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The WordPress administration interface has been the same for a long time. Best 10+ Free and Premium WordPress Admin Themes for a Custom Dashboard Bored of looking at the same dull old WordPress administration topic? Ok, it's all fine with the standard WordPress Dashboard styles. This is where WordPress administration issues come into play. In spite of the name, WordPress administration topics are not topics in the WordPress spirit.

Rather, they are plug-ins that you deploy on your website to modify the WordPress administration interface styles.

We have already made some tidy optimizations that you can make on the WordPress administrator, as well as instructions for customizing WordPress Administrator pages and customizing or hiding the WordPress taskbar. However, in this article we will almost exclusively concentrate on the appearance (although some of these WordPress administration topics also allow an adjustment of the functionality).

There are more than 10 of our most popular WordPress administration topics for 2018. They are not in any particular order, but I will first discuss the free administration topics before immersing myself in the more full-fledged chargeable topics. Wherever I can find a free copy of the theme, I'll put it on a test page to show you what it looks like when you reinstall it.

Flatty is the WordPress administration theme for you if you prefer slim designs. Rework your whole WordPress administration area with slim layout rules. I' m sure Flatty will start working as soon as you do. You can also further adjust things by using the new Flatty feature in your WordPress Dashboard side bar.

Slatate is a favorite WordPress administration topic that is running on over 6,000 websites and has an excellent 5-star score. While Flatty offers you many customisation possibilities, Slate revises your dashboard. When you want a cloudy WordPress administration theme, this is a great one. The Slate is designed for a good black flag but what if you are looking for a bright WordPress administration theme?

The Fancy Admin UI might be closer to you in this case. Gives you the breezy motif of lightness that you see above. You can also modify the Admin Interface's main and subcolors by going to Settings ? General. While Flatty concentrated on shallow designs, Aquila uses another of my favourite designer tendencies - materials styling.

The theme also turns some previously normal link items into button icons to make them more visual (I took a screenshots of the edit page because it does a good job of showing it). So if you are already satisfied with the colours of the WordPress administration area and just want a re-designed interface, this is a good opportunity to try it out.

The Everest Administrator theme is the first potentially high-quality WordPress administrator theme on this page, although there is a WordPress.org llite that still offers you a good amount of features. The free of charge edition allows you to select from 4 different ready-made administrator template options (the fee required edition increases to 25).

In addition, you also get many adjustment choices, as well as choices to customize: Chargeable edition also gives you full controls over hide/organize single items in your WordPress Dashboard side bar menus. Complimentary for the Lite edition. Twenty-two dollars for the full one. The WPShapere is a beloved premier feature that gives you a lot of power over your WordPress Administrator dashboard.

Comes with 16 different ready-made patterns and allows you to further customise things with infinite colour options. And as a top-of-the-range choice, it goes much further than just style. Topics look quite good. It is also an unaffordable choice when it comes to premier plug-ins. Admin is another beloved feature available from CodeCanyon.

Comes with 34 different WordPress Administration topics to help you get a customized administration area from the very first tag. It also allows you to set up your own theme if these ready-made template are not sufficient. Altogether another good choice if you want to make full changes in the WordPress administration area.

The Pixo is another WordPress administrator theme with a beautiful breezy feeling. As with the other Premium choices, it goes beyond the look and allows you to create your own: Among the things I've noticed the most is how the WordPress Administrator side bar is redesigned with these big symbols.

Client side is a minimum WordPress administration topic that has a 4 startare. In addition to the "harmonious" look, you can also use Client Side to specify which UI items appear on a roll per person. What is your preferred WordPress administration theme? This includes the best WordPress and free WordPress administration topics I could find!

What of these topics is your favourite? I like the WordPress Dashboard's shallow styling but let us know your favourites in the annotations. If you know of a great WordPress administration topic that didn't make it to the mailing lists, please include it in your remarks!

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