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The first time your WordPress site is set up, your page name in the browser bar is often set to your URL or the name of your theme. It is easy for you to change this. Side_URL" >Change the site URL Hint: Both options should contain the part http:// and should not have a forward oblique "/" at the end. Occasionally someone will find it necessary to change (or correct) these adjustments by hand. Normally this happens when they change one or both of them and find that their website is no longer working correctly.

As a result, the end users may not have an obvious way to fix the issue. Describes how to change these preferences directly in this tutorial. Do not try to use this extra information if you are only trying to fix a "broken" page. Four simple ways to change the site URL are available.

The following hints include "WP_HOME" and "home" referring to the "Site Address (URL)" or what periodic users should enter in their browsers. It' possible to change the website address manual in the wp-config. file pH. Put these two rows in your wp-config. php, where " example.com" is the right place for your website. define('WP_HOME',' http://example. com' ); define('WP_SITEURL',' http://example. com'); This is not necessarily the best solution, it's just encoding the hard code into the website itself.

Using this procedure, you can no longer modify them on the General Preferences page. FTP allows you to quickly get a website up and running again if you have modified these parameters wrongly. ftp to the site, and get a copy of the features of the current topic. file phone.

You' ll be able to manipulate it in a plain text editing tool and reload it onto the page. Append these two rows to the filename, immediately after the first "

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