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Dark WordPress Top 18 Top Topics in 2017 for Professional Websites However, some beautiful things seem to be universally appealing - the tender traits of an angelic, the perfectly symmetric nature of proportion and, above all, the dark side of things. Today's increasingly advanced display technology is immersing us in an almost constant flood of lights and vibrant colours.

Dark has come on the scenery, fixed against a background of rainbows; the lights are thrown on the shadow, and they become more and more beautyful for it. Type the specified dark WordPress topics. Those issues are tough and serious in a global environment that needs colder minds. Simple and appealing, these stylish topics will make your website the queen of the game.

Really stuff is an all-in-one WordPress theme made for anyone who dreams of their own website. ItĀ also offers astonishing compatibility with third-party plug-ins and comes with Visual Composer and Bootstrap framework. In addition, it is intuitively operable thanks to the extended screen display option and MegaMenu. It is even built into the existing system of external web sites and is improved in performance, making it more effective.

The font has awesome symbols and fonts and includes great fonts for your favorite fonts. Have a look at the possibilities of Stash. The theme is ideal for creativity divisions. The Rhythm is an all around first-class WordPress theme, endlessly changeable and surprisingly comfortable. It' a multi-purpose one- and multi-page catch-all of a theme. Rhythm also has a stylized Revolution slider and visual composer.

Special characteristics included a white/dark version of the menus, detailed on-line user manual, two-minute setup and flexibility in themeing. Included are locally host HTML5 video in the back, glide contents on stills, target pages, magazines demonstrations, photo demonstrations, unlimited layouts and menus. Prioritizing this topic for priority is also activated by standard and improves your web site from the very first tag.

XStore, a multifunctional WordPress WooCommerce website theme, is sleek and user and creator friendly. It' a great tool for the webmaster who needs a fast and efficient tool for creating and managing challenging web sites that cover different sectors and areas. XStore offers a dozen or so one-click downloadable demonstration sites and templates.

Designer also provided it with the amazing Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in, Slider Revolution, WPML and Contact Form 7. XStore's compelling template, demonstration sites and apparel pages make it simple, airy and hassle-free to set up an efficient on-line trading application for a apparel store, apparel store or other business.

XStore's thoroughly bootstrap fashion also makes it a natural cross-compatible theme, willing and able to serve any user on any platforms. A stylish WordPress theme, Canon is designed to meet the creative needs of Web sites. Equally artistical and professionally, it is a theme that is suitable for a creative. It is particularly suitable for one-page and multi-page web sites.

With Bootstrap 3, you can use this dark theme for business use, inventory exhibitions, face-to-face use, or professional use. Thanks to Candy's appealing theme, you can also use any arbitrary page proportion. With regard to page rankings, Candy's built-in SEO-friendly utilities and functions improve your service. Turn this subject into a feast for the eyes.

Minimize is a versatile WordPress theme that looks smart, slim and contemporary. Comes with a one-sided size that is presented in six demonstrations and two other variations that correspond to bright and dark subjects. Various kinds of website masters can immediately enhance their projects sites with this subtle but effective theme. This all makes your one-page website vibrant, engaging and reactive.

It' s versatile, high-performance softwares, commenting and subscribing tool vanish with the wave of a hand. Lumos, the WordPress theme, has a contemporary and appealing look. The main audience are mainly creatives and contractors, but their versatility makes them perfect for multi-purpose sites, whether one-page or multi-page in size.

They all have one thing in common - a flawless flavour. Accessable and simple to use, as well as featuring the ability to perform real-time drag-and-drop edits, it comes with the built-in Page Builder. Horizonal and perpendicular header lines are combined with dark and bright topics to expand your adjustment possibilities.

When you respond on all your equipment, whether portable or not, you can deploy this appealing look with a click. Offering customisable logo, unparalleled messaging tooling and world-class client services. Featuring custom community share button, retina-enabled symbols that look beautiful on portable gadgets, post portfolios with extensive style management capabilities, and SEO-friendly functions around the edge of the screen, Lumos' slim shape is a screen for a hodgepodge of personalisation.

