Wordpress Brochure

Worldpress Brochure

The Flip PDF is a fully responsive WordPress plugin maker for brochures with powerful features. Enables all users to convert PDF brochures into a dynamic online flipbook for the WordPress website. E-commerce WP catalog visibility and email inquiry transform E-commerce WP into an online brochure with product email inquiry button and popup form.

Reactive PDF brochure WordPress Plugin for publishing online brochures

WordPress website without programming. The Flip PDF is a fully reactive WordPress plug-in for booklets with high performance features. PDF Brochure conversion allows all PDF booklets to be converted into a dynamically updated WordPress website flip book. There is no encoding or complex setup required, you can produce an infinite number of booklets from PDF files and seamlessly integrate them into your WordPress page.

Using sophisticated digitally published technologies, all your hyperlinks, photographs and text formatting stay untouched during your convert. You can also add a few additional features to the PDF brochure. So you can for example add YouTube/Vimeo movie, SWF, Animations and Photogallery to the brochure plug-in. If you are presenting your contents to your audiences, you need to ensure that your publications offer them the best possible viewing experiences.

It is important that the read process between the units is not lost. The Flip PDF file support both HTML and Flash WordPress plug-in edition, allowing your users to browse and view the contents of the brochure on desktop, tablet and smartphone computers. Nothing is better for the economy than to broadcast a brochure on the Internet on social media sites.

If you use Flip PDF, you can easily link your WordPress brochure to the Facebook and twitter audiences. Present your booklets in your community and allow your readership to surf, like and participate directly from your Facebook or twitter page. Changing the colour of the symbol bar or adding hyperlinks to the logopic picture is also no issue. to optimise the viewing pleasure on the website.

Present your PDF brochure on all your machines with the seamless viewing pleasure. Custom brochure templates, backgrounds, brand logos added to symbol bar and more. Post PDF brochures on the clamp publishers' platforms and integrate them into the website. Insert YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Flashes, animations into the PDF brochure or memory sticks and share them with the world.

Dynamical brochure on socially responsible platform and increase the volume of visitors to the WordPress website. WorldPress is the most favorite CMS that allows the users to easily create their own website. WordPress, however, is not just a Blog Search engine that can help bloggers easily organize your web pages on-line, it is also the best place to view PDF files on-line.

With Flip PDF, it's quick and straightforward to create breathtaking PDF brochures and immediately upload them to your website.

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