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The wp-content - A Beginner's Guide to WordPress' main directory

{\pos (192,210)}What the hell is UP content?! If you are a WordPress novice, this could be your first response, or if you mainly work with WordPress via the back end. When you go one stage further and install WordPress yourself, you may even know the individual parts: the data base and the WordPress install. But unless you are a programmer or someone who wants to take over every part of your website, you are probably not very comfortable with the WordPress filing system and every one of its directories and directories.

The most important part of this is the wp-content directory. We' ll discuss where wp-content is situated, what its intended use is, what it contains, and what it allows you to do. Prepared for a thorough introduction to this part of WordPress? If you have not made any significant changes to your files tree or changed the name of the content of your WordPress files (see below), you should find it in the center of your WordPress install.

Just like wp-admin and wp-includes, wp-content is part of any default WordPress distribution and is generated autmatically when you run the CMS on a web site. You may need to move to a different location, such as public_html, to get to your website, although once there you will find the wp-content location.

Which is the purpose of wp-content? More broadly, wp-content contains all content provided by the users. These things are saved in the WordPress data base. But as long as you have both the data base and your content file, you can restore your website at any time, even if everything else has been gone.

First of all, please try to get the latest WordPress release. You will then have direct contact with the root of your test page. Select all files and directories except wp-content and wp-config. php here (if you can see them, you might want to leave .htaccess out of it). In order to fix the problem, go to the new WordPress release that you just installed.

Unpack it and grab the folder. Select all directories and directories except those left in your WordPress test install. Nothing typical of your website has been wasted thanks to wp-content and the WordPress databank. So what exactly is the content of Inside wp-content then? As already stated, wp-content contains all information provided by the users that is not saved in the databases.

If you open the folder, this becomes even clearer. Normally, wp-content contains at least three directories: plugins, themes und up-loads. As you can see from the name, this is where WordPress saves plug-ins. On the other hand, it is also possible to physically copy plug-ins by extraction and copy them into this folder.

This makes them available for activating in the WordPress dashboard. Topics - Similar to the plugin folders, only for topics. Just download a topic from the frontend and you will find it in this location. Or copy designs to this location to make them available in the back end.

It is also the place where you will be spending a great deal of your spare tire when you create or change your own design or a subordinate design. Flashes - Here WordPress saves all your assets, such as pictures, video or other uploaded data. It is also possible to deactivate this setting and store all your data in the same location.

So this is the default WordPress set-up. But, especially on mature websites, you will often find extra directories within wp-content. Dependent on the type of plugs, themes and other things available on your website, you may also find this in wp-content: mu-plugins - This is the abbreviation for must-use plugs. Must use plug-ins come with some topics and are critical to making your topic and website work.

You will find them in this subfolder if they are present. If your website does not use English, but one of the many other tongues in which the CMS is available, WordPress stores the speech file in this location. Upgraded - This is a temp file that WordPress creates when you upgrade your Web site to a new one.

Apart from that, other plug-ins can sometimes build their own folders within wp-content. This is useful, as already stated, since this folder is not overridden during the WordPress upgrade. Of course, this also means that wp-content is essential for every WordPress site and should always be integrated into a back-up.

There are several instances where you may need to get involved with this folder while a WordPress site is in use. In addition to working with topics, the following are some other examples where you may need to get hold of content from Wik. Sometimes the content of wp-content can be the cause of frequent WordPress mistakes. Especially those created by plug-ins and topics.

If this happens and your website becomes unavailable, you may need to go to the Plug-in directory to disable some of them and return to the WordPress back end later. In these cases we have two article details, namely Getting the 403 Ford Bidden Errors in WordPress? Here is how to fix it and how to fix the 500 Internal Server error on your WordPress website.

In spite of its essential role, the name wp-content is not carved in rock. It' s quite possible to switch it to something else (as is the case with directories within wp-content, by the way). Since WordPress is open sourced, anyone can find out the basics of any website. WordPress default setting is well known, which makes it easy to launch an assault.

This is why changing the name of wp-content is a move towards a more secure website. To learn more about how to make WordPress more secure, don't miss out on our articles on the subject. You will find the wp-content file an integrated part of any WordPress setup in the root of every website created with the WordPress application.

Contains all content provided by a user that is not stored in the data base. These include plug-ins, topics and high-loaded medias. This is why wp-content should always be part of your website back-up in addition to the data base. This brief tutorial teaches you how to get wp-content and what it contains.

Now that you have this insight, you are a little more comfortable with how WordPress works behind the scene. Have you got further question about wp-content?

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