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Worldpress Customiser

Use the Customizer to preview and change many of your website's appearance settings, from your Custom Header Image to widgets and more. In order to access the customizer from the dashboard, go to My Sites ? Themes ? Customize (located in the Personalize section).


Use the Customizer to view and change a wide range of site publishing preferences, from your custom header image to Widgets and more. From any page, you can customize or publish the customizer on your website: just go to the actions panel at the bottom right of the page and click Customize.

In order to customize from the keyboard, go to My Sites ? Topics ? Customize (located in the Personalize section). As soon as you're in the Customizer, you can see a glimpse of what your website would look like in a different theme: Click Change next to your current design and you'll see a choice of designs to preview or you can browse for one in the Customizer.

You can also modify other customizer functions when you display a different themes thumbnail, and then choose to keep them (by choosing Save & Activate) or remove them (by choosing Cancel). On the bottom of the customizer, you can use three panels to show what your website looks like in three popular devices - your desk, your tray, and your phone - so you can see a snapshot of your designs and see if they work well across all display screens.

There' also a compression switch that lets you fade out the customizer pane to get a full-width thumbnail. This is an example of the Customizer previews in action: In the Customizer, you can display changes in the preferences by choosing one of the following and making changes to the actual setting.

If you have finished with an item, click the up leftside arrows to return to the Customizing window. You can also save changes to the Customizing application as draft versions or plan them at a specific point in the future. In order to adjust this setting, click on the pinion next to "Publish" and choose one of the other settings.

If you want to allow others to see a view of your stored design, you can release a shortcut to your stored design by simply copy the shortcut below. If you make changes to the Customizing but do not see them stored on the Web site, make sure your customization operation is not selected to Remember design or Schedule.

Customizer customization settings differ by topic, but most designs have these customizer controls: Website Identity - customize your cover and slogan and put your company image (in topics that promote logos). Maps - Adds, removes, and modifies customized maps to use on your website and sets items according to the topic.

Featurestent - Customize which tags are used for featureted contents (e.g. mail sliders) if the design support it. Once you have acquired one of these maps, you can use the Custom Design function, which provides unlimited control over custom colors, custom fonts, and a CSS editor: Once you have made the changes using the Customizer, choose Publish if you want to keep your new preferences, or just exit the Customizer (using the left arrow at the top of the window) to cancel all changes.

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