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Worldpress Voucher Widget

Instantly show coupons to relevant users to increase conversions and create your email list. The WordPress Coupon Widget helps you show your visitors coupons instantly and not only use the coupon, but also subscribe to your email list. It will help you get much more recommendation traffic. and shows coupon widget how you set it up.

It will help you get much more recommendation traffic. and shows coupon widget how you set it up. UsersDelight is free to sign up if an e-mail is specified in your preferences, so you can view the detailed analysis of how users interact with the coupon widget. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

main characteristics

Showcase your vouchers and transactions the right way. Fast reacting and appealing short code. Preview the coupon during creation. Paste short codes directly from the mailditor. Reconciliation system for single vouchers. Use Social Share Buttons for single vouchers. A widget to display vouchers and transactions in widgets. voucher category to categorise your vouchers.

Process system for displaying coupon availability. Fade out vouchers. The coupon expires with a timer. voucher templates. Display custom vouchers. Display vouchers of a certain category. Display vouchers from a particular provider. Archive page. The WP Contrapons and Deals coupon is a coupon plug-in that allows you to attach vouchers, offers to your contributions, pages with a nice and easy short code.

It is also possible to display vouchers and transactions in your widget bar or other widget areas with a widget. There are three different kinds of vouchers you can use. Voucher short key has the possibility to click to copy vouchers. This means that when a user clicks on the coupon number, the coupon number is placed on the copyboard.

If a coupon is photocopied, a shortcut opens in a new tabs page. So, if a user copies the coupon key, your Affiliate shortcut will open in a new tabs page. In this way you can increase your voucher numbers to earn more revenue. A short coded dealer looks exactly like a coupon guy. But the only thing that's different is that instead of the coupon key there is a badge that can say anything you want, like -'Get This Deal','Claim This Deal'.

Even if a user clicks this icon, nothing is duplicated. For both coupon categories, a rebate amount/text is displayed on the right so that the user knows immediately what the coupon is about. Underneath the rebate amount/text coupon category is displayed, i.e. whether it is a coupon or a shop.

Each voucher code/deal key shows a small tool tip text to make it more appealing. The expiry date or the text is displayed on the right under the voucher code/business icon. When the Coupon/Trade has elapsed, an elapsed notification is displayed. A different text is displayed if a coupon/transaction does not mature. Adjust the expiry date style.

Be sure to refresh the expiry date of your old vouchers, otherwise the date style will be the same as before. You can now display only the coupon number instead of the complete coupon with full information. Use the speed dial keypad to choose the speed dial number. Picture vouchers are only pictures. Add a picture of a coupon and allow your customers to preview and printing the coupon.

Once you have the plug-in up and running, you will see'coupons' with small scissors in your administrator Dashboard window. There are four elements under this section - vouchers, adding a new voucher, voucher categories, settings. Copies displays the complete coupon history of all your added vouchers. Schedule shows choices such as coupon category, coupon code, description, link, category, short code, expiration date.

New Coupon is the place where you can post new vouchers. Voucher category displays the category, you can also make a category here. Once you've added a new coupon, you'll need to include a short code in your post to view the coupon. You' ll find the short code on the couponpage.

It is the simplest to paste the link from the mailditor. If you are in the mail client, you will see a "Add Coupon" icon next to the Media Attach icon. You will see a listing of all your added coupons. There, browse to the coupon codes you want to include and specify the short combination used.

Click on the "Insert coupon short code" icon. The short code will be added to your contribution with the corresponding ID. You can now store your message and see your speed dial in your message. Enable the WP Contrapons and Deals Plugin. Select the'Coupons' option and enter and manage your vouchers. "The WP vouchers and deals" is open code work.

Include - Coupon seller. Fixed - Custom CSS problem. Fixed - pagination problem in category and archive short code. Per - Create - Template One for category and archive short code. Per - Create - Template Two for category and archive short code. Per - Ad - Template Three for category and archive short code.

Per - Add - Template One for supplier short code. Per - Add - Template Two for supplier short code. Per - Add - Template Three for supplier short code. Fixed - Click here to copy if you are not working in Shortcode Code Only. Per - Fix - Hide Coupon Button Custom color not visible. Per - Fix - Colorpicker problem for template five and six.

Append - Customize coupon type name in the default template. Append - Allows you to enable/disable the title link for coupons. Append - Custom styles in the Live Preview area. Fixed - Problem with custom background color of deal type. Fixed - Voting Button Style problem in widgets and some topic compatibilities. Fixed - Thumbs Down icon bugs in widgets.

Per - Append - Option for hiding featured image in category and archive shortcode. Per - Fix - Link the track in the archive short code. Per - Fix - Link the track in the Shortcode category. Append - Vote system - Vote button for single vouchers. Fixed - page break in the shortcode category.

Bugfix - Error when inserting speed dial numbers. Per - Update - Design enhancements for category and archive short codes. Per - Update - Some other small enhancements. Resolved - Click Copy to not work on the standard style sheet. Added - Ability to select the header tags for the coupon titles, e.g., `h1, `h2, `h3, `h4, `h5, `h6'.

Solved - Big Affiliate Links Bug. Fixed an error when selecting widgets for a coupon. Per - Added - Social Share button on archived template. Dedicated - Added - Social Share button on categories template. Added - Pro to disable categories browsing in archived short texts. Added Pro options to select colors when you import the coupon.

Per - Added - No expiration in template two. Per - Added - No expiration in template six. Per - Added - Title links in widgets. Per fectionnement - Corrigé - Conflit avec les table des matières des content plugs. The Pro - Template Six hides the Pro - Template Six icon, which does not accept larger text.

