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Annotation moderation is a WordPress feature that allows users to approve or disapprove comments from visitors to their site. The settings for comment moderation can be changed from the Settings " Discussion screen. Having an active comment area under each of your posts is a great way to improve your site's engagement. Annotations are an essential part of almost every WordPress website. It' important that your comments are free of spam and allowed under the pages or posts.

Comments are a way for visitors to add feedback to your posts and pages.

class="mw-headline" id="Discussion_Settings">Discussion settings

Commentaries allow your site visitor to have a conversation with you and each other. As soon as you have approved a comments, it will appear below your contents. But before you activate comments on postings or pages, checking the option under Preferences > Conversation can make your moderation experience much simpler. Practicing these preferences can help you find a better equilibrium between limiting comments to decrease the amount of spamming or less pertinent comments and encourage your site viewers to become active participants.

Enables your site to automate notification of the websites you link to that you have with them. It is similar to the preceding one, only your item will be cancelled. Enabling this checkbox manages pinbacks and trackingbacks similar to comments. Let folks write comments on new articles:

That will cause comments for all upcoming items. One of the simplest ways to avoid spamming is not to allow comments. You can deactivate comments by disabling this setting by setting this checkbox. Authors of comments must fill in their name and e-mail address: That way, persons won't leave comments anonymously (although they can still use a wrong name and email address).

User must be registred and signed in to make comments: Enables only registrated visitors of your website to write comments. Automatic closure of comments on items older than _____ days: Concluding comments on postings that are no longer in progress is a good way to restrict comments on spammers. Enables your website to do thisutomatically.

Activates comments with thread (nested) _____ planes deep: Activating thread comments allows your subscribers to respond to each other. An answer to a voice annotation is shown "nested" below the initial voice annotation. Subdivide comments into pages with _____ comments at the highest per page and _____ comments at the standard _____ page: Changes the display of your comments.

It is possible to adjust how many comments you see per page and whether the oldest or newest comments are shown first. Commentaries should be shown with the _____ comments at the top of each page: Choose whether you want newer or older comments at the top of each page. Send me an e-mail whenever .... Everyone writes a comments and/or a comments on the presentation is held:

When you don't visit your site often, this function can help you keep up to date with your comments. Comments must be accepted manually: Failure to select this checkbox may cause comments to appear on your website without your consent. Not only will this allow an inflow of comments, but it will also allow them to appear on your postings and pages immediately after posting.

Select this checkbox to keep maximal oversight over your site's comments. Comments must have a previously authorized comment: Allows you to reduce the number of comments you need to authorize. As soon as you authorize an author's comments, their comments in the near term are automatic.

Keep a comments in the waiting list if it contains _____ links: Spamming comments are developed to get people to click on a link to increase visitor numbers to other websites. Consequently, many comments on spamming contain more than one link. If you set this to save all comments containing 2 or more hyperlinks, more spamming will be detected.

Comments moderation and comment blacklist:

Some of the comments you get will most likely be spamming, as spamming is widespread on the web. As soon as you have chosen your forum option, you are prepared to activate comments. When you do not want to activate the comments for all items you can activate the comments for a particular article or page in different ways.

Once you have navigated to the posting or page to which you want to comment, find the Discussion field and select Allow comments. "If you do not see the "Discussion" field on the processing page, click "Screen Options" in the top right hand corner o the webpage.

" Browse to the Contributions or Pages page. Search in the page or contribution lists for the desired article and move the mouse pointer over the article name. When you click "Quick Edit", select "Allow comments". "Click on "Update" to activate the comments for this article. On the Messages/Pages page, select the box next to the messages or pages for which you want to select comments.

Choose the " Modify " option from the " Mass processing " drop-down list and click Accept. From the Comments drop-down list, choose Allow, then click Refresh. "Once you begin to receive comments on your site, you can quickly review the comments by viewing the comments panel, administration panel, or links to the top right corner of the screen.

Once you sign in, the Action field in the Dashboard shows you the state of your comments. Move your mouse over a voice over to see your presentation choices. Under " Action - Comments " you can authorize, answer, modify, flag as canned mail or delete comments. You can also check whether there is a number next to the comments bladder in the administration toolbar or "Comments" in the menu on the right.

That number indicates how many outstanding comments need your alertness. You can see the comments page, which displays fundamental information about each of the comments and lets you choose what to do with them. On the Comments page, there are three columns: Writer, commentary and in response to. Every column offers you a different set of information about a particular annotation.

Options for moderating comments. With one click you can authorize, spamm or delete a comments. Answer, Quick Process or Modify opens a new window where you can type a response to the comments or modify the comments. As with the Contributions and Pages monitors, the Comments monitor provides a drop-down list for mass actions.

Choose the comments you want to process, then from the drop-down list, choose Do Not Approve, Approve, Mark as Spam, or Move to Recycle Bin and click Accept.

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