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Gets the ID of a category from its name. Use. <?php get_cat_ID( $cat_name ) ?

> Parameter.

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Gets the ID of a categorie from its name. Use $cat_name (string) (optional) Default is'General' and can be any name of a group. Default:'General' (integer if 0, character chain if ID) < 0 if error and ID of class if successful. Substitute "category name" with the name of your name.

get_cat_id = get_cat_ID ('Category Name'); previous function reference to get the given ID was obsolete. get_cat_ID() is found in wp-includes/category.php.


Calling up contribution catagories. You can use this day outside the loop by specifying a Post-ID as a value. Hint: This feature only provides results from the standard taxionomy " category ". Get_the_terms () is used for user-defined taxes. Standard to the actual postal ID. Postal ID. WP_Term object arrays, one for each class associated with the contribution.

Get_the_terms ( $id,'category') ; $categories = array( $categories() ; $categories = array_values( $categories) ; _make_cat_compat( $categories[$key]) ; apply_filters return('get_the_categories', $categories $id) ; 0,71Eingef├╝hrt.

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Gets categorical information that contains a categorical ID or item. Each time you specify the $categoryâ? parameter, an item that is presumed to be the category-line-object retrieved the database-that is, the category-row. Stores the categories between. Retrieve this class from the databank if it is not already buffered and return it when you give $category an integral number of the class ID.

When you look at get_term(), both are routed through multiple filtering and eventually disinfected using the $filter value. Converts the class to preserve backward compatible. Hint: Use get_term() to get link categories according to their ID's. Get_category will only return Post Categories. Default $category (integer|object) (required) Cat. ID or Cat. line object:

There is no $output (string) (optional) OBJECT, ARRAY_A or ARRAY_N constants Default: Default:'raw' (mixed) x class information of the kind specified by the $output argument. Used: get_term() Used to get the categorical information from the taxi. There are also user-defined mail items in the count-attribute if the user-defined mail item uses default catagories. get_category() is found in wp-includes/category.php.

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