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Best 9 Events Calendar Plugins for WordPress 2018 When you want to include a feature-rich calendar of your WordPress website, this set of plug-ins can help.... Featuring free and high-quality calendar plug-ins to select from, there is a set of powerful plug-ins for any size project.

So if you just want to divide the appointments and detail of coming shows on your website in calendar formats, the free plug-ins should do it.

But if you want your guests to be able to sign up for your show, buy your ticket and add your website calendar to a Google Calendar experience, buying one of the premier plug-ins is a better choice. Additional premier capabilities you can take advantage of are customisation to personalise the look of your calendar, integrating with e-commerce utilities such as WooCommerce and PayPal, and the opportunity to take reservations from your customers.

Several of the best premier plug-ins also give you the ability to create and manage more than one calendar for your website. Fortunately, with some very affordable Plugins in this compilation, you should be able to find a utility that fits your budgeting. Whatever kind of calendar you want to include on your website or in your upcoming activities, this selection of the best WordPress Calendar plug-ins for WordPress should be a good one.

Calendar of Courses is a free plugin that is currently available on over 500,000 WordPress sites. Once the plugin has been installed on your WordPress website, you should be able to start creating and publishing your first meeting in just a few moments. Calendar and Calendar User Interfaces are very simple to use and integrate smoothly into the remainder of your WordPress dashboard.

The plugin' dashboard lets you build a number of locations for your meetings that can be re-used as needed. In addition, when you publish your calendar of upcoming shows, you can select from a variety of different view modes, complete with lists and daily view modes. Calendar search is also simple thanks to the built-in search engines. You also have many choices to display your calendar and its calendar items on your website, as well as some useful page bar widgets and user-defined page layout.

This plugin will be highly appreciated by developer because it was developed to assist coding customization and is fully documentation. While the free plugin The Events Calendar will help you adding your own WordPress website to your calendar, there is a Pro edition that contains even more useful functions. Upgrade to the commercial edition of the plugin to create your own repeat performances, manage your ticketing and use Facebook to integrate your Facebook experience.

It is also possible to export event data from other service, e.g. Google Calendar with Event Calendar Pro. Despite the premier update, the free kernel event calendar has a lot to deliver so you can easily post your event to your WordPress website. Recently upgraded to the fifth edition of Event Manager, Event Manager now offers even more useful functions to help you create an event calendar for your WordPress website.

With this plugin you can not only begin to create your own event and include it in your calendar, but you can also activate the event subscription. The creation of repetitive incidents is also simple, with a number of repeat settings supported. When you want to include a level of interactivity with your website and calendar event, the Event Manager is designed to work with the BuddyPress plugin to give you the ability to activate users activities feeds, discussions areas, and more.

It is also possible to mix the Event Manager with other plug-ins to enhance the look of your calendar. If you set up your WordPress website calendar, Event Manager can generate as many event locations as you want, which can then be allocated to upcoming event locations. Integrating Google Maps makes sure your users know exactly where each calendar is.

Presenting your website event is also simple, thanks to calendar wide views for your side bars and other widget areas of your website. Several of the additional functions you can gain by qualifying for an upgrade to Event Manager Pro includes the option to receive payment as part of the ticketing enrollment procedure, voucher code assistance so you can provide discount ticketing, and a customized toolset for creating reservation forms.

This free edition of Event Manager provides many functions that allow you to create a calendar of your event on your WordPress website. May Calendar is another free plugin for creating WordPress web sites with your own calendar. As with the other calendar plug-ins in this library, this item inserts a new section to your WordPress Dashboard to enter and manage your calendar event.

Every calendar can have its own date, its own clock and the possibility to repeat itself or to be a unique one. And you can even set up more than one category and tag to organise your meetings and make them easy for your audiences to find. The plugin Dashboard allows you to quickly browse and select venues to quickly use when adding a new calendar item.