The theme is quick as a flash and shines in its own unique style. TwoFold - surprisingly imaginative, incredibly simple to use, quick and versatile - is a WordPress theme for full-screen photographic sites. It''s a challenging blend of systemic ease of use and expertly managed, high-quality, high-resolution photo collection and album in the most cutting-edge presentation and publishing style on the shelves.

OneFold offers a wide range of album and gallery themes, each with its own unique preferences and configurations for you, as well as three different collection pages where you can use high-performance AJAX filtering to quickly make the choices you want. In this dark subject photographs will find a close friend.

This allows you to handle header and footer data, use your customized collection or gallery page as your standard home page, and skilfully handle several albums. Wonderful photographic Hover effect, in particular, your user will be very interested in interactively using every angle of your website and presenting more of your work.

The Kinetika is another WordPress theme for full-screen photo sites. This attractive and easy to use website tool is ideal for anyone who wants to create their own website for photographs, travelogues, photojournalists as well as photo bloggers. The Kinetika software offers useful and comfortable functions for processing high-resolution image and video contents. Leverage the power of Galerie and Portfolio to present your materials in the most advanced layout and presentation tools.

Utilize advanced grid and masonry choices, as well as Immersive Full Frame functions at all levels. His dark styling naturally provides a nice contrasting effect to your photographs and video. The above functions allow your audiences to really enjoy your pictures without distraction. The Archi is an imaginative and reactive WordPress theme for home architecture sites.

It' s challenging and dainty, and has the power and versatility to fit smoothly into a wide variety of web apps and archive types, including everything from face-to-face portfolio or blogging to enterprise apps or small businesses web sites. It is also simple to use as it contains the Visual Composer plug-in for straightforward page creation and adaptation of the page layouts.

The Paperio is an appealing multi-purpose WordPress theme. It' a good option for creating classy and contemporary blogsites. Visually select from a variety of demonstrations, artwork, and layout to do all the work. You can then link them with side bars, header and footer lines in different variants. It is important that Paperio contains an elegant, dark version that sets your website apart from the rest.

In this way, your contents will address a wider public with this topic in the shortest possible timeframe. Fast reacting bootstrap frame also drives its mobile-friendly power. Go for a stroll on the dark side with Paperio! The Pressroom is an cutting-edge, high-custom WordPress news- and magazine-based application. Suitable for use by all types of newspaper and newsletter web sites.

It' s highly interactive and has a very gentle learn curve that allows Web masters to build professionally looking, engaging and eye-catching Web sites with minimum overhead and outlay. Advanced drag-and-drop editors allow your writers and admins to change the page design in a simple, easy-to-use user experience. Allows several user-defined layouts, such as width, boxes and layers, that can be further modified to infinite.

Previous topics are also backed by the Children's Theme function, which makes the transition as easy as possible and gives you all the pressroom utilities and benefits once you have completed the one-click install, which takes an estimated two Minutes. Create beautiful designs effortlessly with a number of built-in modules.

Functions suitable for mobiles are also available for telephone and tray use. Postage is an all-encompassing multi-purpose WordPress theme designed to the latest state of the art and technological standard. Featuring tens and tens of thousands of customizable variants, Porto is a theme that all sites can take advantage of. This dark styling is feature-rich and thick with option and flexibility, with tens of page templates.

Each design offers a composite, convincing aesthetics in dark and bright theme presentation. There are several page style for e-commerce capable stores, homepages, contacts pages and everything you can imagine. Additional functions includes three tens of user-defined page layout items, a main menus, and a slide bar integration for enhanced navigational ease.

Postage also offers fully reactive cross-platform features, individual page layouts, high-performance community share integrations, unlimited header and slider combination, bar, menu and page layouts. Postage is an issue for sites that take themselves seriously. The Vigor is a refreshing, appealing WordPress theme suitable for all types of web sites, especially those with a strong brand identity or theme.

Modest yet strong and agile yet easy to distinguish, Vigor is a refreshing beauty. The theme spreads your contents in the most appealing way, with several one-of-a-kind page styles that meet the different needs that multi-purpose sites can meet. Easily fade them out when not in use, respond to user float in a variety of ways, and smoothly stimulate launches or transitions thanks to high-performance HTML5 and CSS3-enabled code.

