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Chat Online Assistance Currently chat is available 24 h a day, five working days per week for clients with staff and premium schedules. During periods when all employees are employed or not available, you can contact your personal e-mailer. Rarely, our chat room service also depends on closures or restricted periods during our corporate meeting.

Which kind of question can I ask? Although we are not able to offer full custom web site content via web chats, such as major or repeated changes to the site appearance and style, we can help you access other web site content such as our web site content management forum to customize it. While it' not unusual for clients to need a little bit of added help right after they upgrade or create a business site, please remember that we often talk to many concurrent people.

English language version of our online help is available only. We try not to make too many limitations on our customers' assistance, but we want you to be conscious that you are talking to a living being. What is the best way to get instant and easy help with my online work? Then click on the "Contact" pushbutton. Type your query in the field under "How can we help you" and then click "Chat with us" to start the instant messaging meeting.

The chat is currently available 24x7 from Monday to Friday, with business subscription business customers also receiving week-end assistance.


This will help you get directly to the right resource so that you get the fastest and most precise response to your questions! What should I do to get help? In case you have a chargeable update, please use the "Contact Support" contact from. When you have a chargeable subscription (private, premium or business) and we have available a chatter, you can talk to us firsthand.

If not, you can send the application and we will continue by e-mail. Please ask your questions in our communities boards if you do not have a chargeable update. For specific help with your design (changing font styles, colours, fading out or reordering aspect of your design), please consult the appropriate section of the website's customization bulletin board.

If you need help with a Topic, please ask your questions in the Topic Panel. When your comment is flagged as spamming, please contact our Akismet staff. Please contact Jetpack Technical Services if you need specific help with the Jetpack plug-in. Maybe you should visit our many help pages before contacting our technical department to see if your query has already been resolved.

We have a wide range of useful documents on our website to help you find answers to your queries. Employees are actively members of the forum, but there are also many willing to help out. If you are a subscriber to our Topic Plus, you should definitely check out our special Topic Plus forum, where the Topic Plus author provides advice on how to customize and receive unique customer service.

There is a discussion board for customizing your own style sheets. Do you have any further question about the fora? View this documentation for more information. Each question will be answered in the order in which it is answered. Our best efforts are to respond to all our customer service queries within 24hrs, but sometimes we are a little behind.

Please do not send a double enquiry if you have not got an reply to your query. In order to make sure that we can respond to your query as quickly and effectively as possible, please read these hints for getting in touch with our technical staff and this articles about the arts and sciences of getting good assistance.

When you have a schedule update, you have working day priority day coverage for our real-time instant messaging service. If you want to join the online chats, go to My Pages ? Help and click Contact at the bottom of the page. Complete the following and click on our contact button below.

Please note that we may not be immediately available for instant chats when all of our employees are chats with other people. You will see in this case instead of chats with us submit support ticket. Or you can e-mail your enquiry or just sit back and watch a pop-up on your computer monitor telling you that one of our staff is available to talk.

Pressing this key will switch to chat with us immediately. There is no telephone service available. The entire technical assistance is provided via our on-line communications.

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