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Creating a Wordpress Page Template

To create a custom WordPress page template. Create page and mail layouts without a template filename Normally, if you want to customize a posting (generic: i.e., all) in WordPress style, you would create a customized page template for it, i.e.

, according to the template tree, a page will be customized on the basis of its name and where it fits into that tree. Depending on the position on the far right in the following template graphics, the faster it will be selected.

When I ever needed to create a user-defined page style, I did. For pages (and not posts), you can select a "default" template that will apply to the page. Usually this refers to whether the page has a side bar or not, since the standard setting has a side bar and there is usually another full width setting.

Recently I used a plug-in that has a beautiful function to make every page in the frontend editors pretty new. Anything I thought would only be possible with a user-defined page/post template filename for that contents. This means that the plug-in, without having to create a user-defined mailbox or template filename, uses a checkmark, so the page size is adjusted only for that mail.

I' d like to do something similar where I can prescribe that the vast majority of my pages should conform to the default page size, but for some pages that are identifiable in one way or another, I' d like the page size to be modified, and I' d rather have it done as a checkmark or flag than through additional pages.

In the ideal case I would like to have a drop-down menu similar to the standard template method that allows me to select the template to use and apply it to this page. Because of the arguments and the example, the standard would be the same, and another option would alter the maximum width and foreground colour of the .col-ful category, as well as an additional Widget area between the contents and the bottom line.

While I know I could easily create a user-defined page style and use it for those pages, I still want to be able to use the hierarchy's user-defined labeling approach to allow further customization of the page if needed, which means I want it to act like the standard template's drop-down menu outside the contents, but still allow user-defined contents styles that the page styles allow.

I want the template to be available across several mailboxes, not just across pages. Edit: I like the suggestion LSW-Mo made in the commentaries, and at first I thought it would work, but the feature I need to change is higher up in the .col-ful classified div script (highlighted in the image).

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