Wordpress Country state City Plugin

Worldpress Country State City Plugin

plain country province province city cascading selection in Wordpress The classical multi-level kascading Country -> State/Region -> Choose City is one of the most frequent functions that you can find in an online web site.... A few nights ago I had a dilemma with WordPress CMS and a multi-level Cascade (Country >> State/Region >> City) of implementing for an multinational B2B product.


Sadly I haven't found a good plugin that goes in the right way, so after a few short nights in the darkness I decide to create a "possible" one. It is a PHP, jQuery, Ajax and JSON package (to download related sub-items without reloading pages), DB MySql and of course WordPress.

It is not a plug-in, but a series of features that are put into the feature. php topic filename. First, you need to buy and install the [ Country, State, City ] DB from here (this example is for the $9 really simple DB version). Now what we need is to make a user-defined jumpers ( if you want, of course), otherwise you can use any other jumpers from your own design.

If you want to include the new ys files, you must use the following excerpt of code: countryField', .../js/countryField. js',,,'1.0. CountryCode", ; "wp_enqueue_scripts", "wpjobus_scripts", "select[name*='countryCode']", ; "select[name*='stateCode']" ; Land. Land. Land. ; ; . JSON. ; object;''' ; "select[name*='stateCode']" . ; ; "select[name*='cityNameAscii']]" . ; ; ; ; ; ; ;'

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