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The Wordpress Content Builder Plugin for the Wordpress Content Builder

SiteOrigin's Page Builder is the most popular plugin for creating pages for WordPress. Download the plugin now for free! In Wordpress, what is the Content Builder? Content Builder assists you in compiling content. While some Content Builder are integrated into the design, others are standalone plug-ins that allow you to modify only the content area.

I' ve only recently used a few of them, among them Visual Composer, and there's another one that's very much in demand that' AIO WP Builder.

They are standalone plugs that can work with almost any topic. Some like KALLYAS and Nation are topics with built-in content builder. Usually they enable custom content for persons who are signed in to the website and help with the appealing designs that allow content to be hidden and stacked on the smaller display.

SiteOrigin's Page Builder is the most widely-used WordPress page builder plugin. It' makes it simple to quickly respond to column-based content by using the widgets you know and like. Their content adapts perfectly to all your portable device and ensures that your website is portable.

Best 7 Drag-And-Drop Page Builder plug-ins for WordPress

There is no need to have a web page designer qualification to use WordPress, or an intermediate level qualification in PHP or CSS. However, you can also use WordPress in your web page layout. Wordprocessor is the world's most widely-used website creation software for good reason: it enables even its most novice user to create fully operational, good-looking web sites with a minimal amount of effort.

Anything you need is an issue, and you're good to go. Whatever your market segment, you can find a well-designed topic that is suitable for almost any use. However, in recent years we WordPress people have become more sophisticated. Our goal is to get away from the fetters of our subject, and we want to redesign our website from the ground up - without necessarily having the necessary programming knowledge.

Now this has led to a new plugin category: Page Builder. The Page Builder plug-ins use an elegant and easy-to-use user experience that allows WordPress editors to create a customized page from scratch. Those moduls serve as components for your website. Just move the module to their place by drag-and-drop and then use the available choices to resize, rearrange and redesign them as you wish.

However, the Page Builder plugin is a competition area. When you need help selecting the best WordPress Page Builder plugin, you're in luck. What's more, you're in it. When you' re done bending your designer chaops, keep reading! The Beaver Builder has recently gained momentum and is now an important part of any discussion about the best WordPress page creators.

It is probably the best page creator to avoid the plug-in lock-in effect. Beaver Builder prevents excessive dependence on shortcuts. Deactivating your Page Builder plugin can cause big issues if your content is created using shortcuts only. However, if you ever choose to stop using Beaver Builder, you can restore many of your themes - in other words, you won't lose all the amount of your design creation effort.

This is one of the many things that have made Beaver Builder so famous and why so many fans like it. The simple statement that Beaver Builder is the best "anti-lock-in" page creator, however, is a big disadvantage for the plugin developer. First of all, Beaver Builder's custom interface includes drag-and-drop functionality that lets you create breathtaking designs with the greatest of ease. Beaver Builder offers a customizable user interface that lets you create your own custom designs with just a few clicks.

This plugin also provides support for a variety of different module types that you can integrate into your design. This includes content slider, call to action, price table, tab, opt-in form - I could go on. One standard Beaver Builder licence is only $99 and gives you full functionality of the Page Builder plugin and the full set of plugins - it can also be used on indefinite sites.

To use Beaver Builder on WordPress with multiple locations and also want to address the specific Beaver Builder topic, you must update to the $199 Per licence. And if you want to use the plugin for a test ride, visit Beaver Builder Lite in the WordPress repository. Since page creators are relatively complicated and have many built-in features, they usually have a high (ish) cost.

I prefer free page creator using Open Composer, a complete open code plugin with drag-and-drop, open frontend editability. Every modul also has numerous style choices that allow you to create a custom and one-of-a-kind look. And to make sure that you can use all the functions of the plugin, the developer has added a number of extensive online exercises.

Thrive Content Builder says it's the only real page builder available - as you create your pages, you see exactly what your traffic will see. Thrive Content Builder is also aimed primarily at marketing professionals who benefit from the ability to fine-tune the smallest detail of their designs, which can have a significant effect on conversion.

