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Standard Wordpress Theme

WordPress default theme definition. WordPress is delivered with a standard theme and what it is used for. In WordPress, what is a standard theme? The WordPress is delivered with a standard design to show the front end of the website. It is the first design you will see when you first installed WordPress.

You can then substitute it with any other WordPress theme. WordPress's default theme is used to present the functionality of WordPress, so it is usually feature-rich and can be used to build most essential Web sites.

This standard theme also fulfills the function of a fall-back theme. If the WordPress theme that has been set up by a particular person is removed or something goes awry, WordPress uses the default theme for it. Matt Mullenweg wrote the first WordPress theme when WordPress was published in 2003. However, at this point, it was not yet possible for them to change topics.

According to the initial theme, the WordPress Classics theme came with WordPress 1.2. Only with the publication of the Kubrick theme with WordPress 1.5 did the user have the opportunity to change the theme. Even though many editors have modified their designs, Kubrick stayed the default WordPress design until it was superseded by TwentyTen in WordPress 3.0.

Since 2010, the WordPress editorial staff has appeared every year with a new standard theme called after the year. One of the most favourite topics in relation to overall downloading is still to be found in our website titled Twente.

Standard WordPress themes over time

WordPress will be 14 years old in just a few short weeks, on 27 May. Perhaps not a big landmark (at least not in comparison to the anniversary parties of the tenth anniversary a few years ago), but still - in terms of the celebration of how far this unbelievably powerful bit of open code has come since the beginning of things in 2003, we thought we'd help this year's anniversary parties begin with another look back into the past through the story of the various standard WordPress topics.

Congratulations on your 14th anniversary WordPress! - Published with WordPress 4.7. - Published with WordPress 4.4. - Published with WordPress 4.1. - Published with WordPress 3.8. - Published with WordPress 3.6. - Published with WordPress 3.5. - Published with WordPress 3.2. - Published with WordPress 3.0.

  • Published with WordPress 1.5. The Kubrick is a little different from the others in this listing - if you want to learn more about the story of this particular topic, read this intriguing piece on The Huffington Post. Kubrick wasn't just there for a year: Oh no, Kubrick was the standard theme from February 2005 (when the designs in 1.5 were first added to WordPress) until June 2010!

From Kubrick? Before Kubrick? Actually, before Kubrick (the first standard theme ) there was another standard'design/template' of true importance: Classics (now also discarded). So, what's next for standard topics? Perhaps an eCommerce-oriented topic?

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