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Search under the plugin settings for 'Retailers'. Did anyone find a WordPress plugin that does this? These are the best WordPress plugins and themes for selling e-books and physical books.

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At last, an easiest way to capture and classify your whole libary so that the whole web can see it! What does working work like with HPBookList? In addition, with our BookList you can create your own thoughts and views on each track that all your users can see! Use your smartphone (with the Mobile App Extension) to book your mobile!

Books with only ISBN/ASIN numbers (with the Bulk-Book Upgrade Extension)! Enhancements make HPBookList even better! Grab your HPBookList extension today to extend your HPBookList plugin with extra features. StylesPaks are extra $2 add-ons that immediately alter the appearance of the BookList. Just like style paks, template paks are $2 extra add-ons that immediately alter the look and feel of your favorite pages and posts.

2 ) Open the WebPBookList application on your phone, click on " Preferences " and enter the page on which you placed your WebPBookList on. 3 ) Click on'Add a Books Now'! Where do I put a notebook? Complete the following enquiry and click on 'Add book' and that's it! When you decide to receive Amazon Books information, the only mandatory box is the ISBN/ASIN number.

I am an editor and/or publisher - can I create a hyperlink to the author's website? When you purchase the StoreFront Extension, when you add a product, you have the ability to enter the author's web address and you will see a hyperlink to that web address when you view that name. Is it possible to resell my books with it?

Although WorldPookList does not directly resell books, it can be used to set a hyperlink to the place where your books are resold and show that hyperlink and the value of the book to your users, both in the library and in the custom book views. Is it possible to include my own Amazon Affiliate ID to all my books in the UPBookList?

I am a publisher/author looking for unparalleled ad spaces - do you provide ad spaces in the BookList? I' m currently looking to fill your BookList with some "standard titles" that will be pre-installed when the users first activate your BookList, and I also have a way to distribute books to single sites that are visible to everyone.

But why can't I find my copy with BookList? - Whilst there will be no trouble for HPBookList to find the overwhelming bulk of books by their ISBN/ASIN numbers alone, HPBookList will sometimes come across a track for which it cannot find any information. WebPookList scans your database of Amazon, Google, iTunes and more for information about a song, so the general principle is: If it can't be found on amazon.com or Google Books, WebPBookList can't retrieve information for your song for you.

  • No, however, although using the ISBN 13 number is encouraged, HPBookList can find tracks that use both ISBN 10 and ISBN 13. It is also possible to enter hyphens in the ISBN number when you add a product (e.g. if you copy/paste from another website). Is it possible to add my GoodReads libary to the WiPBookList? - HPBookList performs a lot of behind-the-scenes numbers for each track and reaches several different sites to collect all sorts of information about each track.

Are you offering assistance for HPBookList? Anything wrong with your BooksList WP book experiences, please email me at TechSupport@WPBookList.com. - StylesPaks are $2 extra add-ons for adding functionality to your existing package. They modify the look and handling of your package. - Just like style paks, template paks are $2 add-ons to your existing list of widgets that alter the look and feel of your pages and posts.

Which short code options are available for viewing a covered picture? - To view the title page of a Amazon linked page, just place this abbreviation on the page or in the post: For example, if you want to show a fiction librarian called " fictionbrary " from a librarian you have built on the back of a page, or a 100 article, this short code would do the trick: just omit the spreadsheet options to use the standard one.

When all the choices are omitted from the short code [showbookcover], standard HPBookList displays the first volume from your standard collection that is oriented to the right and has a 100 pageize. 2 ) Open the WebPBookList application on your phone, click on " Preferences " and enter the page on which you placed your WebPBookList on.

3) Click on 'Add a book now'! What can I do to get my translation of my favourite languages? Here is the way to compile WPBookList: Browse through the lists to find the languages and local/dialect to which you want to compile the BookList and click on the name. A great plugin with even more features!

It' s a great idea to take only the ISBN (or ASIN) number as your entry and create a full book list, which includes your book art, your covers art, and completed date boxes (release date, number of pages, track, writer, etc.). Smooth.... a fast and simple way to create a "library" of songs and unveil them together or individually.

Better, there are cheap enhancements (I purchased bulky adds for $2), styles packs (css for the overview pages ), and page and mail masters. This plugin works great. A very useful plugin + good service! This plugin has been created by the following persons. v1.0. The first release of the new WPBookList. v5.0.

1- A bug was corrected that caused some title editing to fail - line 1486 and 1622 were altered - character chain'sep' was converted to'-sep-seperator-sep-'. v5.0. 3- The Pages & Posts class has been updated to include mail statements and feature image files. Corrected a problem where the share symbols on pages and posts were not displayed correctly.

Top edge added to repository containers. Corrected a problem that caused only a'similar title' to be shown in the color box. Error corrected that caused oblique lines in the text heading. v5.0. 4- Permanent shortcut to the API tabs, implemented page reloading coding after storing your own key, implemented StylePak advertising page, added bundle tiles for extensions to page extensions, dropdown menu permanently positioned on all administrator pages, remove zip index from bay name, corrected spelling mistakes of "Available" in the color palette, additional margins at the end of buy pages on pages/posts,

Corrected the CSS reset for phrase tag in the color box CSS to make sure that HTML is shown as intended in the Descriptions and Notes section of the color box CSS files, corrected a problem that caused HTML found in the Description and Notes boxes to be shown correctly in the color box after editing, corrected a problem that caused some similar titles to be shown correctly in the color box.