The " Go to Quotation " pushbutton has been reordered. Fixed a - error in the pathname of the thumbnail. Solved - Error in individual coupon template paths. Corrected - Error in expiry date form. Solved - Text wrapping previews. Corrected - Error concealing elapsed vouchers. Solved - Problems selecting the expiry date. Solved - Error selecting a coupon in the widget.

Add - coupon track associated with the affilate links. Per - Resolved - Error during import of vouchers from CSV. Per - Repaired - CSS Buck for Library Shortcut. Added Pro options to select the style sheet when you import the coupon. Add - Added preference to adjust the categories picture. Add short code for picture voucher.

Enabled - Print enable/disable options for the coupon category Picture. added - options to adjust the width and hight of the picture for the voucher category. Add - Preview for the voucher typ. Add - Preview for submission five and submission six. Add - Category picture in individual vouchers if no feature enhanced picture is not selected.

Solved - Error during modification of file expires. Solved - Absent i-Tag. Solved - Error in the templates preference. Solved - Expiry date updated error in coupon thumbnail. Sample six has an expiry count down. Per - Added - Shortcode for original five. Per - Added - Shortcode for original six. Per - Added - Widget Style and Texture for Five Original.

Per - Added - Widget Style and Texture for Six Original. Added Pro options to hide coupon when you import CSV vouchers. Corrected - Error updating coupon code, rebate text and titles in submission four. Resolved - Click here to copy the problem to your iPhone (Safari, Chrome).

Solved - Error in voucher thumbnail. Solved - Error with colour selection on the setting page. Corrected - Copy problem when appearing in portable browser. Add - Added ability to fade out vouchers after they have expired. Add - Added ability to change the colour of the coupon style backdrop. Add - search categories filters in short-code insert.

Add - Search coupon filters in short code inserters. Add - search categories filters in widget tagging. Solved - Some small enhancements in JS and CSS. of course. Per - Added - Import vouchers from CSV file. Added - New pattern for individual vouchers, allowing three coupon code in one short code.

Added - Pagination for the voucher archives. Per - Added - Pagination for coupons cat. Corrected problem when opening the coupon dialog if the address already has parameter. Corrected - error with coupon pop-up in mobiles. In Safari - Pro - Fix - Click to Copy voucher problem.

Solved - Conflicts with WooCommerce preferences. Solved - Small problem in Safari web browsers. Solved - Coupon copy dispute due to JS minimization. Solved - Some CSS bug. Per - Added - Add categories options, archiving shortcodes from the short code launcher in the mailditor. Per - Added - Horizontal styles for file cabinet and categorie abbreviations using the standard individual coupon templates.

Added the Pro option to display the affiliate hyperlink in the pop-up window that appears after the end users click 'Show Code'. Per - Added - Reveal the coupon key after the recipient has pressed 'Show code'. Per - Added - Category filters when you add a new coupon with the shortcut launcher in the mailditor.

Added - category filters and searching options when you add a widget. Repaired popup does not open in Safari and Chrome under ifOS. Corrected popup ad conflicts in Safari. Repaired - Some small backend improvements. Add - More/Less Coupon Descriptions Links if the coupon is long.

Add - A better way to copy coupons. Implemented - Added plug-in revision number to the script tab to prevent a cache problem when updating plugins. Solved - Datepicker problem in Safari. Solved - Problem with copying coupons when the same coupon appear twice on a page. Solved - jQuery load problem in widget.

Solved - Coupon problem with coupon coding in some CSS, incorrect layout on all screens. J's coupon copy book. Added Pro widget styles that match the shorts. No matter which pattern you select for the shortcut, it also works with Widget. Suppress coupon and popup preferences. Added functionality to refresh the timer in the timer view when date or timer is on.

Added Pro options to adjust the text of the Concealed Coupon buttons. Added Pro options to adjust the amount of text in the silent coupon book. Per - Added - Ability to adjust the colour of the concealed coupon key. Per - Added - Popup - Copy Text Adjustment Options Text Adjustment Buttons. Per - Added - Pop-up - after copying icon text adjustment options.

Per - Added - Pop-up - Options to choose whether to display a descriptive text or a user-defined text below the coupon number. Per - Added - Popup - Options to modify the coupon codes wallpaper colour. Per - Added - Popup - Options to modify the Copy key wallpaper colour. Per - Solved - CSS problem with coupon popup.

Per - Fix - Problem with multiple countdowns on the same page. Per - Fix - Error when using the free test version. Per - Upgraded - Improve the Library Shortcut and Library Shortcut. Add - Added a support forum shortcut under Coupons. Solved - an error on the shortcut insertion tool. Solved - an error in the style sheet of the preferences page.

Fixed -No error that interrupts back-end pop-ups. Resolved - a clash with the Postlock dialogue field. Add - a coupon previewer to display a real-time previewer of the coupon as you generate it. Implemented - a new method to display the shortcuts when the coupon is released. Add - user-defined administrator instructions to display the shortcuts when the coupon is released.

Solved - a conflicting with the Visual Composer Backend Notepad. Add - the shortkey to display only the coupon number. Add - the possibility to add only the short coupon for the coupon codes from the advertiser. Add - the voucher only contains shorts for administrator column in the voucherslist. Solved - a issue with the expiry date used.

Solved - Corrected bug with fontsize. Add the ability to modify the date style for the expiry date. Corrected the bug with opening two coupons when the same coupon existed in mail and widget on the same page. Widget function added. Add a pattern charger to download widgets and shortcodes. Smaller enhancements to the source tree. The shortcut theme has been modified.

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