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To make your directory as powerful as Yelp - Business Directory Plugin or Sabai Directory. With WordPress, setting up an online directory website has become much easier. Easily convert any simple website into a full-featured directory business website using directory plugins. Take a look at our handpicked list of the best WordPress directory plugins. Turn your WordPress page quickly into an online business directory, just like Yelp or Yellow Pages!


Enhance the interactivity on your website, enhance your loyalty and enhance your website with the help of the Sales Directory Plugin! Busines Directory Plugin allows you to generate a subdirectory, a directory of suppliers, a Yellow Pages-style yellow pages directory, Yelp-like reviews section, a directory of churches, an directory of addresses and much more.

With the Business Directory plug-in you can create any kind of directory. And if you like the Business Directory plug-in, you should buy a premium module! The Business Directory fully support WPML for full linguistic dynamics. Please refer to the BD documentations site for full details of the plug-in.

Best 10 WordPress directory plugins for organizing your offers

Directory is a vocabulary concept that depends on how they are used. On the other hand, all on-line catalogs usually have the same features when they provide commercial or private information related to a site or group. Yelp, one of the most beloved on-line directory, provides on-site commercial information according to the user's whereabouts.

Angie's listing is also regarded as a directory, but it links individuals with contractors as well as pros for jobs such as tinsmithing and tiling. In order to make your own directory like one of them, you need a WordPress directory plug-in. There is no need for a Yelp acquisition and no need to start a company from your Yelp Yellow Pages.

A lot of businesses use on-line directory for in-house or outside use. For example, a property company could divide a directory on its website into a listing of all brokers and the areas they work in. An attorney's office can have a directory of its staff or a listing of its main clients.

Folders act as user-friendly data bases, providing ribbons, images, site information and contacts. Most of the time you see a card, such as Best Buy or Target, which has published lists where clients can find all branches. Google and Facebook even offer yellow pages for those looking for premium content and service.

Most of the decisions depend on the kind of directory you want to start. You will then need some functions for the collection of these sums. Will the directory be used to disclose information about individuals, not companies? But all of the best WordPress directory plug-ins have several things in common. What's more, you can use the WordPress directory plug-ins to Add new offers and customize old offers using customizers.

Direct debit functions in the event that you levy charges for offers. Short codes and widgets to add offers anywhere on your website. Use this dropdown list to test the water and toy with each plug-in yourself. It is also recommended to read on as we drill down each of the WordPress directory plug-ins to find the best functions and reason for using them.

Business Directory plug-in contains all important directory functions like fully configurable forms field, picture backup and accept payments. All of these key functions are free when you get the major plug-in, but you also have the opportunity to get some add-ons for a very special fee. You can see that you have to buy some of the add-ons to turn your directory into something as mighty as Yelp.

You still have a good directory without one of the add-ons. And it even provides Authorize.net assistance if you want to approve payment for your records. For those who want a fully featured directory without having to buy anything, we like the BlackBerry Directory plug-in. Evaluations and critiques are pretty amazing, and the plug-in is easy and willing to go to your website.

It' also beautiful because you can buy some supplements for only the functions you need. The main reason why we like this WordPress Directory plugin: It' s a free kernel plug-in and most of the functionality in it should give businesses what they need. Otherwise, there is a large add-on directory for you to upgrade your functionality.

Payments are supported by the kernel plug-in. So if you want to make several drawings or just calculate single offers, this is possible. You can customize the field layout as they come, so you can make your directory submit applications as one-of-a-kind as possible. If you already have a large number of companies for your directory, you can send a CSR to them.

The plug-in has above-average picture choices, with buttons to change the size of thumbnails, adjust the order of pictures, and an area to move and place pictures on pages. An integrated re-CAPTCHA utility prevents all spamming that you often see in folders. Front-end submittals are available, and those who bid can change contents without having to log into the WordPress back-end.

GeDirectory allows you to turn any WordPress topic into a quick, efficient directory. It is more geared towards creating a worldwide Yellow Pages, but you can restrict it to specific parts of the globe or just your area. It is a multi-site compliant plug-in that makes it ideal for creating a directory build environment or to install it on more than one side of the clients.

