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Worldpress Design Tools

First on our list is a well-known plugin among WordPress developers. Oxigen plays well with your current tools. Awesome WordPress development tools, without which I can't survive.

However, over the years I've come across many similar tools for making web sites like Moonfruit, such as Wix and Divi for WordPress. Today, I like to use nothing but WordPress and a small fistful of handy web design and developing tools that work in harmony with WordPress to create web sites.

Are you a WordPress web design student or development student? Below is a collection of my favourite tools, topics, plug-ins, apps and various popular WordPress enhancements that I like to use to create nice WordPress Sites. Odds are you're probably already using most of them, but if you're not, you'll have a true joy, especially if you're just getting started or exploring some of these tools for the first glimpse.

Trive Contentbuilder is my number 1 most popular WordPress website building/page Builderool. Cause it makes my work of creating nice, content-rich pages in WordPress very simple. Comes in the shape of a plug-in, and if you haven't met it yet, you'll like it.

Whatever kind of page you want to build in WordPress, be it retail land pages, price pages, an e-mail leader page, course contents pages, you name it, you can do it all with the Thrive Content-builderool. The Thrive Content Builder provides a high-performance front-end dragging & dropping, a real eye-catching feature of using your own web page editor/builder.

With this plug-in you can easily build both user-defined statical pages and user-defined blogs. I' ve written an extensive critique of Trive Content Builder if you want to read it here. Trive Lead is my second favourite WordPress utility or plug-in. Featuring a completely blocked and charged e-mail merchandising, opt-in forms listing plug-in like nothing you've ever seen before.

If you are a web designer freelancer, if you ever get a customer asking you to incorporate these functions into their website, do you know how much work there is to code these templates from the ground up by hand, right? Develop and implement opt-in questionnaires quickly and easily. Build pertinent and focused form templates with enhanced targeting capabilities.

I' m quite sure you came across Genesis Framework at some point, it's definitely one of the most popular WordPress topics in prime grade. I myself have been using the Genesis Theme Framework for a long while now. Actually, I already began my blogs trip with a Genesis-based WordPress website in 2010.

There' a sharp learn bend with Genesis and the StudioPress topics, especially for beginners. However, most Genesis topics for children are already operational, with some adjustment choices available. Also, once you've learned a few tricks about how to use CSS and what not, it's a whole bunch of enjoyable stuff to customize sites with Genesis.

I' ve written a detailled critique of Genesis, if you want to reread it here. As a more experienced Genesis and Genesis Children topic fan, you'll enjoy using the Dynamaki Website Builder topic. Dynamics take the customization of Genesis children's topics to the next plane, and you can even add and further modify pre-built skin.

Or you can recreate your own skin or submotif from the ground up. Cobalt Apps' other fantastic plug-in is the Genesis Extender plug-in for Genesis based WordPress Sites. It is a very different from dynamic website builder, for the beginning it is a plug-in and not a topic. This plug-in, included with your Genesis-based WordPress website, allows you to quickly and simply customise and optimise the design and look of your whole website.

So if you've ever tried to manipulate the style sheet in a Genesis kid topic and then tried to update the page every single update to see the changes, you'll know how time-consuming and tedious it is. With the Genesis Extender plug-in there's no more wait, you just process, store your changes and see the results now.

There is also a user-defined frontend RSS reader for real-time processing, one of my favourite Genesis Extender feature. I' ve just recently added this fantastic plug-in to my Cobalt Apps box, and although I' ve only been using it for a few month, I already like it.

It' called the Sennen Pro Thema. If you are looking for a full-fledged WordPress children's content creation utility, you will find Children Themer by Cobalt Apps a great choice. The child topic support includes the Genesis theming framework, the Beaver Builder and the latest WordPress childs designs. Functions includes Childrens Chooser, Childrens Chooser, Frontend Chooser, Ace Chooser with adjustable designs and much more.

Or you can name, rename, and remove sub-topic folder s-all in the backend of your WordPress dashboard. My complete detailled reviews and the complete chat session of Kind Themer can be found here. Next we come to the ACF-Plugin (Advanced Custom Fields). It makes my listing because it gives designers the ability to build user-defined backend WordPress features without hacking into topic file.

With ACF you can add user-defined fields for your category, e.g. for your category or for your "Edit" pages. For more information about the Advanced Customizing Fields plug-in click here. You may sometimes need to do a WordPress install by hand, or if you ever need to load large documents onto your WordPress website or your client's, I found FileZilla very useful.

Again, both enhancements are very time-saving, especially when working with user-defined scripts in web design applications. What is in your WordPress development tools box? Thus there you have it, 9 fantastic tools to help you with your WordPress website design project, whether you use them for yourself or your customers, I am sure that you will like to use them as much as I do.

So what are your favourite WordPress tools? that you think I'd like to check out?

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