Using publishers as a targeted group, it's not surprising that the vast majority of the plugin plug-ins focus on increasing the number of converted files. That makes Thrive Content Builder the ideal choice for anyone who wants to create conversion-optimized destination pages. Thrive Content Builder is more than just a page builder for landings. You can use it to create any page, home pages, contacts and blogs - it even has a TOC engine to improve long-form content.

The Thrive Content Builder also allows single-step authoring. So it is also one of the quickest page builder. Slightly different from the other plug-ins presented today. Not an allrounder, but specialized in the presentation of your WordPress content. Imagine this as an on-site content promotional resource - you can view eye-catching hyperlinks to any article, page, or user-defined article typ.

In this way, for example, you can make your side bar the definitive source for all your "must read" content. This plugin creates its themes using a widget, so the user avoids blocking themes altogether - if you modify the design, the widgets stay the same. This also means that you can use the trusted drag-and-drop user experience and WordPress Customizer's built-in real-time previews.

The Conductor is the ideal page creator for anyone who wants to build their own website in magazinestyle. Pricing starts at $49, with updated licensing includes the Symphony Pro launcher topic and a set of available add-ons. Available on the CodeCanyon exclusive for just $39, Visual Composer is an affordably priced page builder that is the best-selling plugin of all times on the world's largest WordPress platform.

This plugin is popular because of its super-usability, which allows both front- and backend work. There are also an outstanding number of possibilities for design: Includes 60 preconfigured layout and 40 raster styles and nearly 50 content items - plus parallel effects, videotapes, circle diagrams, progression bar, and mail-slider.

Because of the plugin's great appeal, there are also many third-party add-ons that allow you to easily extend your individual layout with even more module. The Elegant Threads is one of the most beloved WordPress communities - becoming a member gives clients easy entry to the Elegant library of topics and plug-ins. And Divi is her flag ship.

The Divi Topic, referred to as the "ultimate multi-purpose theme", allows the user to create nice customized layout and style by dragging and dropping. In 2015, Elegant Themes published Divi's page creation feature in plugin format - Divi Builder. Featuring 46 content engines and the option to customise everything on your site, Divi Builder lets you create an infinite number of configurations.

Using Division Builder, you can replicate all content items so that they can be reused throughout your website. Wordprocessor programmers can extend the power of their pages by add a separate style sheet to each of them. To use the Builder, you will need an $89/year elegant theme plan - this plan includes 87 topics (including Divi) and several other plug-ins.

SiteOrigin Page Builder is the second free feature in today's SiteOrigin Page Builder family. It is also one of the most beloved with 900,000 installations running - and a 4.8 out of 5 score in the WordPress Repository. With the plugin, you can create stylistic themes by customizing your grid. This grid consists of column and row that can be dragged and dropped from the plugin.

Once the look of the page has taken form, you can begin filling the mesh with WordPress Widget. That means you can integrate third-party plug-in features into your page views. Since your theme is created with a widget, you can use the WordPress Customizer to see your themes come to live in your own work.

With SiteOrigin Page Builder, you can recover old designs with a click of your finger. Maybe if you can't find the right topic for the task, it's a good idea to consider a Page Builder plugin. Today we have looked at some of the best choices on the open source markets, and each of the seven plug-ins in this listing would make an outstanding selection.

However, if you're still having trouble making a choice, I suggest that you weigh the Page Builder against the following criteria: Module - most humans are enthusiastic about site creators because they have all the great features they provide. Think about which module you need (and whether the Page Builder plugin is compliant with any third-party plug-ins you need), and then check the boxes that are not available.

UI - How simple is the plugin to use? Many Page Builder sites provide a free plugin demonstration that lets you use the user interface for a spin. If you' re not sure enough to create a complete new look, some page creators provide ready-made layouts for you to work with. And if you think this would be beneficial to you, look at the template qualities of each Builder.

This completes our overview of seven of the most important WordPress drag-and-drop plug-ins for the page creator. Mr Shaun Quarton is a UK based free-lance blogsman with a love of on-line business, content recruitment and everything to do with WordPress.

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