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Publishers can use our software to access digital WordPress magazine features on the most popular platforms. WordPress 10 plugins and tools for publishing your own online magazine Their contents should be presented as they are spelled....

No matter whether it's the carefully crafted research you' ve done, the work you've done for professionals, or the contributions you've made from your fellow members of the local communities who have spend their spare timeframe producing useful and interesting material, it should always be presented to the readers in the best possible form.

And as good as your WordPress website is and as good as your design looks, you may want an app that allows you to present your contents in the best possible way and share/distribute them as easily as possible. Well, one way around this edition is to easily configurate your website as a magazine.

The right free WordPress magazine topics can get you there most of the way. However, what if you really want the website to present your contents, not your contents, to present your website? Special magazine plugins can place a high-quality magazine on your website that allows your visitors to get the most out of the contents you've worked so hard to collect and maintain.

Issuuu.com not only does an excellent job of viewing your docs, it makes it unbelievably simple to easily communicate with people. Just up-load your current publication to the website and view it as a single (embeddable) document or on a bookcase with all other available documentation at a time.

The plug-in will add a taxionomy (so in top of "Categories" and "Tags" you also have "Series" as a taxionype ) that allows you to hyperlink items that are part of a serial and show a list of those items as a broadget or in the item itself as a meta-box.

You can also provide an add-on that allows you to post large quantities of contributions that are part of a show. If you want to release a multi-part serial or view archived documents, this plug-in is especially useful. It is an easy way to organize the compilation of digital and printed publication by supporting cooperation between all stakeholders involved.

In combination with the plug-in you can not only co-ordinate the item production, but also directly post items on your WordPress website. Converts a set of pictures into a clipbook with your WordPress website. The JQuery Portable Document Format is specifically designed for those occasions when you have a Portable Document Format (PDF) that you want your readers to be able to read like a printed book.

Storeify is an unbelievable feature that extends the definition of blogs and publishes. It is a feature that allows you to retrieve approved contents from the entire web and add them to your posts. Storeify can turn even the most humble blogger into a publishers of instantly accessible magazine with compelling and compelling contents provided by you and others around the globe.

In contrast to some of the other plug-ins in this listing, this plug-ins actually works better as a truly great way to distribute than as a contents viewer. After installation, it will create a user-defined tabs for the Administrator menus and the user-defined mail style. Easily submit a single PDF or Microsoft Office documents, images, and a variety of other files, and use a shortcut to view these elements in any article or page.

When you have already produced a magazine paper, this is a convenient way to ensure that your user can get their fingers on it. 6 million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. IssueM is perhaps the most complete workaround on the planet, using customized mail type to turn your WordPress site into a publication engine.

Yet another great one-stop store, Pokret's WordPress Issue Manager plugin, does an excellent job converting your WordPress website to become a magazine publication site. Generate problems, write stories on these topics, and then start a problem as easy and uncomplicated as you would from any other WordPress mail or page.

The WordPress plug-in will help you to embed Calameo files into your WordPress website. Calameo's most exhilarating feature is special iPhone and iPad connectivity, so your iPhone and iPad user can see your document with ease. FlipViewer E-Paper plug-in is developed to give you the ability to show FlipViewer Express files (they turn PDF into 3-D interactivity) on your WordPress website.

As well as this core feature, the plug-in also makes your FlipViewer Express contents simpler to browse and more difficult to zip (they provide IP-based filesecurity for your data). Okay, so these aren't real plug-ins. They' re really great tools that fit in well with your WordPress page and provide great new ways to create an on-line magazine.

Scoop. it is an app that allows you to build a web page to post posts on the subject that you find interesting. This is done by the combination of smart course management utilities that make it simple to collect contents in one place, with a relatively broad set of shared features to inform the public about your site.

Though there is no specific plug-in, you can embedded your Scoop. it page on your website with an template they deploy and allow your visitors to display a slide bar of items on your Scoop. it page. This is a courseware resource that allows you to guide your visitors to what you want them to see, both your own and others'.

To see more great WordPress plug-ins, visit our Top 100 Best Available WordPress Plug-ins page.

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