Wordpress Change Layout

Change Wordpress Layout

Browse to Appearance -> Customize - Topic Options -> Layout Settings. You can change the "Theme Layout" if necessary. Allows you to view your posts with different custom layouts.

site-layout customization

It is IMPORTANT that you must select SET Feature Edit IMAGE when uploading an picture to your posting. Only the presented pictures are displayed. With this plug-in, you can build a user-defined title page and other pages to show the latest articles. Allows you to view your contributions with different user-defined layout.

For example, it can make the front page articles look similar to a mag or newsletter website. It' simple to customize different layout for your contributions and pages. Use your FTP client to load the plugin directory into the wp-content/plugins directory. Example for a quick start:

Navigate to the Site Layout Customizer submenu and customize layout 1. You should now see layout 1 on this page. Which is a layout? You can select from several different layout in the drop-down list. Every layout can be customised with the user friendly "What you see is what you get" user page and has a number of choices such as where to place the titles, images and excerpts, effect placement and so on.

Describes how to create a layout for a page. In order to display a layout on a page, just insert a short code on a page. Now you should see the layout with the newest articles. To customize the layout and the number of items to display in the menus, choose Layout 1 from the Plugin drop-down list.

Where can I put multiple layout on a page? In order to show several layout on one page, just insert several numbers one after the other: Every layout has a number of customizable options. Positioning preferences allow you to place titles, images and other items in three different TOP, LINKS and RIGHT area.

For example, you can place the caption to the right and the picture to the right or in any combo. For example, it is possible to place the caption over the section. Additionally to the 3 major areas above, l.h. and r.h. there is also an over-image function where you can place any text over the thumbnail.

It uses the picture file dimensions defined in Einstellungen->Medien. The width and heigth of the picture can be adjusted in the layout setting, this will only enlarge or reduce the picture without resizing the picture. When a feature picture is selected for the contribution, it will be used, otherwise when an picture is added to the contribution, it will be used.

It is possible to create your own custom style sheet by adding an additional custom style sheet and overwriting the style sheet. In order to prevent your custom style sheet from being overridden, you must place it in a secure folder outside the plug-in folder. Modify the bss filename URL on the home page to point to your bss filename.

Modify the bss filename on the main page to point to your bss filename. Hint: The addition of a custom style sheet does not deactivate the style sheet in the plug-in, both are used. Titles & excerpts can be adjusted for each layout separately. The most other items are the same for all layout.

You can overwrite ID tag and class in your custom style sheet. Titles & excerpts can be adjusted for each layout separately. The most other items are the same for all layout. It has been tried with a number of different theme, but there may be some that need some customization to work.

"The Site Layout Customizer" is open resource work. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

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