Wordpress Custom Product Builder

Custom Wordpress Product Builder for custom products

Universal product designer plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce and jQuery. You can create and sell personalizable products in your web shop. Visual Products Woocommerce Configuration - Customize each product visual to your Orion original and configure it.

A surprisingly easy but unbelievably powerfull voocommerce "build your own" add-on that will help your clients visualize, configurate, adapt and assemble each individual voocommerce product. Are you selling sophisticated items that offer many choices your client needs to set up before buying? Well, the Visual Product Configurator for Wocommerce has taken care of you by giving your clients easy to use and funny user interfaces, not only to create their ideal product, but also to get a glimpse of what their end product will look like.

The Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator can be used to build any product mix and make the setup proces smooth for any client. Don't be concerned about the number of choices that can be made for a product. Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator is able to manage an infinite number of parameter without a problem (within the limits of what the web browser allows).

Being a retailer is a sure thing that not all choices for a particular product have the same cost. Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator allows you to set a simple pricing per product type. How would it be if some selections could only be made based on the use of other selections?

Don't be afraid, the Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator already has the possibility to quickly set some simple guidelines to deal with this part of your store. Woocommerce Product Design can be used from any computer, any current web browsers and any portable devices without any problems. We' re constantly upgrading our plug-in on the basis of our customers' feedbacks and demand for new functionality.

Completely newly written plug-in that is to be more strongly incorporated into the Wordpress eco-system and a new API for customized enhancements.

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