5- Changed Klassenbuch. Php to make Amazon API call regional, corrected typos that prevents the UK localisation options from being verified. Error corrected that prevents some HTTP left in the color box from building correctly. pdf-files. Corrected a problem that caused the "Read More" shortcut in the WPBookList post to not work correctly.

Fix a problem that caused the old color feature in the collobox. php file to be called. Corrected a problem that caused some pages and postings to not display their corresponding submission. Error corrected that prevents the use of upgraded ziped Library StylePaks on some web sites. v5.0. Books-A-Million and Kobo - 8 - New buy link & pictures added.

Corrected a Bug showing the text'Buy this book at:' even if all buy buttons were covert. Add extra short code feature to show books in different ways, e.g. with an extract or as a shortcut to the color palette "Book View". Corrected a problem that caused the book view to not open when the Australian Amazon localization preference was enabled.

Corrected a problem that caused some websites to not save user-defined macro preferences. Start of supporting the forthcoming WPBookList BookSwapper Extension. v5.0. Corrected a problem that caused books to be added to some pages. #10 - Solved some style problems with the short code display= "excerpt" arguments. Corrected a problem that caused some libs to not display when the name of the spreadsheet was uppercase.

An error was corrected that made it impossible to click the "Signed" No check box. Corrected a bug that sometimes caused the rating star to not appear in your entries in WinBookList post and pages. Corrected a problem that sometimes erroneously listed a certain page as "Done" on the contributions and pages of the BookList. Corrected color box style to narrow the gap between the Ready to Go widget and the remainder of the following paragraphs.

An error has been corrected that caused all whackos to be enabled when processing a workbook. Corrected a problem that caused the page and post option to not be displayed correctly when certain check boxes were selected. Corrected a problem on the View Option page that caused the Show Titles check box to be selected when the Rating Star check box was selected.

The possibility has been added to use the key'action' in the standard short circuit of the HPBookList to reference dealer pages instead of showing the colour fieldbookview. Twelve - The page break function has been changed to show only when there is a second page and to show the number of the page only once when there is only one track on the page.

Corrected a problem that caused some storefront symbols to be displayed incorrectly in the color box pane. Implemented new BookFinder Extension functionality and re-ordering function. 1- Troubleshooting the'Reorder' function, the hyperlink to display a book after it has been added immediately, and a UI fix for the'Edit and delete books' tabs.

Added unambiguous identifiers for some items in the book view to ensure interoperability with the new Stylizer extension. The Book View Stats area has been extended to include a Classname. Fixed the successful reset of cursor movement after reordering books requirement. Filing of "Add Book" has been amended to better support all browser types. Changes to style on the Edit & Delete Books page.

StylePak' page style has been modified. Facebook hyperlink added. 3- Fixes a problem that prevents new books from being added to a library. 4- Stripe slashes have been added to the header of the Mail & Page template work. Added the possibility to specify an operation pitch for "Post" or "Page" in the short code of the BookList WPBook to get the lid links to its associated page or mail, if it has.

Add HTML decoding elements to the Edit book forme. Add a checking for existent spreadsheets when activating plug-ins. - Added possibility to specify buy link for Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo and books - one million when working on a single one. In the brandnew boxes'Subject' and'Country' added for each of the books.

The brandnew'Filterpanel' has been added to the frontend libraries area. Updated the "Sort by..." dropdown list in the frontend libraries pane with new items. Corrected a problem that caused the setting table not to be updated to accommodate the new 5.5.0 field versions. Corrected a problem that caused the new ad option to continue to be validated.

Corrected a problem that caused the short code [showbookcover] to not display the picture dimensions accurately. Corrected a problem that caused the correct picture resize to not be recognized with the getimagesize feature on some server computers. 2- Fixes a problem that causes some DB spreadsheets to not display their content. An error in IE was corrected which caused the page breaks of a library to not work correct.

Corrected a problem that caused StylePaks not to load on some safe websites. Added an exits survey to the WiPBookList to collect information about why a prospective users chooses not to use the WiPBookList. 4- The standard admin notification has been modified. Modification to the classic front end library-ui. lines 51, 59, 904 and 974 of the php files class-frontend-library-ui. php, which allows better operation of the 'Sort by' front end option and the default 'Sort by' option.

Corrected a faulty spelling error on the classes page. Php line 80 prevents the creation of pages. Changed whpbooklist. php, line 36, to create the'ROOT_DIR' PHP constants with the feature plugin_dir_path() instead of ABSPATH. Added 0 help for the new WebPBookList Branding Extension. Corrected a problem that caused some websites that do not use the Branding Extension to display a corrupted picture in the book view.

Also, a bug preventing affiliate identifiers of some users from being used on their link was corrected. 1- A problem has been corrected that causes the API to be invoked twice. Error solved that prevents retrieving OpenLibrary data. The [ Read BookList ] speed dial edition has been revised, a new page break system and more rugged search/sorting/filtering capabilities have been introduced.

Corrected a problem that affected the proper operation of the book deletion and reordering features. Corrected a problem that caused pages and posts not to be created when using the bulk upload extension. 1- Easier limitation on how/when . bss and . js file are uploaded, addition of auto upload if the is_home or front_page is real, and if the words 'WPBookList' appear in the content.

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