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WordPress Theme minimal magazine from Pro Theme Design. Thirty+ Fantastic Flat Design WordPress Themes 2017 This WordPress Topics Summary features over 40 WordPress topics that have been chosen and featured over 40 WordPress topics that have been influenced by Windows Phone, Windows OS, and Google's Material Design. This is the only shortlist you will ever need to create your website based on your slim design. Due to the unbelievable popularity of iPhone and Google's Material Design, developers have moved to slim design and it looks like it will be there.

I am a big supporter of Metro and Flat design principals and use them for all my web sites. While there are already tens of thousands loose WordPress topics, most of them are of low caliber and difficult to adapt. I' ve chosen to create this excellent glossary of shallow WordPress topics published in 2017 to help you find the best option.

None of these topics have been sketched by myself this year, but I am working on one as we talk. It' by far the best topic I have ever made, so sign up for it for more information. Oh, the body - WordPress design topics of Flat: Yevelin is a high-performance and multifaceted, thorough and extensive, fully functional and progressive, very reactive WordPress multi-purpose website topic.

It has been developed as a highly flexible tool for developing a wide range of application and website archetype types covering all types of areas and sectors. While Jevelin features an easy-to-use page generator for dragging and dropping to make all your page design layouts easier, its high-performance, sophisticated administrative controls give you responsibility for everything from style and motion to colour scheme in just a few mouse clicks, so you can fully market your sites in just a few moments.

Sites with a shallow design look often concentrate on convenience and effectiveness. This slim design allows the contents to be scaled slightly to match different equipment displays. Uncode also provides cross-browser interoperability. Functionality and aesthetics are combined in this seamless design. The user benefits from a wide range of art and creativity, as they are able to design and organise their own page layout.

There are no limits to what can be accomplished on this issue. Endless side bars, individual blogs and 16 different layout for your product range. The Divi is a beautifully aesthetic and innovative, contemporary and impressive visual, breathtaking, trendy and fashionable, flat and very portable, welcoming, technologically adaptive and smooth, graphics well finished and polished, cleanly textured and reactive WordPress multi concept, multi purpose themed.

It is a WordPress topic that has been created and engineered in a professional way, specifically with the intention of creating an infinitely flexible and impressive website builder kit that is able to meet the needs and demands of Web masters far and wide across all kinds of corners and interests, with unprecedented usability and suppleness of interfaces coupled with deep functionalities and configurability.

Divi Builders is a high-performance graphical build engine that provides expert and novice designers as well as publishers with a global value set of powered house items and shortcuts delivered via elegant, easily accessed and quickly adaptable block-based logic models, with over 40 one-of-a-kind, custom-built models to select from and batch or resize as you wish. Divi's stunning slim design pervades every page, every lay-out and every artwork within this lovely subject, and your public will feel at home on your website from the very first moment, thanks to its sleek, intuitively designed and widely known design philosophies.

Check out Divi today and experience the differences of a new, slim design! Featuring tonnes of fantastic functions, it is one of the best minimum portfolios for WordPress. Considering that there are over 30 kinds of portfolio element styles, your investment will look fantastic. You' ll find virtually a hundred customization choices that allow you to view each element in its own unique way.

Presumably Visual Composer is the best page creator on WordPress, and it is contained in potassium. Impressing topic options make this possible and allow you to design something you can call your own. is a WordPress topic devoted to blog and magazine publishing. Gain boundless color, shapeable layout, and a beautiful design.

A lot of members of the WordPress fellowship agreed that one of the best things about WordPress is definitely it. And if you're still not sure after looking at it, you'll find an introductory movie on the topic page. Using xt you can either design your own website or create your own design: Moderateness is not an optional feature, as each plug-in was developed specifically for working with XP. This topic can definitely be considered part of the WordPress élite, as it has succeeded in beating all selling records. What's more, it's a great way to get a good impression of the WordPress world.

Our design department consists of over a decade of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing you with the best WordPress experience. When you are aiming to create an astounding website for your make or your company, you need to make sure that you choose the right website templates for your needs. The shop owner is focused on customer and e-commerce capabilities.

