Wordpress Classified Plugins

Classified Wordpress plugins

A WordPress classified plugin tutorial A way to use a website as an instrument for generating revenue is to place classified advertisements on its pages. WordPress pages can be designed to do this very simply. Without coding knowledge website owner can use the advantages of WordPress classified advertisement plugins. Now you can view some classified advertisements on your WordPress Blog or turn a Web feature into a full-fledged classified ad site.

In order to be able to use these, you must reinstall the plug-in and adjust your settings accordingly.

Classified WP allows you to create classified advertisements in just a few clicks. You can use the plug-in to view free and paying advertisements and use PayPal as a way for your site visitor to purchase their classified ad. It also enables automatic payouts, picture downloads, tags, ad rotations, e-mail notification for submissions and more.

Whilst the plug-in provides a fast and easy way to create a classified ad section in a blogs, it is not the most sophisticated classified ad plug-in. A WordPress Classics Plug-in (AWPCP) does basically the same things as the above plug-in, but with a more comprehensive suite of features.

Additionally to PayPal, the plug-in can also be set to accepts 2Checkout and Google Checkout payment. Something that makes this appealing to some is the possibility to extend with additional plugins what the plug-in can already do. WP Adverts' most remarkable functions are payment module, wire transfers gateway, drag-and-drop picture duplo and expiry date settings.

Among the premier add-ons are WooCommerce integrations, BuddyPress connectivity, PayPal payment and reCAPTCHA anti-spam functionality. I would probably rated this plug-in higher, but it does require a pay add-on to use PayPal. The addition of a classified area to your website can open the door to a multitude of opportunities. Are you considering using an area with locally classified users for the customers of your brickworks and mortars shop?

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