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ssung class="mw-headline" id="Basic_WP">Basic WP The. retaccess is a shared config and is the way Apache treats changes in config per folder. WP mainly changes this filename to deal with nice permission links. You can use this page to recover a damaged page from a damaged page (e.g.

a wrong plugin). Each option prefixed with a plus is added to the currently valid option, and each option prefixed with a minus is deleted from the currently valid option.

The possible option statement value is any combinations of: No × All items are disabled. Any × Any option except MultiViews. That is the default value. FollowSymLinks The name of the site is followed by symbol link in this folder. Indices URLs are mapped to a folder and not to a DirectoryIndex, a formated list of the folder.

As a result, all settings will be disabled and only follow-upSymLinks will be enabled, which is necessary for mod_rewrite. Directory-index specifies the name of the Apache will use when requesting a folder. With DefaultLanguage, all those that do not yet have a particular langauge tags will use it. ServerSignature allows the user to configure a following bottom line under server-generated document.

As an option, a line with the name of the web site and the hostname can be added to the pages created by the web site (internal errors, FTP listing, mod_status and mod_info outputs, etc.). document, but not CGI-generated or user-defined defect documents). In the following, all queries for a file ending with the specified extension are not shown in the web browsers, but enforce a "Save As" dialogue so that the clients can start downloading.

It assigns the file name extensions to the filtering that processes replies from the servers before they are sent to the clients. It merges all valid mapping and overwrites all existing ones for the same enhancement. You can use the header statement to submit HTTP header for each query or only for certain data sets.

Headerset X-Pingback "http://www.example.com/xmlrpc. php" Header-Set Content-Language "en-US" Thumbnail always X-Content-Type-Options "nosniff" Thumbnail always X-XSS-Protection "1; mode=block" Thumbnail always referrer-policy "strict-origin-when-cross-origin" This deactivates HTTP-Header, which is always tried very harshly to delete. It is very useful for the protection of the logins vp. phi-video. It will deny any web connection to your wp-config files, error_logs, php. eni and htaccess/htpasswds.

It forces SSL and requires the precise host name or it is redirected to the SSL state. Helpful in a /wp-admin/. access /wp-files.

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