The store owner has a great intelligent and reactive web site management system that makes your website look great when it' seen on a device like a computer, tablet or smartphone. There are great opportunities and customisation opportunities in this topic that allow you to build a one-of-a-kind website that fits your business without encoding. The store owner lets you select from the ready-made page layout contained in the themes pack.

The design also allows you to adjust the head styles to present your product or service. Delivered with the Revolution Slider plug-in, you can easily make awesome slide shows to show off your most important contents or promotions. The shop owner allows you to stylishly blogs and your contents with its breathtaking brickwork to attract the attention of your customers.

Contains a ready-to-use raster that will make your portfolios sparkle. Featuring a high-performance E-commerce portfolios and themes, the solution also features a unique Smart-Theme Options-panel to customise specific design items to meet your own specific marketing needs. The Zerif Pro is a contemporary, slim design WordPress multi-purpose topic that is well adapted to any business, product line, target page or other website.

There are many customisation choices that are available through easy yet strong themes choices. Topic is fully widgetized and comes with a large number of customized widgets especially built for this topic. There is a neat source repository that provides excellent value that helps you earn more revenue if you want to use this topic for eCommerce.

You' re evaluated on the basis of the overall value of your product range, so why not choose a WordPress topic that increases your chances of succeeding? Its design respect WordPress APIs and allows you to modify contents using shortcuts. WPLook is a neat, intelligent and cutting-edge WordPress topic designed by WPLook for professional advertising brands and working on-line.

The design is WordPress v4.1+ compliant. The topic is highly reactive, so you can post your project, update and latest information properly on-line. Agencies WordPress include HTML, XML, and PSD to help you create an eye-catching Web site or asset management suite with confidence. It' also packed with fun functions to make your website look different from the game.

Agency subject is very simple to personalise to suit your trademark or your corporate design. They offer unlimited color possibilities that fit well with your corporate design and your corporate identities. The design has an enhanced Topic Option panel that allows you to modify the cover picture, wallpaper design, favoricon and slide bar in full width to emphasize your mark and enhance your services.

In addition, this topic has several widgets that help you incorporate certain items into your website with ease, and a drop-down list that helps your users find the information they're looking for. After all, this design consists of neat and proper HTML5 and CSS3 coding, so you can be sure your site will run quickly when you access it with any type of web browser or device.

Callyas is a sleek and fast-reacting WordPress multi-purpose website theme designed creatively. Simply select your preferred demonstration website or page style and you're ready to go. Featuring a clear flat design vision design approach, your pages will look great on your portable device. Kallyas has a bootstrap skeleton at its heart and can be used both quickly and flexibly.

Every device and platform will love your low-profile sites, menu andader. avaris is a contemporary and challenging, optically breathtaking and imaginative, feature-rich and reactive WordPress multi-purpose website themed. It' s full of a host of intuitive features that make your job much simpler and make your website quicker and smother, such as the best page creator on the web, the best page creator on the web, the Avaris themes and a dozen of handy, time-saving shortcuts.

Avaris has also created this topic with unbelievably compelling graphical style options, among them a pixel-perfect slim design that makes Avaris sites look sharper and more contemporary, with sharp-looking items, symbols and artwork on all plattforms, web browser and device, not least because of its powerful bootstrap root modularity.

With Avaris you can run your own website, introduce your prospective employer or customer to your work through great portfolio, set up an on-line home for your business or even promote your goods and service directly from your website to the general audience. Avaris is always trendy with a sleek and beautiful slim design across the whole range!

Looking for a minimalistic but fully featured e-commerce design for your website? You should then have a look at the Aurum WordPress topic. The topic was designed with a view to on-line merchants and distributors. It' s meticulously processed to give your customer a great buying sensation. It' re ideal for technical shops, fashion shops, jewellery, bookshops and much more.

The design is fully reactive and adapts its look to different types of equipment such as PCs, smart phones, tablets and iPhone to offer a great buying environment to the visitor. There are several pre-built site demonstrations that you can download and use to build your website. No need to be an experienced website designer to deploy and modify this design, as it is fully built into the Visual Composer plug-in, a page generator that allows you to quickly create your page designs without having to touch a line of coding.

