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These CMSs are often used to run websites with blogs, news and shopping. Which are the top 10 blog topics for blog coding that are minimalistic and include easy-to-read scripts for cut code/syntax underlining? The fGeek Theme Directory - Free WordPress Threads, which was specially developed for coding blogs, is another topic that looks highly encouraging. It' hard to find one specifically developed for a programmer, but maybe you can quickly create an open by using a starting theme like this: Every options you select, you can use a plug-in like Crayon Syntax Highlighter that supports various language, topics, fonts, highlights from a text or texture.

At first, and as you have highlighted for yourself in your commentary, your blog will concentrate on excerpts of codes and graphics. - Or, if you want such contents to look better, I suggest that you choose a blog theme without too many colours, without portoflio-like functions (presented pictures and the like).

  • I' d also be looking for a blog topic where the contents area is above normal; nothing is easier than having a horizontally scrolling scrollbar in a codebox within you. I would suggest this stuff, the best for the syntax emphasis in my opinion: http://wordpress. org/extend/plug... - As for the top 10, I don't know if I can find 10 samples, but here are a few simple-looking topics that could just serve the purpose (found on Google, I don't warrant anything, and they might not suit your taste at all): http://lucianmarin.com/page/themes/http://www.themelab.com/2008/03/...http://www. Information Architects....Finally, I just suggest you take a theme that you like, and adjust it to make it look exactly like that...I just suggest you take a theme that you like, and adjust it to make it look just like that.

Note that in the WordPress schema of things your parenthesis is a plug-in and should not be part of the theme. I' m also a developer and own a blog. There is currently no WordPress theme that highlights code on your HTML page. However, the size can be controlled via WordPress plug-ins.

Below I have a list of some plugs you can use: Well, the WordPress theme you should use can provide these features: Look at the schema theme. Finally, make sure your WordPress theme is lightening speed, SEO-friendly and minimalistic. When you know how to create, you can come up with some quite astonishing websites.

MooThemes - http://www.woothemes. com/ - - If you've been using WordPress for a while, you'll know the name Adii. Previously, he'd released some stunning free WordPress topics, but now he's teamed up with two other developers to create WooThemes. Much of the once only Joomla theme pages are now immersed in WordPress topics.

You are a templates team where you can make a certain amount of payment and receive a certain number of topics. And I think they'll be selling topics seperately. You have one or two free WordPress topics that are easily worked with. YOOthemes - http://www.yootheme. com/ - is definitely the templating hub you can join if you want your WordPress theme to be ready for immediate use.

You even created your own skeleton named Warp5. RocketTheme and YOOtheme are also worth mentioning, creating their own Widgets and Add-ons (as well as some effects) for their designs, although you can certainly use any WPlugin with them. Assistance on all three pages is strongly supported with fora and full directions on how to set up the topics.

I' d suggest Frank is a beautiful and minimum WP theme that focuses on velocity and types. This is a very good choice for some syntax highlighter plugins.

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