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The use of WordPress in China for the newcomer can be a frightening prospect. With WordPress in China: Don't get upset. The use of WordPress in China for the new arrival can be a frightening prospect. What a surprise! It is not aided by the constant changes made by goverment sensors almost every day - most of which don't concern WordPress, but don't help WP people, since the Great Firewall chats are audio tales.

These guidelines should, however, give you a sensible road map with which to begin your trip with WordPress in China, or make changes to make sure you can still blogs, or use the world's most popular web site creation tools without interrupting in the PRC. wordpress.org is a slightly different beast. Here you can get under the hood of WordPress.

WordPress can be installed on any suitable computer with this release. Now you can turn this WordPress release into almost any type of website you like. But there are some small points to consider when considering using wordpress.org in China. Whereto should I put my servers?

To use WordPress in China and to use a PRC based web site within the PRC, you need an ICP licence (a website license) from the PRC authorities. When you use WordPress in China, you can also place your servers outside China. However, won't my site be locked if it is outside the big wall?

A few hosters are locked by the wall, others are not. For our suggestions on where to place your web site + to address some of the problems of installing WordPress in China, please see our current issue. We do not publish a secure database of our Chinese sites as this information may be subject to changes.

So if you are interested in creating a WordPress site for use within the PRC, it is probably best to send us an email when you are done and we can provide you with an up-to-date guideline. What can I do to verify what is jammed in China? At the moment, if you are Oustide China and would like to know if a particular website is currently down, please use www.blockedinchina.net .

It will not be able to tell you if a particular ISP is blocking, but you can use it to give you an idea of which website you cannot visit within the PRC. You can find more hints about the Chines firwall and how to use WordPress in China here:

Shall I be hosting my website in China? Not a Google in China - but what does that actually mean?

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