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MotherWP Dashboard What is the downside, how will you carry on bearing your own cost of developing it? Earn cash by the sale of extension. Enhancements extend your existing MainWP Dashboard with extra functions. MainsWP extension catalogue includes extra backup, merchandising, SEO, service, safety, monitoring functions and other utilities to help you create a better world.

Hint: MotherWP needs two (2) plugs. For more information, see the Quick Start - Set Up Your Maintenance WP Document. All below and more is contained in the MotherWP plugs completely free of cost, no gimmicks, no hidden charges, no nickels and dimming you for every little feat and absolute no pinch!

Several of the free MotherWP functions include: MaintenanceWP relieves you of the effort of administering your topics and plug-ins. With just one click, all your plug-ins and designs are updated on all your websites. Browse to the submenu of your websites and click on the administration button to open it, and you are immediately signed in and can work directly on this subordinate website!

Use of the Trusted Plugin and Subject in your mainWP dashboard feature will cause all plug-ins and subjects you rely on to be refreshed without further interactions from you. Instantly receive e-mail alerts from your MotherWP Dashboard and receive automatic upgrades the next morning. If a plug-in or topic has not had an upgrade for a long period of your life, we have a tendency to neglect it, which could cause safety or interoperability problems, your mainWP dashboard will inform you about any discontinued plug-ins or topics so that you can search for a more up-to-date plug-in or topic.

MotherWP Dashboard provides a number of back-ups. We' ve built in some of the most beloved back-up plug-ins and published them as Free Back-up Extensions, so you can use the back-up plug-ins you know and rely on directly from your MotherWP Dashboard. Do you have a plug-in or design that you do not want to upgrade due to incompatibility or other problems?

Simply tell your MotherWP Dashboard to disregard it, and it will no longer inform you about the upgrade. Because of the performance of the mainWP dashboard, it is now as simple as possible to publish your contents to websites. Using the mainWP Dashboard, it couldn't be simpler to publish your contents to more than one blog.

Enhancements provide customized functionality and feature sets so that each individual can customize their existing MainWP installations. For more information, see the MainWP Codex. Create your own expansions for enjoyment and gain. There is no record of your activities, websites, password or anything else.

MotherWP will protect you from your competition, searching machines or anyone else with curious looks. Nobody will ever know you're using MotherWP unless you tell them. As we know, some people like to keep strict controls over what happens to their plug-ins, but this is your networking and we have 100% regard for your private sphere.

This means that we do not have confidential privileges to enter your websites or information. The MainWP Dashboard as well as the Child plug-in are fully Open-Source and GPL conform without hidden codes, so you always know what is going on on your servers. GitHub also maintains both plug-ins to facilitate accessing the coding.

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