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Custom Wordpress Design Options Plugin

screen shots Administrative user surface for adding, editing, and managing custom topic options. Please make a donation of at least $5 US $ to fund my stay if you want personal or preferential assistance. Example: If your labelname is "Linked In", please use these function $options = get_option('lumia_theme_options'); recho $options['header_option_values']['linked_in']. "Custom Theme Options" is opensource software.

This plugin has been created by the following persons.

screen shots

This plugin will add an administrative user surface that allows you to administer custom topic options. Lists all available softwares: See the "Theme Options" page for easy-to-use tutorials and example codes. Using the plugin you can use the plugin as your own script in your templates or as a short text in the editors and your own Widgets.

"{\a6}Theme Options is open-source software. This plugin has been created by the following persons.

Creating a Basic WordPress Theme Options Page

In the following you will find a category with which you can build your Admin-Panel. It adds a new Topic Options pane with 3 different options (e.g. check box, entry and selection). Just paste the following source into your functions.php at the bottom or just make a new one and call it with the require_once feature in your functions.php from there.

I wanted to show you a screenshots of what the administration panels you are going to make look like before I showed you the codes. This is the coding you need to build the administration panels and integrate the assistant functions to get the value of each setting: ! Theme_Options''admin_menu','WPEX_Theme_Options','add_admin_menu';'admin_init','WPEX_Theme_Options','register_settings';'theme_options'; ::

Topic settings','Text domain','Topic settings','Text domain','Manage_Options','Topic settings','WPEX_Theme options','create_admin_page';'theme_options','theme_options','theme_options','WPEX_Theme_Options','sanitize' ; ; 'sanitize' ; ' input_example''input_example''input_example''input_example' ;'input_example' ; ! Select_example''Select_example''Select_example''Select_example' ; ; ; " " " " "'Theme Options','text-domain' ; " " " " " " " "'theme_options' ; " " " " " " " ", " " checkbox Example', " text-domain' ; :

Checkbox_example' ;

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