Most of the plug-in is provided free of charge, but several add-ons are available to sell to add event, multi location, pricing, ratings and BuddyPress integration. One of the major reason why I like GeoDirectory is because of the nice searching surface. It has a front-end shape for normal user and dealers who want to make offers.

Store pages are displayed in order of closeness to the users, with large clicking miniature views on the leftside and a nice Google Map next to them. If someone is clicking on a company, they can look for a route directly from your website. There is even a CSV file upload and download utility that allows you to complete or move several quotes at once.

GeoDirectory is one of the few free directory plug-ins suitable for huge expansion and heavy user demand with a light, scaleable user experience. Developers also sell directory topics when you restart a website from the ground up. The main reason why we like this WordPress Directory plugin: The GeoDirectory has a front-end template for submitting bids and editing them with a simple click and drag-and-dropditor.

More than 15 widgets and 12 widgetareas are provided with the plug-in. Analytics information is displayed for dealers with offers. In this way they can see how much your website helps their company. The plug-in contains several forums designed mainly for rating users, making requests for information and send information to your family.

It' free, but you have tens of available plug-ins for features like customized Google Maps, AffiliateWP inclusion, lists and more. The Advanced Klassifieds & Directory Pro plug-in is just the thing for you if you are looking for more versatility with your WordPress directory plug-in. It is a powerful tool that can be integrated into any website and it can support any type of directory, such as a film review page, a classified ads site or a guidebook.

Like the other two plug-ins we've already discussed, Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro can be freely down-loaded. Several of the add-ons offer utilities for WooCommerce and PayPal as well as strip payment and a listing slide control. You might note that the add-on libraries for the Advanced Classifieds plug-in are much smaller than the competitors.

This is mainly due to the fact that most functions are already included in the kernel plug-in. In the Advanced Classifieds plug-in, the user-defined boundless spaces are sufficient to at least suggest that we try the plug-in. Easily customize anything from check box selections to entry panels, and it allows you to categorize each of your offers.

Also, the usability capabilities are amazing, with an entire area where companies administer their offers, update offers, see how they are paying, and more. The main reason why we like this WordPress Directory plugin: Most of the functionality is free of charge. So the only add-ons you have to buy are the Stripe or PayPal payments plug-ins.

Dealers receive e-mails, for example, when offers have expired or a purchase has been made. Enhanced Classifieds plug-in has powerfull sources of income to recharge user and create free maps. It has an extended lookup widget where you can find keywords, categories, sites and more. It offers limitless sites with the possibility to find your way around specific districts and towns.

You' ll get an infinite number of user-defined boxes to accommodate all kinds of companies you enumerate in the directory. Connections Directory plug-in blends ease-of-use with one-of-a-kind functionality so you can build anything from a small directory to an Empire with tens of thousand of business records around the world. WordPress Directory Plug-in is designed to be as interoperable and customizable as possible, making it one of the more versatile options on this page.

It is the company policy of this plug-in to give away the kernel plug-in free of charge. Then you have free control over several add-ons, some of which provide toolbar, sign-up, and email notification functions. Regarding the Premier enhancements, you will find a good listing of choices such as a CSV importer, an extended form set, and a wideget package.

Also I like that the plug-in developer have several premier template. In this way, you do not have to modify and create the directory yourself. It is possible to create a small employee directory or a complete classified directory. Connections also offers outstanding developer endorsement, with open developments at Github and over 180 actions and 300 filtering options.

You can use an API for things like preferences, e-mail and the fragmentcache - so the possibilities for customizing and resizing with this plug-in are infinite. The main reason why we like this WordPress Directory plugin: You can download the kernel plug-in for free, and most of the required add-ons are available for $5 or $10.

It is especially useful for programmers who want to build into specific architectures or adapt to a totally different directory. Multiple premier template copies are available to create a single directory that doesn't necessarily look like a normal out-of-the-box directory. Several of the user-defined boxes are far more one-of-a-kind than what you get with other directory plug-ins.

