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Create a Wordpress page

In order to start adding a new page to your WordPress page, you will find the Pages menu in the WordPress Dashboard Navigation menu. Except for a few different boxes on the right side of the screen, the WordPress page editor looks almost identical to the post editor. To create a WordPress page and append it to the menus

The first thing you need to do with your glossy new WordPress site is to create a page. No matter if you have created your own WordPress website, registered for one on WordPress.com or had a tailor-made website created for you by a pro, the creation of pages will be one of your main jobs.

Of course, you will also want to include it in your navigational choices so that your users can find it. Get the basic information on how to create a WordPress page and how to include it in the website navigator. First thing you need to do is login to the administration area of your WordPress website.

Then click on the menue point "Pages" in the menue on the leftside. Press the "Add New" pushbutton at the top of the page. It will take you to the page Append New Page, which contains the WordPress Publisher and all the preferences for your new page.

At the top, type the name of your new page. You can type the text of your page and paste pictures in the edit area. While you are completing the various boxes for your new page, you will eventually find that a permanent link appears directly below the name.

Permalinks are often referred to as "slug" and are essentially the addresses or URLs of the pages you create. The WordPress program detects the permission link on the basis of the name you enter. And if you don't like the permission link WordPress generates, you can click the Edit next to it and make it better.

After you have set up the appropriate boxes for your page, click the Publish icon. As a result, the page will be accessible to the general public, but may or may not appear in your navigational menus, according to how the menus are set up now (more later). It is also possible to click the Store Design icon to store the page for later; in this state, the page is not viewable to the world.

And now that you have a brilliantly new page, how can your users use it? If the page is displayed in your menue or not, strongly depend on how your design is configured or if it is supported by the built-in WordPress menus. Your design doesn't have WordPress menus, so your posted page probably already appears by default in your navigator menus.

That would also be the case if your design has WordPress menu support but no menu assignments. If you want to verify the correct WordPress menu settings for your topic, the simplest way is to see if the new page has been added by your homepage visit.

Otherwise, you will either need to set up a design interface (most likely) or your design does not include WordPress navigation. In the WordPress administration area, move the mouse pointer to the Appearance option in the navigation bar on the right, and then click MENUs. In case there are no existing submenus, you have to create one using the given links.

If one of the standard options already exists, one of the standard options is displayed. As soon as you have chosen or set up a menue, you need to create your new page. There are all kinds of areas in the side bar on the far right where you can insert your own options. Per default, the system displays a listing of the most recently generated pages.

Your first page should be your new page. In order to include it in the list, tick the checkbox next to it and click the Append to list buttons. You can now click on this page and move it to the point in the menus where you want it to appear. Notice that you can make it a kid of any other topic by just pulling it under the top level topic and a little to the right.

As soon as you have set up the settings for the Topic Location section, select the appropriate box. As a result, the item is assigned to certain items in your design. To find out more about where the menus are in your topic, see the topic's topic information or contact your topic's technical assistance group.

Press the black arrow on the right of the screen to select your desired option. You can now go to your homepage because your guests would see it to make sure the menus look the way you want them to.

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