The Aurum is equipped with Layer Slider and Revolution Slider, which allow you to present all your product and promotional promotions. Topics include great e-commerce features such as YITH Wish List, Touch Carousels, Icon Collections, Product Carousels, Image + Category Banners, Text Banners (Call to Action), AJAX in Shopping Basket, Catalogs Modes, 4 different Store Article Hammer Events and lots of great yet easy-to-use shortcuts.

When you are looking for a multifaceted and one-of-a-kind WordPress topic, look no further than Herald. Topic layouts respond to all device types, regardless of monitor sizes. Topic includes a WP Review function that allows reviewers and trackers to evaluate and appreciate your work. For those who would like to try this great tool, a real-time previewer of the topic has been made available.

The H-Code is a state-of-the-art and technology-driven, optically smooth and sleek, colourful and highly reactive WordPress multi-purpose website themed. Designed to work at a high standard on a broad range of website archive types and use cases, from face-to-face and promotional uses to businesses, enterprises or professionals.

HTML can handle these and many other apps because it is an incredibly diverse website creation solution, loaded with over 50 uniquely full-featured demonstration sites and page templates, complete with cleverly crafted widgets, stunning transition and appealing slide shows, parallax visible features, and a beautifully contemporary slim design that makes any HTML website beautifully portable and fun from the inception.

Featuring H-Code's stunning customisation features, enhanced administrative topic choices, and fine-tuning features, your slim H-Code sites will always look and feel right, no matter the size or style of your site. Whether it's creativity agency or enterprise website, on-line business project or technology-based blogs, H-Code can manage them all without sweating or having to enter a line of coding at any time.

Astonish your users with a breathtaking web design and astonish them with appealing graphical dynamicallements! The Crane is a handy WordPress topic that is very useful for various things. The Crane provides you with an attractive design for these features. This is a widget-compatible design that is linked via redundant content. It is very adaptable to create the best landing page.

The Crane offers you a high-performance blogsetting to underline the value of the presented products. An Angle is a well-done WordPress slim topic that you can use for any type of website. Moreover, this design is fully reactive and adapts itself to all kinds of equipment as well. You' ve also included retina-capable symbols and graphical features in this topic to make your website appear clear and crisp on high-resolution screens.

Angele provides innumerable colour pattern combinations, great Google fonts and TypeKit assistance for limitless fonts choices, built-in FontAwesome symbols and tons of shallow symbols. This design is easy to design and customise because you have PSDs in your themes pack. Angele Topic has a Quick Download feature that allows you to quickly download a variety of elements from your portfolios, slide shows, mood photographs, and other content that can help promote your site's audience involvement.

Isotope Gallery also provides plug-in and blogs option with postal formats for this topic. The Angle WordPress topic is packaged with WP Bakery Visual Composer, which you can use to create any page layout you can think of. There are also user-defined mail type for the contents of your website, such as employees, service and customer feedback.

The Angle WordPress topic is crammed with good-looking soft symbols and twitter widgets that you can use to promote your content line. Created with clear and current coding, this topic provides extensive on-line information. Trademark of a great WordPress topic is the capability to deliver a variety of cutting edge functionality presented in a user-friendly suite.

More than 150 templates are available for pages, each with its own unique look. Featuring great integrated design features such as effective multi-purpose corporation design, beautiful web store and one-page design for creativity agency, portals and destination pages. You have several different styles for your upcoming product range and 8 different styles.

Please see this full length article for more information on the Scalia topic. The EPIC is a classy and appealing website design tool for the creation of all kinds of web sites. This design can be installed as a single page or multi-page, according to your favorite design. Comes with a very smooth lay-out design that adjusts the size on all display sizing.

Engineers have uploaded this topic with practical functions and choices to help users make a beautiful web site for their brands or businesses. Topic 8 contains 8 customized skin themes with different colour scheme for different purpose to help you make a tasty website without having to touch a line of coding.

You can select from 4 different headers that best match your web design needs. Nearly every item in this topic is built modularly so that you have limitless creativity controls over the contents. In addition, this topic allows you to integrate EPIC's Ajax brickwork collection into your website for an additional look and feel.