The plug-in provides user-defined field names for language, hobby, education, institution, location, and office hour. That means you can include as much information as you need for your records. Jubilees and birthday are recorded in the directory. It provides great assistance for users folders where information about persons is located in the directory.

Good tidings about the Sabai Directory plug-in is that it ships for only $29, which gives you six month of development assistance. The one-off fee also includes all the features of the plug-in, so no extra directory add-ons are required. Selling Sabai through the CodeCanyon platform, the feedback is high.

Developed to build a directory tree for companies, eateries and shops. Having reviewed the plugins I began to realise that Sabai is one of the best wagers to get closer to a betting site like Yelp or Google Places. Allows you to set whether offers are displayed in a raster or on a maps, and add a quiz toolbar to enter keys, category, and location.

It' not as elegant as a simple pull and drop tool, but those who know WordPress should have it good. Given that all functions are priced in, you can count on more sophisticated utilities such as rating, review, multi-location assistance, polling, page tagging, e-mail alerts and medium up-loads. The main reason why we like this WordPress Directory plugin:

Built-in plugins come with all the great stuff, so you get everything for the low $29 fee. This also gives you six month of free client service, which can be useful for a directory plug-in. This plug-in offers interactively filtered options to restrict the search by rating, prices, location or date.

A multi-criteria evaluation system can be added where the users can select something like either quantity or cost and evaluate each of these criteria for a company or individual products. It also provides all the customized boxes you need, such as numbers, HTML, picture and section break. Generate payed quotes.

It has a fantastic function to choose from 16 user-defined Google Wall Style. Web 2.0 Directory plug-in is another good tool found on the CodeCanyon platform. It' a little more expensive than the SabaiDirectory plug-in, but you can't get a complaint for $34. Google Spreadsheets is a great way to get a good overview of the companies in your directory, with Google spider symbols and cards.

The entire searching is done directly on the directory home page, with adjustable searching choices and a learning curve tools. The Web 2.0 Directory links to some payments engines like PayPal and WooCommerce, and you can even connect it to YouTube and of course Google Maps.

Thanks to this YouTube plug-in, you can add both video and image files to your directory lists. An outstanding characteristic of the Web 2.0 Directory plug-in are the different ways to raise funds from traders. Normally these plug-ins stay with the returning models or a one-time charge to publish an offer.

The Web 2.0 Directory brings it to a new layer, with payment for list activation, renewal, upgrade, downgrade, and list entitlement. They can also offer bundles of offers for businesses that may want more than one page. You can see that the Web 2.0 Directory plug-in seems to be focusing quite heavily on the sale of your directory sites.

The main reason why we like this WordPress Directory plugin: Get all the features of the plug-in and six month maintenance for a one-time $34 charge. WooComerce is linked to the PayPal plug-in for easier payment and the PayPal plug-in for the shop to work. Provides a complete user scoring system for evaluating their preferred (or least preferred) company and then typing a few words about theirs.

They have the option to offer packaged lists for sale and just about take cash for any kind of promotion in your directory. YouTube as well as Vimeo video can be divided into offers. There is a visitor management utility to help users save or printout all offers as PDF files. Google Maps and Google Query interface work together to deliver one of the best consumer experience on the site.

The directory follows an alternate paradigm to the standard index plug-in. It is more like a vocabulary where the administrator creates a table of words or phrases and makes them available on a page for either in-house or outside use. Seems most useful if you actually need to create an on-line term glossies or if your organization wants to provide employee information.

There is no charge for the name directory plug-in, but there is no additional help except for the WordPress forum area. Once you've created the directory listing, the plug-in presents a short code that you place anywhere on your website, whether it's a broadget, a posting, or a page. That makes it simple to deploy the directory, and you don't have to begin with a whole new website for it to work.

A mass importer is also available in case you have a large number of persons, words or companies and do not want to waste all your attention entering them yourself. The main reason why we like this WordPress Directory plugin: The directory is unambiguous in this listing, as it is more of a dictionary than a map-based directory.