Easily apply these utilities with easy drag-and-drop ease to any already available layouts with your help in using your workspace. You can use wallpapers in pages and paragraphs, anchor and glue functions for single-sided Web sites, or a complete cross-platform theme. Retina-capable, Vigor is prepared to enchant high-resolution screens with breathtaking optical specialties. The subject is really impressive.

The Severn is a picturesque, easy WordPress theme, no matter how you look at it. It' the ultimative WordPress blogs theme for the optimised presentation on trays, cell telephones, laptop and desktops with all page proportions, realistic and fictive. It is a topic for a webmaster with a diverse public.

Supporting more than one mail format, ten custom Widgets, and a host of shortcuts, creating a website becomes a simple and rewarding job that you can complete in just a few moments. In addition, Severn offers an extreme optimised page load rate, thanks to the CSS3 style with image-free layout and a bare bone JavaScript style.

Using the bi-modal light-dark style, you can change the complete appearance of your website at the touch of a button. Severn is therefore the queen of easy, changeable subjects. A stylish, versatile, lightning-fast WordPress theme, Stamford is perfect for creating photos or creating web-portfolios.

However, a simpler Visual Composer Page Builder release allows you to tailor it to your unique layouts requirements. It' lightweight and simple to use. This theme is just a few moments away from creating the pro-quality, stylish and dynamic website of your dream. Incorporating bright and dark theme generation, Stamford offers cutting-edge optimisation technology for much quicker load speeds to make your website come to life, react quickly and maximise your effectiveness.

It' s very simple to administer, with very strong yet simple administration panels and administration toolkits, several theme choices, full HTML5 endorsement (as in a beautiful YouTube ad), HTML5 backgrounds for videos or local HTML5 videos, and retina-enabled, fluid animation. There are also unlimited galeries and portals available that can be screened and browsed via the AJAX frontend, combining incredible responsiveness and mobility, bow gestures optimisation and over intention recognition.

All of these functions provide superior, award-winning usability. The EOS is a specialised and advanced WordPress theme that fulfils the requirements of target pages for applications, softwares or all types of service. The theme includes two different backgrounds, paired with bright and dark variations, eight pre-defined chromatics and a bonuses land page before launch.

Additional functions comprise contacts and info pages, price information and an embedded share function for online content. In addition, EOS's designs respond native and generate automatic alternate layout for an optimized navigation environment. EOS, along with the plug-in capability of the forms administration system and newsletters functions for subscriptions, allows you to create custom, highly compelling land ing pages with minimum overhead and time.

EOS is an issue for application designers who know where they're going. The Maddux is a fat WordPress theme for newsmagazines. This is a campaign aimed at mass web sites that need to convey their messages to very large and varied populations in a saturated environment where their voices must not only stick out, but also be determined and authoritative.

The niche marketing newsmagazines will particularly profit from Maddux, as its authoritative, factual sound and mix, paired with its indexing optimisation for searching engines, will help your sites creep up the page rankings at an amazing speed. The presented roundabouts then ensure that your public is addressed and each page is vibrant and engaging, while a fully appealing theme presents your contents in all their glory of retina on every unit and every accessible platforms.

The Maddux theme allows you to determine the sound of all your calls. A hyper-modern, neat WordPress theme with award-winning graphic styling, Metis is perfect for creating sites that range from face-to-face portfolio to on-line studios galeries to high-end designer magazine sites. With single-sided bright and dark variations and a multi-page view modes in both classical and full-screen modes, Metis changes with little fuss and a natural reactivity that makes sure your site is cross-platform and compatible.

Retina out of the boxes, this theme looks stunningly nice and feel professionally groomed. Featuring a variety of different optical controls, among them zoom-out tutorials, HTML5 and Youtube movie wallpapers, 3-D curtain controls, parallax and multi-page parallax scroll modes, and eight fully adjustable demo modes, Metis has the tools to get you where you want to go and makes sure you look good to get there.

Unique capabilities included high-performance folder sorters, comprehensive shortcuts for ease-of-use of sophisticated utilities and functions with essential programming and drag-and-drop capabilities, complete set of documents with an efficient, fast service delivery staff, optimized SQL and custom preloader. Metis, with all the above functions, is without a doubt a theme that will amaze your audiences.

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