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Worldpress / Retail / Fashion. It's actually easy to turn WordPress into a CMS if you use the right WordPress CMS themes. Angels - Fashion Model Agency WordPress CMS Theme by cayapati

If you have posted many talents, please do not refresh this topic. Please feel free to email us for more information. Ángel Model Agency WordPress CMS Theme is fully reactive, which uses the latest CSS3 & HTML5 technologies and is perfect for fashion models, eroticism, escort sportswear, talented agencies, artists and photography portfolio sites.

The topic with several flexibility settings to build your own pages as described above are the following key functions. Primarily modeling pages need to build user-defined subfields themselves as the customer wishes. Remember that we found the best plug-in named PODS that allows you to build user-defined subfields like name, age, gender, hair colour, etc.

With this plug-in you can define the following user-defined metafields. We' ve built an advanced search filters widget that allows website owners to build simple and advanced search filters in seconds using the selection field, you can build the filters either in widgets or on the page, the option is yours.

It is possible to set up an age-appropriate filters, altitude filters, a location based filters or a plain text box as a text box filters. Ultimate Member Free Plugin has been used for us to provide users with login information and e-mail alerts. Users can sign up and set up their own personal account. You can also deactivate the account if you don't want the account holder to be able to enter the account, and the administrator can only set up the account.

We' ve used the most popular slide control named "Smart Slider" plug-in as the master slide control, with which you can make a breathtaking and very appealing slide control in a few moments, please see more detail about this free slide control. The theme contains another awesome wideget named "CPT Post Slider" that allows you to build 3 colums, 4 colums on pages in a matter of seconds, all your information will be dragged from CPT-post.

The compass map (also known as the composit map, the zed map, the zed map or the sed map ) is a promotional instrument for performers and especially for fashion designers. These are the latest and best in a model's range and are used as a calling cards. These functions are contained in this topic as an option, if you do not want to, you can deactivate the plug-in.

It' easy to build pages with our easy-to-use Drag & Drop Page Builder. Page creator offering high-end page design and enhanced features never seen before in WordPress. Websites should not omit information for smaller equipment, but should adjust their contents to each equipment, so that this topic fully supports reactivity.

The Model Theme comes with an optional "One Click Demo", this is a simple click tool to click the full demonstration files into your website to begin, no need to do anything else, just clicking. Because this theme provides full endorsement for the free Paid Membership Pro plug-in, you can simply generate membership layer authoring contents on your website.

The Capability Manager plugin was used to manage role and authorization functions. We' re constantly refreshing the theme once we find the errors or new functionality our customers have asked for, so please feel free to load upgraded data from your Downloads section and upgrade your design by substituting the whole theme book.

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