Wordpress Clipper Theme

Worldpress Clipper Theme

Powerful coupon theme for WordPress. The Clipper is one of the leading coupon codes WordPress themes. The latest member of the AppThemes family, Clipper will quickly become one of the most popular coupon themes for WordPress. The Clipper is a WordPress theme developed by AppThemes.com.

It' a perfect topic if you want to launch a website where you can give away discount coupons.

Coupon Clipper WordPress Theme

The Clipper is a premier theme that turns your WordPress install into a fully-fledged voucher code site so you can simply split vouchers and earn cash with partner program. The Clipper is designed so that you can simply use the WordPress administration console to create, modify and manage all your vouchers. Comes with practically everything you need for a great voucher website and is sure to be one of the most beloved voucher WordPress topics.

The Clipper uses user-defined mail type and taxonomy for your vouchers. In this way, all your vouchers are kept entirely separated from your blogs and pages, making them easy to administer. Plus, the theme comes with its own section for managing vouchers on the voucher mail (metafields), so you can see statistics quite simply, enter the voucher number, specify an expiry date....etc.

Processing vouchers is really simple! Clipper Theme provides multi-language capability through the de-facto WordPress GNU get-text locale system. That means you can simply type a new style into your design without having to tap a single key. The Clipper comes with integrated features on your website such as MS Word, MS Word, MS Word, MS Word, Facebook etc. Clipper comes with integrated features on your website on MS Word, MS Word, MS Word, Facebook etc. which makes it much more convenient for your users to "like" or "retweet" your website and exchange a voucher with their mates.

It can help you expand your supporters' bases and boost your recommendation revenue from voucher code. Clipperoupon Theme also includes a side bar widget that support a range of e-mail auto-responder schemes such as MailChimp, Aweber, Permanent Contact, Vertical Response and more! It allows you to build a mailinglist to update your coupons and keep your users up to date on the latest offers.

This theme comes with tones more functions perfectly suited for creating a Coupon page with WordPress. Check out more functions below and don't miss out on the previews to see exactly how the design looks and works.

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