But if you are interested in making a listing of persons or words, along with information about them, this could be the plug-in for you. With the plug-in you can build more than one directory, and each of these can be distributed on your website using the convenient shortcuts. Much of the designing is done for you, so it's one of the fastest ways to get a directory to your website.

Note that the coreplugin has no pricing label, but the enhancements differ in pricing. The Directory Social Share expansion, for example, is $9.99, and the Directory Social Login options $19.99. There are only five enhancements on the site, so you can expect to get most of the functionality of the kernel plug-in.

LDD Directory Lite lets you take a short code and append it to every page or posting on your website. The directory will then be generated auto-generated, resulting in one of the lightest and most efficient solution on the site. The WordPress directory plug-in can be customized to your liking, and you can link to Google Maps and a searchable web site.

Are you sick of poor plug-in and topic update that breaks your WordPress page? WordPress directory plug-in has a clear and somewhat contemporary look and is intended especially for those who do not want to deal with too many functions. The main reason why we like this WordPress Directory plugin: The majority of directory utilities are free in the kernel plug-in.

Immediately the directory is generated with the help of a shortcut. Your user can see directory lists on the front end and click through them without mess. WordPress directory plug-in can be integrated with some community utilities and Google Maps. Tailor all e-mail alerts and manage quotes from the back end.

Web site visitors can customise their own offerings via the front end. If you are interested in an almost fun but professionally designed, extended pay system that will accept commandments and other interesting pay method, consider the Directory Pro plug-in. A WordPress directory plug-in for sale on the CodeCanyon webspace.

It seems the best plug-in for doing your global or domestic brokerage, with a nice page for your listings and a place for businesses to track what their web site looks like. What is special about this plug-in is how you make it. They can also bill people when they make bookings, look at offers, make claims, or just visit the site.

It works by prompting businesses to enter a certain number that they are willing to spend in order to be displayed higher in the directory. The main reason why we like this WordPress Directory plugin: It' s easy to afford and provides a colourful user experience with great functionality. There are certain tagges for new deals, along with button stores for favourites and articles that interest them.

It is integrated into the Visual Composer plug-in, so you don't need to know much about programming. You can also combine Directory Pro with PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce and MailChimp. BePro Listings is a free plug-in, but BePro Software resells both topics and add-ons to extend the capabilities of your WordPress directory.

E.g. one of the topics is sold for $4. 99 and turns your whole website into a classified ad site. They seem to float around the $20 mark, and offer gallery tooling, documenting, sound, visual, vehicle listing and property listing. While we like the brand plug-in in these special niche markets, it is also useful if you are trying to create a directory with a significant amount of multimedia assistance.

If you look at the BePro Listing demo, it's clear that there are few restrictions on how you can upload your medium. While you may need to get an add-on to deploy voice, videos, interactive map, and more, many of the organizations that already use the plug-in have built very visually rich lists.

The main reason why we like this WordPress Directory plugin: You can get the kernel plug-in for free, then you can buy an add-on for more multimedia coverage. An abbreviated number alternator is used to separate certain directory characteristics on different pages. You might, for example, only need a listing page on one page and a Google Map on another.

Generate boundless pay packets and agree to these via the BePro Cart plug-in. User can post and administer their own offers via the front end of their website. There are several template options for creating your directory, and you can also buy a topic for a special area. What WordPress Directory plug-in is right for you?

There are ten usable WordPress directory plug-ins on this page. Hopefully we have reduced your listing a little, but you may still be asking yourself which one is the best for your website. Most of them come with free kernel plug-ins, then you have to foot the bill for enhancements.

Otherwise, the directory plug-ins available on CodeCanyon will give you the best shot for your money. Best offer - Sabai Directory. Web 2. 0 directory plug-in for more than one method of collecting payments. So that your directory becomes as powerfull as Yelp - Business Directory plug-in or Sabai Directory. To offer the best locale directory - GeDirectory.

To make more out of a dictionary - name directory. When you need great low-cost great news coverage - BePro Listings. LDD Directory Lite for a light-weight directory. Should you have any further queries about the best WordPress directory plug-ins or would like to tell us your own experience with the above mentioned features, please let us know in the remarks.

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