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You can create a new page or edit a saved page. You can create a new WordPress file or edit an existing one. Learn how to create a custom page template in WordPress and use it to create a sales page.

An optimised sales/landing page helps with revenue transformation and it is really simple to create a user-defined sales/landing page in WordPress. Anyone who reads this website and uses the WordPress Simple Shopping Card or WordPress eStore or the WordPress Membership Plugin will most likely sell something there. I' ve covered in this paper how you can create and use a customized sell page in WordPress in order to improve your sale transformation.

In WordPress, how do I create a customized sales page? Your response is a user-defined WordPress page template. The WordPress topic has a filename named "page.php". If you create a WordPress page, it uses this "page.php" template filename by default, which makes the page look in a certain direction. Simply create another template with a different look/structure and use that template for a specific page.

Suppose the standard page is ".page.php" and shows the page with "header", "body", "sidebar" and "footer". They can create a user-defined template named "Sales-page.php" and show only "header", "body" and "footer". Well, if you create a page and specify it to use the template page "sales-page.php", then you basically create a page without a side bar (like the normal selling page looks like).

So you can customize just about any part of the look and feel of this page by changing the "sales-page.php" template for it. Since you know that in WordPress, when you create a sale page, you're essentially building a customized page template and using that page for that particular page, the next thing you need to know is how to create that customized page template (for example, sales-page.php).

If you would rather see a WordPress page template videosutorial, then take a look at the WordPress page template videosutorial. Using a plain text editing tool (you can also use a script editor), create a filename named "sales-page.php" (you can give it any name you like) and include the following code: get_header(); the_post(); the_content(); get_footer(); first enter the name of the template, in this case I used "Sales Page".

Name of the template: WordPress says this will be a user-defined page template. Sales Page name appears in the drop-down list so you can quickly locate and choose this template for a specific page whenever you need it. Call the topic heading (get_header), which shows the topic heading (your heading flag, your company name, etc.).

WordPress'loop' is there to display the contents of the page. Add the topic footing (get_footer) at the end. You must have uploaded this template to your design folder before you can use it. "where " "my-theme"" is your themed name. Now you are prepared to use this template filename.

You can create a new WordPress document or modify an old one. Be sure to choose this newly generated template as the template for this page in the Attributes section. If you do not want to create the sample from scratch, you can get it here. It takes a little more fumbling, but you can adjust the page width, the colour schemes and all these things by changing the "sales-page.php" as well.

Please keep in mind that it is a PHP document, so you can also use simple "HTML" for this document. When you are just reselling a single item for your website and want to make this resale page your home page, you can do so by setting the "Readings" preferences (Settings -> Read) of your WordPress install.

Just click the "Title page shows a fixed page" button and browse to the dropdown list. Please note: You do not need a user-defined page template to use the Stable Title Page options. Any page with the desired contents can be created for the title page and then you can set the options to create a title page as described above.

It is entirely up to you how you want to create and organise your website. I' ve only tried to outline the very simple nature of the selling side in this article...so don't hesitate to let your creative flying. Have a look at our e-book on how to create land pages that generate conversions.

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