Wordpress Classifieds Plugin

Classified Wordpress Classifieds Plugin

Show | WordPress Classifieds Plugin from simpko The PayPal payment is delivered with PayPal 1.0 as an add-on that you can find in the Wpadverts -bundle.zip zip files and download like any other WP plugin. Ads is a lightweight, developers friendly classifieds plugin for WordPress. Setting up any kind of classified ad or yellow pages site has never been so easy.

Advertisements are easy to extend with clustered moduls, just go to the wp-admin / Classifieds / Options panel, choose the moduls you want to use and create a website you've always dreamt of (or at least thought of). They can use ads to create some types of classifieds sites: one-click install - just add and enable ads from the wp-admin / plugins panels and you're there.

Work with EVERY WordPress topic - unlike others, Adverts is conceived to work with and mix with any (properly encoded WordPress topic). Builder-friendly - our sources are fully documentation and include several features and filtering that allow you to enhance the ad features without changing the initial sources. High Performance Module - Adverts is a simple, light plugin with high performance plugins (bundled with the plugin itself) that you can activate at any point to expand plugin capabilities.

Files uploads by dragging & dropping - Allows you to quickly build picture galeries with dragging & dropping files upload field. Ready to be translated - convert ads into any desired languages (including RTL) like any other WordPress plugin, directly from the wp-admin panels or with POEdit and more. Properly Documentated - 16 pages of detailled documentary with screen shots that explain each promotion in detail.

Legendary technical assistance - a sense of stagnation? Just post a note to our technical assistance and receive a useful (and friendly!) response in less than 24hrs. Featured: PayPal Payments is now delivered as an add-on (you can find it in the zip archive wpadverts-bundle.zip). Featurure: added fast reacting css code. Plugin named in ''wpadverts'', caused ad block conflicts.

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