option of presenting the book title over the pleat on the homepage of your website.

But if you also decide to use the slide show creation utility, you can view several eBooks on the home page of your website. You can also use this topic to post model sections of your book on your website. If you are selling your e-book, you can either create a hyperlink to a market place like Amazon or directly distribute the book via your website.

Featuring PayPal's integrated Easy Digital Downloads plug-in, you can begin your sales process without additional costs. Additional useful Brown eBook WordPress theme functions includes an Authors Profiling utility, an e-mail summary sheet to extend your newsletters and mail lists before launch, a way to post readers' feedback, and the Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in that helps you tailor any of the contained layout.

You can see that Brown is a highly customizable WordPress eBook theme that can be used in various ways to advertise either a stand-alone eBook or an entire publication lib. With Webbie, the presentation and sale of your e-book is child's play. Fast-reacting redesign provides a tool for e-book sales and reading on-line.

The Webbie also contains utilities that make it easy for shoppers to download your book. The design contains user-defined mail items, a collapsable side bar, keypad browsing, and user-defined widgets. Literal is a nicely designed blogs topic that comes with a mail guy for presenting e-books. It covers many colour and fonts choices as well as mappings, blogs and portfolios.

Fluids come in different size designs and include widgets, embedded applications, embedded applications and handheld and tablet touches. Publishing enables you to present and market your product. Adaptive theme offers two selling possibilities with Amazon.com or WooCommerce integrated. eBookie is a compelling one-page theme with a blogset developed to support the sale of printed or digitized literature. eBookie is a great one-page theme with a blogset developed to support the sale of printed or digitized literature.

This theme has a clear, minimalistic one-sided look with an infinite colour range. A PSD for the eBook builder is also included, so you can create a customized book jacket and include it on your website.

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