It is also possible to set up business event groups that allow you to allocate several business events to a group and process them at the same moment. If you need to maintain a full calendar, this bulk processing function could help you saving a great deal of work. My Calendar's calendar and calendar presentations are not as elegant as some of the other free plug-ins in this series.

You can, however, use this plugin to modify the style sheets and content files to change their look. In addition to the addition of a standard page to your website where the calendar can be found, My Calendar contains some useful Widget features that allow you to view a minicalendar and a listing of coming news in the page bar of your website.

You can update my calendar by buying the Pro edition and you can also activate the Eventticketing by downloading the free My Tickets plugin from the same people. EventsOn is the best sold calendar and calendar plugin on the CodeCanynon WordPress plugin platform. Since its first launch in 2012, eventOn has been periodically refreshed and is now one of the most feature-rich calendar and meeting software for WordPress people.

It' not only the calendar and its event designs that look great, the backend interfaces also make event-on very simple to use. If you' re configuring your calendar and building your own event, you can simply choose to repeat your event in a customized timetable, adding pictures to your event, adding Google Maps sites, and organizing your event with customized tag and category.

Allocating different colours to your event is another useful tool that makes it easy for your guests to quickly find the appointments that interest them. Whilst the standard tiles look stunning in the EventsOn calendar, you can adjust its look using the plugin preferences. EventsOn's corporate identity editors help your calendar integrate with the rest of your site or stand out to help keep your traffic from missing your itinerary.

Posting your calendar and calendar of upcoming activities on your website is simple. As soon as you use the plugin, the standard calendar page is enabled for you. You can, however, use the side bar widgets to view information about your upcoming incidents. Also, you can use EventOn's links to add a variety of calendar items to your postings and pages.

You can edit the shortcuts to quickly include a unique incident in your contents, an entire calendar, or a number of other items. EvenOn is an affordably priced but high-performance WordPress Calendar plugin that can also be extended with a number of add-ons. Contemporary Calendar is a premier calendar plugin with the possibility to receive reservations from your guests.

When your website needs a calendar that can also receive and administer reservations from your users, this inexpensive plugin might be right for you. This plugin has a consistently contemporary look for the calendar it produces. As a result, your calendar should fit smoothly into the remainder of your WordPress website.

It is also possible to customize the standard display of the Calendar using the plugin options and control elements. They are all designed for portable use, so your guests can see your timetable and make reservations from their smartphones. Every incident you throw into your calendar can have its own Google Maps integrated if a particular geographic position is important.

And you can even include pictures in your calendar of upcoming shows to not only make your calendar items look more appealing, but also give your audiences more information. And because the plugin contains Google Calendar integrated with Advanced Calendar, you can easily combine the two tools to easily manage your calendar and view your event on both plattforms, saving you valuable scheduling work.

Integration of PayPal and WooCommerce gives you another way to use your calendar, with the option of collecting payment for reservations or attending an event, making it a very useful utility. Like already said, the calendar has a fully functioning reservation system. You can give your users the opportunity to add appointments to your calendar by using the easy Builders user interfaces to build a template.

Also, because Contemporary Calendar is fully compliant with the Visual Composer Page builder plugin, you shouldn't have any problems building the form or presenting your calendar and your event optimally for your website. Today's calendar of upcoming shows offers you many ways to view your calendar and its shows, making it a favorite resource for consumers.

Statchthemes Event Calendar is a relatively new WordPress calendar plugin that is already becoming a favorite among people. Stachethemes Events Calendar is a well backed and trusted tools to add calendar of upcoming Events to a WordPress website. The 5 star of 5 ratings on the CodeCanyon plugin calculator platform. When you want to view more than one calendar on a WordPress Web site, this might be the plugin for you.

Once you have activated this utility, you can choose to have one or more calendar(s) created for your website. While you are building the calendar, you can specify the timezone and calendar state. All this makes the Stachethemes Event Calendar a great plugin for sites with global audiences and for anyone who wants a personal calendar that only they or their entire staff can use.

