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The file is functions.php in the current topic directory. <font color="#ffff00">Description Tests if the current theme file 'index.

php' and 'style.css' are present. Don't examine the 'standard' subject. You should always have the "default" theme or rename another design to this preset name and folder name. Switches the topic to the defaults if the current topic is not validated. Use the ''validate_current_theme'' flag to revert to false in order to deactivate this feature.

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WordPress is the 2010 standard theme. You have to specify the pathname of your style sheet theme_path/style.css as the argument. The above get_theme_data() feature has become obsolete because Wordpress 3.4 is disabled, and you need to modify all your available plugins/themes that use it.

This has been superseded by the Wordpress command wp_get_theme(), which returns the new WP_Theme construct. Then you can use this item to show all the information of the current topic. Theme->name ; Thème->Titre de l'écho ; Thème->Titre de l'écho ; Thème->Thème->Thème de l'écho ; Thème->Thème_dir ; Thème_de_l'écho $Thème->Style_dir ; Thème->Théme->Tem de la feuille de style $Echo $ ; Modèle du thème $>Thème->Témo ; Thème->Style->Fichier ; Image d'écho $Theme->Description $Theme->Des description ; Thème $Echo->Style

php-Take Wordpress Kid Theme Trail in Wordpress

I' ve got a parents and kid theme. Inside my kid theme I have defined a CHILD_DIR tag so I can include customized JS and CSS executables in the directory tree of my kid theme. I' ve done this in my functions.php in my kid theme by doing this: This creates a target that I want because I use it that way:

I also added some extra directories to my kid theme that I want to use within a Wordpress page. I' ve tried to do something like this:'/Zend/Loader.php' ; I get an issue because it tries to specify a given URL, and I want a mealath to contain PHP and not try to make it a HTTP-query.

Instead of a standard PHP address for my kid theme, how can I specify a PHP name?

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