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Worldpress Catering Plugin for Catering

Restaurant Logic Plugin is used together with an active Restaurant Logic account. The RedChili Premium Plugins are not available for an additional fee. Order online Courts are presented in several charts, each containing a different section from the Hapas-MenĂ¼. A number of variables in the chart allow the customer to choose an amount of portion options before placing them in the shopping basket. Our deliberately kept the tapping dish lists easy, concealing useless items such as the seek area.

Browse through the food charts, which have been well incorporated into the overall site layout, with useful navigational hyperlinks and breathtaking food pictures to stimulate your hunger.

The WooCommerce Catering Plugin Alternative - How you can prepare yourself

With WooCommerce you are very versatile. Not only can you use this e-commerce environment to sell off your off-the-shelf and off-the-shelf goods. With WooCommerce you can also set up a catering company! Catering WooCommerce Plugin Alternate. I' d like to show you a way that is quite simply and easily implemented, using additional fieldware. WooCommerce's off-the-shelf solutions will be used.

It is not necessary to deploy overly complicated plug-ins and frameworks. First you need to deploy a light weight, free plugin for your FlexProduct Add-Ons. It can be downloaded free of charge from WordPress.org or directly in the plugin area of your shop install: As soon as you have the plugin up and running, let us configurate it.

Produkte ? in your WordPress menue. Specify the items in which the additional catering item boxes are displayed to a client. There could be all your produce in the shop, of course, if your shop only handles catering. The free flexible field versions require you to specify the individual items, while the PRO versions allow you to choose either all items in a given categorie or all items in the branch.

The PRO edition must be purchased if you want to bill the client for the chosen boxes. But you can simply try the methodology while using the free one. Beneath the Settings section, you will see the Panels section. Choosing a customer: Choose when the catering begins (the date field), whether the catering should be lactose-free and/or gluten-free and/or vegetarian (a checkbox), how long the plan should last (a 1/2/3/4 week selection box).

When you need help configuring a field, you can view the documents or ask me in the comments section below the item. That' s how it looks in the store - on the products page: Once you have placed the item in the shopping basket, you will see the item on the item that looks like this:

Do you want to encourage a healthier life style in your business? is a multi-purpose plugin. WooCommerce Catering Plugin could also be used :) If you have problems with the configuration of this plugin, you can ask me for help. Please also take a look at our WooCommerce Extra Product Options Guide to find out more use cases for the Flexible Product Fields Plugin.

It concentrates on expanding the number of users of plug-ins. You can use our plugs to create a better shop.

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