As soon as you have at least one calendar in place, you can start creating appointments. Every meeting can contain a descriptive text, a venue, a timetable and a guests guide. They can even be used to attach related merchandise to an upcoming show so your attendees can buy it. You can also activate commenting for an upcoming meeting, which helps creating a room where your public can talk about the detail.

Featuring the possibility to build individual pages of your meeting that can be split with ease, option templates for submitting users' messages, supporting iCalendar integrations, and timer countdowns, StachethemesEventsEvent Calendar is a high-performance plugin with many interesting functions. Even Schedule is a high-performance calendar and calendar planning utility with options for booking your calendar on-line.

WordPress Plugin provides a choice of style options to make sure your calendar has the right look for your website. In addition to the ready-made themes, you can also customize the colours via the plug-in options or use the Visual Composer feature to create your own calendar layout.

Because of the different layout and the various functions of this tools Event schedule is a plugin that can be used for a variety of different project. Whether you want to add a basic calendar to your website, publish schedules, advertise an event with tickets, or accept course and event reservations, this utility has a great deal to work for.

The calendar of your event is not too brief when it comes to selecting how your event is displayed. Some interesting layout choices are available, among them a month preview that will be complemented by an calendar of forthcoming outings. You can also let your attendees browse your event by predefined category so they can find exactly what they're looking for.

Each event page is also beautifully designed so you can view important information in a user-friendly, portable way. In order to improve the overall look of your website, you also have the ability to view your event in a roundabout way so that your users can browse through upcoming calendar items.

Conferencing time line is another good example of how diverse this is. The Calendar of Calendar of Events is a good option for anyone who wants many choices about how their calendar and calendar of activities are viewed on their website. Datendarize is an expandable premier utility that makes it simple for you to easily include feature-rich calendar files on your WordPress website.

While you do not need the Visual Composer Page Builder plugin to be accessible, you can use this utility to build your own customized calendar and event template for your own calendar and use. Choosing from a variety of ready-made Kalenderize it themes should give you more than enough possibilities to add this function to your WordPress website.

Whilst the plugin is already equipped with many functions, there are a number of free add-ons for this plugin. A few samples of these options includes a count down timer that helps you generate tension and shortage around your event, a year window that is perfect for viewing all your event occurrences over a 365 days timeframe, and an import utility that makes it simple for you to import a number of event occurrences into your calendar using CSV file formats.

Although this is a feature-rich WordPress Calendar plugin with a rich set of free add-ons, there are also some chargeable plug-ins. Unless you need to pay through your calendar, view advertisements at your event, and resell your ticket through an Eventbrite integrator, you probably won't need to update to get the extra value of our premier functionality.

Return to the key functionality of the Professional Edition plugin and you'll find a convenient suite of plugins to display calendar and event contents in other areas of your website. They can also select from a variety of colour scheme and organise the event with user-defined taxes.

You can see that it is a complete utility that allows you to easily and quickly extend your website with a few simple mouse clicks to include high-performance calendar functions. The EventsPlus is designed for a broad user community that needs the power to post and organize an event from their WordPress Web site. No matter if you want to build an interactivity calendar to exchange information about your event on-line or off-line, EventsPlus is definitely something to be discovered.

Using the functions for registering your participation, you can use this plugin to promote courses, seminaries, Workshops and a whole range of other activities, and EventsPlus can also be used for ticket and participant registrations. When you want to resell your ticket for an upcoming show, the counter down clock function is useful.

You can also use the Sharing button to help your audiences advertise your event to their supporters, while the appealing design makes sure everyone can view your calendar and your outings. The EventsPlus dashboard provides a sound view of the actual event management and calendar management state. You can use the administration console to control payment, keep tabs on participants, and customize all event detail.

They can even allow participants to select their own places for an activity or allocate them themselves via the CPE. Rebate voucher is another useful utility that allows you to advertise your upcoming shows and make sure they are sold out. Contrary to some of the other WordPress Calendar plug-ins, all functions of EventsPlus are available with the purchasing of this utility and there are no extra tools to buy.

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