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Is it possible to connect this Access-DB to wp-DB? Though I am unable to see the wordpress db there. ssql class="mw-headline" id="Database_Diagram">Database Diagram Last update of the data base tree and the following chart in 4.4. You can find further information about the individual spreadsheets and column names in the following overview.

This is followed by information about what is in each chart. You create these spreadsheets using the Administration > Tools > Network section.

Those spreadsheets are known as the multi-site spreadsheets. In the following, the following describes the table and field that were added during the net install. Notice that when creating the mesh, a summary table collection is generated and location-specific spreadsheets are generated when each location is generated. The blog_id will identify the website and the site_id will identify the intranet.

If a new location is added, the location-specific spreadsheets are generated, similar to the independent spreadsheets mentioned above. Every record of spreadsheets for a website is generated with the Site ID (blog_id) as part of the spreadsheet name. This is the data that would be stored for location identifier 2 and wp_ table_prefix:

Headquarters information is saved in un-numbered spreadsheets. 4.2. 2: Termmetate table: This is a new spreadsheet with dates for home appointments. The database diagram: The new chart with the chart was added. Comment 4: Comment table: Index comment_approved. Option table: blog_id. Contributions table: Comment 3. 0 : Comment table:

Index comment_parent added. Writes the table: Adds multi-site spreadsheets. Insert the spamming box and the removed box into the user worksheet. 2nd. 9: begin meta table: Added new chart for recording annotation related information Standard 2. 8 : Annotation chart: Updated to bigint (20) unsigned from int (11) to comments_post_ID columns. Left Table:

The link_owner colum has been updated from int(11) to bigint(20) unsigned. Contribution table: Post_category colum. Termin_taxonomy table: Adds usigned attributes to various bigint(20) arrays. 7. 2: List of terms: A KEY name has been added to the terminology grid. KEY post_parent added to the contributions tables. 5. 2: All cells of the enum typ -> varchar(20):

Changed 3: The term, term_taxonomy and term_relationships tabs have been added. Category, left2cat and post2cat spreadsheets have been deleted. The new "" pending" state for the new post_status box has been added to the post contributions list. 1. 2: The link category chart has been deleted, the link category information has been added to the category chart and the id' have been reset.

Changed the state of the fields "post_status" in the post column to "future" instead of "NOW()" in 2.0.x.

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