Using clear and authoritative coding, they created this imaginative topic to make your website usable and work. Thrown is a meticulously engineered, thoroughly contemporary and fashion-conscious, up-to-the-minute and trendy, beautifully graphic and visual expansion, esthetically minimalistic and refined, user-friendly and developer-friendly WordPress minimum multi-purpose topic, a challenging and stylish topic, assembled with great love for detail to create a beautiful and practical topic, able to quickly and effectively create appealing and well encoded web sites and pages across a wide variety of different uses.

Created with the conscious intent of sticking to Google's own material design philosophies that permeate every website on thrones, this design is slim, both portable and very intuitively, as it contains visible hints and a standard interface across all the equipment to which your users are used.

A fully-fledged topic, a throne can be created in a few moments, ready to use, with a custom-made, elaborately designed website with an appealing and slim design.

That' s the reason why among the web sites with shallow design thrones is the queen. This is a WordPress topic with a classic touch. It' a bricklayer portfolios topic with trays of easy page layout, templates and of course a portfolios options. Milch is an excellent selection for designer, freelancer, photographer and those who present different work.

This design is developed by the developer using bootstrap technologies to give your website a contemporary design and function. In addition to the neat coding used to develop this topic, Melk provides a variety of stunning sales arguments including stunning over-the-counter effects, fluid animations, comprehensive type-setting with more than 650 Google scripts, self-hosted sound, etc.

The design is absolutely reactive and lets your contents appear breathtaking on all monitor heights. In order to find the best design for your website, it makes sense to try different preferences and choices until you find the look you want for your website. That' s why Mark comes with a built-in Life Customizing feature that helps a developer or designer get a glimpse of any changes they make before they click the Life Buttons.

Topics also include Google Spreadsheets on the contacts page, built-in call completion features, archived templates, default page layout for longer postings, full postal format and more. Simple to deploy and adapt, the milks WordPress themes can be the asset management solutions you've been looking for. Storyline is a cutting-edge and highly reactive WordPress topic that' willing to tell a tale about your company, your product range or your e-commerce website.

It' a WordPress topic that's extremely adaptable, with multiple prebuilt colour themes that you can further enhance with one-click colour choices. Storyline has two different demonstration sites to show what you can do with this well encoded and crafted WordPress themed. Hemstead is a unique WordPress theming with a powerful emphasis on minimumism, simplification and ingenuity.

Authors created this subject around a module approach and an astonishing bricklayer range that helps you present your works cleanly and organizing. The design blends advanced technology such as HTML5 HTML tagging and CSS transition with well engineered customized Java Script to provide you and your website users with an immersive viewing experience. What's more, the design also includes a unique HTML5 tag and tag interface.

It works well on all types of portable device, scaling to the smallest possible footprint, and looks crisp on high DPIs. Using the Customize themes tool, you can change the standard design and look of the design slightly, so you can see a glimpse of the changes you make to your design.

It also includes enhanced portfolio- and blog-options so you can present your contents in a stylish way. Finally, they created this topic meticulously with neat coding and fully optimised for it. This is a neat and minimalistic blogs topic that could also be used for the publication of on-line journals. Has a well organized and reactive lay-out that changes size on all kinds of equipment.

It''s a great topic for posting your own writing with pictures like messages, fashions and other special interest blogs. Extended administration allows you to change the colour schemes of your design, personalise the wallpaper or reduce the size of the headline. Contains an easy-to-understand Visual Composer-based Page Builder that lets you create an appealing page design in no time at all.

Slider Revolution plug-in included in this topic makes it much simpler to create eye-catching slide shows with great visuals, special animation and more. The design is WooCommerce plug-in compliant to make setting up an on-line store simple and hassle free. The Voice is a professional-looking WordPress topic developed for magazines, blogging and on-line messaging sites.

It makes your website look great on both large displays and small -screen equipment. Developers have created this topic with great love of detail, beautiful typeface and great usability. There is also an enhanced Topic Option pane that allows you to customise your website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can customise your website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can also add your own personalised content to your website.

