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wordpress dj template

There are templates for bands, DJs and radio stations. Best 21+ WordPress Music & DJ Topics for 2018 We' re now exploring the best WordPress musical and DJ topics currently available in 2018. The majority of these topics are specifically targeted at deejays, recording companies, recording companies, independent broadcasters and other companies in the recording world. Or if you are looking for special topics for groups and solomusicians, read our accompanying 22+ Best WordPress Musician & Band Threads.

Demands on a DJ, a record company or a record company are simple. Audioplayer is a must. An eventager of any kind is provided preferentially. Frequently, user-defined mail items are used to assign music-oriented features to these topics, and you can include contents such as artists' portraits, discography, and video.

WooCommerce supports your chosen topic, if you plan to resell products and material from the website, you should make sure that it supports it. For each page of the site, you can select a different type of videotape, and the supplied sound system (an amazing addition) is intelligently built in, so the videotape mutes when a song is on.

There are five music-oriented user-defined mail types: Publications, podcasts, artists, events, and galleries. A great backend setting window gives you many ways to customize colours, lettering and other design items. However, the screenshots don't really show how amazing this topic really is, so we suggest you take a look at the demos and products detail page.

is a WordPress DJ topic from fitwp on ThemeForest. Fully reactive, retina-capable, this is an all-in-one approach for your DJ or musical services. Insert and playback your tunes using the supplied audioplayers (a basic and an advanced player). Organize your event, artist, video and more.

An integrated evaluation system allows your users to evaluate your work. MusicVent' clear, contemporary styling makes it a good option for professional musicians. There are many user-defined Widgets included, among them a Flickr widget and an embedded videos wideget. There are six page styles and a range of useful shortcuts to enhance the theme's features.

The MusicVent is well-documented and provides page administrators with style choices via the back-end keyboard. Delivered with a streamed sound system as well as WooCommerce merchandising, ticketing and selling it. There are six music-oriented user-defined mail items integrated: artist, discography, event, videos and gallery. Design incorporates a pull and drag home page builder and can be easily customized with a full back-end option window.

The next thing we have is sound-blast, another fantastic-looking topic specifically developed for musical sites. Full-featured audioblast features include events scheduling, galleries scheduling, album/audio and more. The back end offers many customisation and design possibilities, and you can create and change layout with a convenient Page builder.

The MusicHub is a neat, professionally crafted and very versatile subject with a strong emphasis on musical performances, clubbing, DJing as well as other music-related activities. MusicHub lets you create and promote your own event and ticket sales. It also makes it simple to create a diskography and resell entire records or individual tracks.

Hernan's responsive topic was developed specifically for the DJ s and other companies in the musical world. Designed to be user friendly, it incorporates a customized sound layer that allows your website visitors to test your creativity. The Hernan also supports concert and events handling and offers several music-related user-defined mailboxes.

Including: artist, diskography, albums und video. Featuring a powerfull topic setting window, it's easy to optimize and adjust the topic. ROADRUNNER is a one-page WordPress musical topic that is ideal for all kinds of professional and corporate users in the musical world. User-defined mail styles let you organize both event and artist, and there are many ways to navigate the theme's various items in the user interface.

There is a choice of shortcuts included, and the look and feel support the much-loved Contacts Form 7 plug-in. The SoundWave is a premier DJ and professional sound experience that blends a classical, trusted look and feel with a choice of outstanding, music-oriented functions. Website users can upload their own tunes and create their own play lists, and website users can search the site without disrupting the streaming soundtrack.

Event managment is backed up, and Soundwave displays your forthcoming performances in a way that is easily navigated and readable. You can easily customise Soundwave using the themes settings - load your own personal wallpapers, logo and favicon, modify the links menus and colours, and much more. Control by CSSIgniter is a highly reactive WordPress DJ topic that contains a cleverly designed, user-defined soundlayer with sound cloud functionality.

With Kontrol, end user can control the management of concerts and event. Multiple user-defined mail type enhances the feature set. The MusicPlay is a neat, fun, professional topic specifically developed for promoting and listening to your favorite songs. User can easily build and view artist, album, DJ mix, event and video/photo gallery thanks to intelligently styled, user-defined mailtype.

Full-width full-width HTML5 sound playback running on the HTML5 sound processor motor, suspended and firmly connected to the bottom of the web browsers, so your users always have your tunes to hand. Its design is quite versatile, with many features, shortcuts and user-defined Widgets.

It includes a PSD and the topic is ripe for compilation and supports the WPML plug-in. The Clubber is a DJ topic for WordPress that offers everything you need. Eventmanager and an audioplayer? Mail type for videos, pictures and sound? Topic choices? There are eight user-defined Widget and Clubber is so easy to set up and use that you can find out for yourself.

The EPROM is a musical subject for all kinds of professional musicians, but its high-contrast, powerful styling will be particularly well suited for the DJ and EDM artist. The EPROM has an integrated event management which allows for both single and recurrent event management. There are six user-defined mail items in the package: Publications, Galleries, Event, Artist, Nivo sliders, and Track.

There are many possibilities. Key characteristics of the fast reacting Rockit Now topic are eventmanagement and album/trackmanagement. Three different controllers are supplied with the design: There are many back-end choices, and the topic is well embedded in community networks and shares. The Muzak is a straightforward, matter-of-fact subject and we like the classic, clear and minimalist style very much.

And it still has all the functionality you need, including voice and videomanagement, event and artist administration. Comes with 20 pages of detailled dokumentation, so we strongly suggest the Muzak topic for WordPress newbies. Functions included built-in audioplayer, six user-defined mailboxes, seven user-defined Widgets, and event manager.

For only $50 you can have a topseller on Fiverr customize your design to your needs. Or, if you want to go a different way, you can program a fully individual WordPress topic and have it install for $100. It can be a great way to purchase and set up a topic if you want to conserve your valuable resources or are unfamiliar with WordPress.

Our compilation of the best WordPress and DJ topics is now complete. Please join us in sharing your thoughts in the commentaries below, or take a look at some of our other informational topic summaries.

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