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Change Wordpress Change Template

If you change a subject, almost everything comes with you. Please note that Custom Design does not allow you to edit basic PHP or template files. This plugin allows you to change the theme (template) at any time. Browse this brief guide to learn how to change the page template in WordPress. Only WordPress themes that have multiple page templates can do this.

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You can change the topic (template) at any time with the plug-in. So if you want to have a Christmas motif on your blogs for 5 day (or more) only, the plug-in will do it for you. Simply type in a starting date, an end date, choose a time and the topic you want to use, that's all.

You can use the administration pane to rearrange your changes to the design. So if you have a change of topic ('theme1') for the first 23/07 - 01/08 and a change of topic ('theme2') for the 24/07 - 26/07 and today's date is the 24/07, the rule you have drawn up will remain in place year after year.

In this section, you will learn how to get the plug-in up and running. Thanks a lot for this great plug-in! I' ve been looking for something like this for a long while, to be able to change my topics according to the times of night automaticly.... "WP Change Template" is open code work. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Changing page templates in WordPress

In order to add a new page or modify an old one, you must log into your WordPress administration area. From the Page Editor page down page processing page display, move to the Page Attributes section and you will find a template drop-down list. If you click on it, you can choose the template you just made.

The template dropdown is only displayed when you view a page edit screen: Page styles are not a standard posting choice or user-defined mail type. It' not every WordPress topic that has several page styles, if a topic does not have several page styles, the item will not be displayed because there is no page style that you can use.

Changing a page template by program control?

The template_redirect check mark can be used. It looks something like this: ; 'long' 'en' . Page_template_en.php' ); ; ; .'/Page_template_en.php' ); ;'Template_redirection','Language_redirection' ); Code is not tested, but should look like this. As far as I correctly understood your query, the template is always stored as Meta data that needs to be refreshed.

example code: '_wp_page_template', 'your_custom_template' ); 'post_type', , '_wp_page_template', 'your_custom_template' ); example code: ; 'page-' . long The template_include should be possible via the template_include Hook. Test sample has not been tested:'template_include','language_redirect'); ;'en' 'lang' ? Search other questions with tags, page styles, languages, or ask your own inquires.

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