In addition, this content-oriented design contains several headline layouts such as a classical, single headline with navigational features or something more sophisticated with displays and posters. In addition, you can use this topic to create any number of mailboxes, group them according to certain criterias, and view them in a detailled format.

After all, this high-end mode blogs topic is highly versatile and allows you to design each section of your blogs or magazines differently. Overall, Voice is the ultimative answer for those looking for a refreshing and neat website submission for their blogs, magazines and newsmagazines website.

The Corpus is an ultra-light, unobtrusive and minimalistic, design-conscious and esthetically sophisticated WordPress multi-purpose topic that is completely versatile and high-performing enough to meet the many needs of a collection of Web sites, but unique for Web sites that are deep style-conscious and highly appreciate their UI expertise.

Offering an incredibly pro design paradigm, this topic runs through the various pre-defined layout that it comes with. You' ve painstakingly created this topic to give your visitors a seamless, visual and discreet user Experience that is reflected in your website stats. The Vela is a neat and stylish WordPress developed for face-to-face blogs, company websites, e-commerce websites, design and e-commerce agencies, as well as on-line portfolios.

Topic offering 5 fantastic demos: A personal portfolio, modern, agency, one-sided business and one-sided agency. All aspects of this topic, from the headline to the bottom line, are fully reactive and the retinal indication is on. In addition, this design is fully embedded in the most beloved page creator, Visual Composer.

In addition, this drag-and-drop capability allows you to quickly generate pages and articles for your website without programming knowledge. In addition, this design has full-screen and parallax sectioning and a full screen editing tool that lets you move your contents with drag-and-drop ease and produce beautiful slide effects. There are also several headlines on this topic to help get your site traffic going and find out more about you, your business or your agent.

Vela's advanced set of online meta-options makes it simple to change your contents for any page, blogs, portfolios and any other user-defined posts. Additionally, the developer has integrated AJAX page crossovers that you can turn on and off in the Topic Option area, while the AJAX live searching feature provides intuitive searching tips as you enter the key words of the searched contents.

Amazon is a well-designed WordPress topic that can enhance your website, attract more visitors and increase your traffic. Designers turned this into a very stylised design with a wide range of functions, stunning versatility and an unshakeable dedication to excellence. Amax also has two very different slide controllers:

And Amax removes these issues entirely because it is fully reactive. Please see our full length reviews for more information on the Amax topic. eStore toolskit for selling your own merchandising items. Developers have made The7 fully adaptable so you can use it for any type of store, inventory, eStore or anything else.

It is one of the best sold WordPress themes thanks to its slim design. A clear, sleek and reactive multi-purpose WordPress topic, based on slim design principals. The design is fully customizable using limitless colour variation, 600 different font styles, multiple page templates and layout. You can also optimize every facet of this topic through a high-performance web user experience.

My favourite WordPress topic with a slim design is striking and I chose to use it for my website as well. Even if you are a WordPress for the first in your life, it offers unbelievable versatility. But there are many problems with this topic if you go further into features and I had to compose my own coding to fix them.

This topic is recommended for businesses, portfolios, WooCommerce eStore or even blogging. Its the Ken's really astonishing WordPress multi-purpose WordPress topic prepared to deal with anything like shop, Blog, Portfolio, Hosting Page, E-Commerce, Forums, Community Center, Downloading or anything in between. BuddyPress for mobile devices, BuddyPress for web, WooCommerce for eStore and Gravityforms for advanced subscription and contact management, and more.

It also has several demonstration variants to help you better comprehend what you can look forward to, and you can be sure that it will surpass your most wild expectation. The Shadow is a cutting-edge eCommerce WordPress topic that can be used for other things such as corporate and corporate Web sites, or all of these in one.

The design is also easily customizable thanks to built-in WordPress Customizer assistance, which allows you to optimize the design in real-time previews as well. It is a neat and simple WordPress blogs and magazines topic that is well suitable for company, private or amateur blogs. One of the most popular topics is SEO-friendly to help you get more traffic to your blogs.

WordPress themed customizer, which is very simple to use for those who want to build their first website. Overall, if you' re looking for ease, good value, excellent customer service and clear, yet contemporary design, look no further than our company logo series.

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